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Ten Essential Benefits of Preacher Curls – Bodybuilding & Fitness

Benefits of Preacher Curls

For those bodybuilders who are enthusiast about toning your biceps, there is no dearth of exercises that can help you with that.

But then, it doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or a novice; there is always preacher curls to help you achieve huge arms! If you still haven’t started with this exercise, here are ten essential benefits of preacher curls and why it’s recommendable!

Before that…

It is essential to know what preacher curls are and what you’re getting yourself into to attain those huge biceps. Preacher curls are but a variation of the traditional bicep curls.

The only difference is that this exercise focuses on a specific type of curls. You can perform this exercise both on the weight stack as well as free weight rack.

The Ten Benefits of Preacher Curls

It stretches your elbow flexors to the maximum

When you effort strain, especially with the arms, you know you are getting somewhere! Undoubtedly, preacher curls are known to be the best exercise that helps stretch your biceps.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit, all you need to do is extend your arms fully in the bottom position. This will help in overloading the stretched position while performing your exercise.

It is ideal for intensification and accumulation workouts

Yes, it is true that preacher curls benefit you during intensification and accumulation workouts. Now, if you don’t already know what these are, an intensification workout helps you get stronger and allows maximum adaptation when it comes to the central nervous system.

On the other hand, an accumulation workout is the kind of workout you do when you try to lose body fat or build your muscles.


Preacher Curls


It allows for a neutral grip that aims at the brachioradialis

With the inclusion of neutral grip curls, you will be able to lift most weights with ease. And preacher curls can allow you to do just that! With this, you will be able to strengthen your major elbow flexors. To perform a neutral grip preacher curl, make sure that you have a curling bar with neutral grip handles.

It allows for variety with the use of cables

Sure, performing preacher curls is second to none when you want huge arms. But when you add cables to your preacher curls routine, you can get into another variety of this exercise.

In fact, one of the benefits of using cables is that it allows for overloading of the strength curve’s shortened position while performing preacher curls. Although it may be a little difficult in the beginning, it will be a whole new feel when you can finally ace it!

It aims at the brachialis with the overhand grip

When it comes to the brachialis, it is right to assume that it is often always the neglected one among the major elbow flexors. In case your brachialis muscle is weak, it will limit the size and strength of your arms and even the upper body. Including preacher curls in your exercise regime will prove to be beneficial as they will correct the imbalance of the muscles.

It gives you a variety of exercise options

Another of the benefits of preacher curls is varieties! Whether you use an EZ-curl bar or dumbbells, there are various exercises you can execute on the preacher bench.

For instance, when you use dumbbells, you have the underhand grip, neutral grip, and overhand grip. On the other hand, using the EZ-curl bar allows for wide and narrow underhand grips and wide and narrow overhand grips.

It doesn’t have a cheat code!

When you perform preacher curls, one thing’s for sure: you can’t cheat! Often, most people fail to achieve the ideal arms because they end up cheating during their curling exercises. Since it is an isolation exercise, you will be able to fully concentrate your strength and vigor on your biceps.

And with preacher curls, there is absolutely no way that you can cheat while performing this exercise! The reason is that your upper arms and elbows will remain fixed on the padding on the preacher bench. And if you are in a sitting position, you won’t be able to take help of your lower back for gaining momentum.

It is a value for money exercise

There is no denying that when it comes to engaging the biceps brachii, preacher curls are the best exercises to do so! There is also the incline curl that helps a great deal with the biceps.

Now, when you combine these two, it sure is a match made in heaven! These two exercises are beneficial for the long and short heads of the biceps. And without a doubt, you will get positive results with vigorous training and will be worth every penny you spend!

It allows you to test the structural balance of your upper body

Preacher curls also prove beneficial, especially when you want to test your upper body’s structural balance. Even though the elbow flexors may not be as critical as the lower traps and rotator cuff, they play quite the role in the structural balance testing of the upper body. Once you are done with the test, you will be able to correct any of the muscular imbalance!

It allows for aiming at the biceps brachii with the underhand grip

The last benefit of the preacher curl is that it targets almost all the elbow flexors simply with an underhand grip. By doing so, you will be able to aim at the biceps brachii’s short head. Not only that, but also the long head of the biceps will receive some sort of stimulation.


So, these are the ten essential benefits of preacher curls. Once you get it right, you will be able to achieve exactly what you have in mind. If you are just starting, make sure that you have a supervisor with you. This way, you can get the balance and weight right. Enjoy your training!


Mark Duncan
Mark Duncan
I’m Mark Duncan, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in fitness and exercise. I am also a bodybuilder with a keen interest in all bodybuilding supplements and male enhancement products. I am a content writer for a number of fitness blogs.

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