Muscle BuildingBenefits of Push ups – Can Push ups Build Muscle?

Benefits of Push ups – Can Push ups Build Muscle?

Benefits of Push Ups


Push-ups are the most effective form of exercise for strengthening the core muscles and the upper body.

The benefits of incorporating push-ups into your daily exercise routine are ten-fold that ranges from improved muscle mass to enhanced cardiovascular health. Continue reading this write-up to uncover the essential benefits of push-ups.

What is a Push up?

To understand the real benefits of doing push-ups, we first need to understand its basic concepts. So what is a push-up? It is a form of calisthenics exercises that begins from a prone position facing towards the floor. Additionally, it uses the arms to raise and lower the body.

One of the essential advantages of push-ups is that it engages several muscle groups, such as pectorals, deltoids, core, triceps, biceps, and forearms.

For this reason, the benefits of doing push-ups are ten-fold. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when performing a push-up, especially if you are a beginner. Following are some tips for proper form:

  • You should always maintain a straight back.
  • Keep your core engaged.
  • The position of your butt should be down.
  • Keep your hands firmly rooted on the floor.
  • The bottom line is you can imagine your body as a straight line.

When it comes to maintaining a correct push-up form, it is always good to take help from your friend. Additionally, if you find it extremely challenging, then you can start on your knees.

Benefits of Push Ups

Essential Benefits of Doing Push-ups

Push-up Engages Multiple Muscle Groups:

One of the essential benefits of doing push-ups is that it helps you train multiple muscle groups. It engages your pectorals, biceps, triceps, deltoids, core muscles, and lower body muscles to ensure support and stability throughout the movements. For this reason, many people call it a compound exercise.

In other words, a single proper push-up uses all the major muscles in your body. The additional benefit is that you do not need to carry out different exercises for each of these muscles.

Improve your Cardiovascular System:

You might assume that push-ups have nothing to do with cardiovascular, but that is true. The reason is that push-ups target different muscle groups, as discussed above.

These muscles’ engagement will let your heart rate increase as they will need oxygen and blood to function correctly. In this way, it provides an effective cardiovascular exercise, thereby improving your heart health.

Besides, there are several advantages to having a healthy heart. One of them relates to increased physical performance.

It is because your heart can efficiently pump blood throughout your body. Some other healthy heart benefits include decreased heart attacks, low blood pressure, and other heart-related diseases.

Make your shoulders stronger:

Another benefit of doing push-ups is that it makes your shoulder stronger. There are also several merits of having superior shoulder strength. One of them is that it prevents injuries in old age. A

s you get older, your shoulders become significantly susceptible to injuries and damage. A common injury seen in older individuals is the rotator cuff, leaving you completely immobilized and in severe pain.

However, push-ups prevent you from such injuries as it strengthens the muscles that support your shoulder joints.

Another benefit of having stronger shoulders is that you will be able to lift things without much difficulty. Additionally, if you are a man, stronger shoulders will make you look more masculine.

Benefits of Push ups – Can Push ups Build Muscle?

Promote the Production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH):

The next benefit comes with HGH’s production, a specialized hormone that promotes your entire body’s growth.

In younger men and women, the body can easily produce this hormone. However, as you get older, HGH’s natural production drastically declines, making it significantly challenging for older adults to build muscle.

It is worth noting that HGH is necessary to ensure cell and muscle growth. Without this specialized hormone, you will have a hard time building your muscle mass.

However, push-ups help trigger the production of HGH as it engages several muscles. So if you want to taste this benefit, you should incorporate push-ups in your regular fitness regime.

Improve your Posture:

When you have improper posture, it can significantly destroy your health and comfort, especially as you begin to get older.

The primary reason for improper posture relates to weak core muscles. Remember, you should have strong core muscles if you want to hold your neck and shoulders properly.

However, when you push-up regularly, it will significantly strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting your posture. This aspect is another benefit of doing push-ups.

Increase the production of testosterone:

Another benefit of push-ups is that it increases the production of testosterone. This hormone appears naturally in both men and women, but it is relatively more essential for men. There are many advantages to this hormone.

It promotes various aspects, such as muscle mass, sex drive, physical performance, hair growth, etc. Calisthenics exercises such as push-ups considerably trigger testosterone production in the body, thereby allowing you to enjoy all these benefits.

Push-ups are free and versatile:

Another essential benefit of push-ups is that it is free of cost. The reason is that push-ups do not require the use of any gym equipment, which means there will be no expenses. Additionally, you do not need to invest in getting one of those expensive gym memberships. In other words, push-ups allow you to obtain an effective full-body workout at zero cost.

Another aspect of push-ups is that it is versatile, which means you can perform anywhere. The best description here would be, “the world is your gym.”

Moreover, it lets you save a lot of time since it allows you to train several muscle groups. Push-ups also come in different variations that will enable you to target a specific muscle.


Push-ups are an effective way to stabilize your core muscles and strengthen your upper body.

It can also improve your cardiovascular system, promote proper posture, and increase specialized hormones’ growth. As such, there is no reason why you should not consider incorporating push-ups into your fitness regimen.

The above-listed points are essential benefits of push-ups and are by no means an exhaustive list.

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