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AndroGel Review – Testosterone Topical Gel, Side Effects And Dosage

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Many people want to buy Androgel for its excellent properties. Androgel (testosterone gel) helps to normalize the concentration of testosterone in the male blood.
Its use allows a man to restore the processes that depend on this hormone: sexual desire, potency, erection, to normalize the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue.


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AndroGel – Testosterone Topical Gel

Androgel is a topical testosterone gel that is used to boost the production of testosterone. The prescribed clear and colorless topical gel is normally used to treat hypogonadism i.e. low testosterone production in males.

How AndroGel Works

This testosterone gel comes in two different types of dosages with two different concentrations i.e. 1 percent and 1.62 percent.

Androgel 1.62 percent is formulated using endogenous androgens which help to enhance the growth of the male sex organ while the AndroGel 1 percent contains active ingredients that help to enhance the production of the dihydro-testosterone and testosterone.

The medicated gel is used to replace the hormone that is responsible for the production of testosterone, thereby enhancing its production.


How to Use Androgel

This topical testosterone gel should be used externally. It is normally applied on the skin and it gets absorbed within 24 hours. Once it has been absorbed, it enters the bloodstream and helps the male body to reach the normal testosterone levels.

It is available in travel-ready packages or metered-dose pumps. It can be applied once daily on the upper arms, abdominal area or on the shoulders and preferably at the same time daily.

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Benefits of Using Androgel

  • It naturally increases the production of testosterone.
    • It helps to increase the girth and length of the male sex organ.
    • It helps to improve the user’s mental health. Note that low levels of testosterone can negatively affect a man mentally and lead to low self-esteem. AndroGel leads to an increase in testosterone which helps to improve the general sense of well-being.
    • The use of AndroGel can counteract the effects of gynecomastia (the growth of breasts in males).
    • This topical testosterone gel improves the body’s composition by enhancing the development of lean muscle mass and decreasing the production of fat in the body.
    • It helps to combat osteoporosis.

Side Effects

Androgel has some side effects...,  All the ingredients which are used to formulate it have been clinically tested.

Users of this testosterone gel can only experience negative effects if they use this prescription wrongly for example by overdosing.

Overall, Androgel is a great testosterone gel that offers significant results within a short period of time. It is one of the best products that you can use to naturally boost the testosterone levels in the body and to improve your general well-being.

NB : Always consult your Doctor before using Androgel for Low Testosterone

Androgel may interact with other medications .

Do tell your doctor if you have other medical problems (e.g : heart, liver or kidney problems) or you are taking any other medications (e.g blood thinners , steroids)

What is the effect if someone with normal testosterone levels takes Androgel?

The purpose of a testosterone replacement drug is to increase levels of testosterone in the body.

So, if you administered such a drug to someone with already normal levels, you would see their level skyrocket! The effects could be extremely unsatisfactory.

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