Atkins Diet – Positive And Negative Effects


Atkins Diet 

Atkins diet is a diet plan that gives you several food items to choose from during diet and diet plans to choose from according to your health goals and to which extent you want to lose your weight.

According to cardiologist Robert Coleman Atkins, promoter of the Atkins diet, since the launch of this program in the 1960s, it has gone through tremendous change. The company described Atkins 40, and Atkins 20 is related to the keto diet.

A Ketogenic diet lessens the intake of carbohydrates, and it lets the body burn fat for fuel. When you take foods that contain carbohydrates, the body turns the carbs into glucose (or blood sugar), which it then uses for energy.

When you are on the Atkins plan, you will lose weight. It will happen during the process of a restrictive procedure. Atkins diet is a program that boosts your health and helps you main your weight if you already have a healthy size body.



Positive Effects Of Atkins Diet

Wholesome Eating Plan

Atkins diet appeals to many people as the program includes pleasurable food items like burgers and steaks. Some studies have revealed that total caloric intake is low on this diet compared to other diet plans with higher carbohydrate intake. The latest version of Atkins gives recommendations for the portion size. 

For example, in stage 1, the recommended added fat intake per day is just 4-5 tablespoons. You cannot be successful if your fat intake is heavy.

Availability of Resources

In this modern age of the internet, you will find all the steps and diet plans of the Atkins diet online. Other guides and food lists are also available on the Atkins diet website. Manuals and books are available online and on bookstores. Atkins meal replacements and snack bars are available in many stores and markets if you don’t like to cook everyday.

Weight loss

Atkins diet is a program where many people can lose weight. It has a good history of people successfully losing their weight. Many studies have proven that the Atkins diet is one of the best programs to lose weight.

Atkins Diet – Positive And Negative Effects

Concentrate on Fiber-rich carbs

In the Atkins diet, you need to remove refined carbohydrates from your diet, such as white bread and cake, which are all baked goods. This diet plan motivates the intake of healthy carbs such as fiber-rich berries and green vegetables.

Cutting down the intake of sugary foods and refined grains has been beneficial for many people. To have a steady energy level all through the day, you need to replace starch food items with fresh vegetables or drink water instead of soft drinks and sodas. You will also lose water weight instantly if you cut down on the carb intake.

Zero Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is tough to maintain daily. Consuming the right amount of calories everyday is essential, but monitoring and tracking the intake is not easy. Atkins diet is a program where you do not need to restrict or count calories. Many people choose this diet as it is more appealing to them.

Clearly Defined Guidelines 

Every phase of the Atkins diet has a specific weight goal and time clearly explained in the guidelines. If you are someone who likes an organized approach, you will enjoy this program.

For example, for many people, stage 1 will last for two weeks. Step 2 will continue until you are 5-10 pounds from your weight goal. Step 3 will last until you are comfortable with the weight you aim for four weeks. The guidelines display a wide range of food categories that are available in each stage and portion sizes.

Negative Effects Of Atkins Diet


Many people find it hard to follow the Atkins diet as it is a very low-carb diet plan. They have to make many changes from the early stages of the program. There are many restrictions on the diet plan from fruits to baked goods and grains. So, many people find it hard to follow the diet. In some cases, the limits may lead to weight gain, binges, and guilt.

Maintaining the Diet

It can get quite challenging as as you have to separate from everyday food and switch to the Atkins diet. It will be especially hard to maintain the diet if you like to eat out regularly and socialize. Many people cannot maintain this strict diet.

Reduced Intake of Grains and Fruits

In the early phase of this diet, you need to avoid fruits like banana, citrus fruits, berries, and apples to get into ketosis. Once you are near your goal weight, you can add small amounts of low-carb fruits like raspberries. Grain intake is another problem with this diet. You cannot take grain-based foods in the diet plan, especially in the early stages, as it is restricted.

Counting Net Carbs

In the this diet, you don’t need to count calories, but you count net carbohydrates. Some people find counting net carb just as hard as counting calories. Many people cannot maintain the net count of carbs. So, it is hard for them to follow the Atkins diet.

Side Effects Possibility

Some of the side effects of this diet plan are headaches, dehydration, mood swings, constipation, irritability, and brain fog. All this happens as you adapt to the changes made in your diet.

Health Risks

Food that is high in protein is usually high in fat. Atkins diet includes fiber-rich cards, that might increase bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also limits the intake of fruits and vegetables that might cause chronic bowel disease.


As said above, over the years, the Atkins diet plan changed a lot. If you plan to follow this program, you should evaluate and read all the advantages and disadvantages of the Atkins diet before you jump into the diet plan.

Atkins has many benefits if you are looking to lose weight and main a healthy lifestyle. Before you start the Atkins diet plan, consider regular dieting to make it easy for you to follow the different stages of this diet.


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