TrainingBest Way To Get A Six Pack

Best Way To Get A Six Pack

How to get a Six Pack

A six pack is the most desirable body part for any man. Women totally love it. Well we all have six packs, just that some of us have them hidden under a layer of fat. Men and women alike want to get rid of this fat and develop a hot athletic body.

This essential guide will educate you on the best way to get a six pack and burn fat.

It is not about how much you are doing, it is a matter of if you are doing it right. It is useless to do several crunches a day and end up disappointed at the end.

You need to keep the reps fairly low per set and increase the resistance when they get easy. The number won’t add any value to it; it is a quality over quantity affair.


Do not forget the reason why the abs is hidden. Utilize fat burners and watch your diet to decrease your fat percentage. The big muscle moves like dead-lifts and squats will burn calories fast. The six pack is one extensive muscle called rectus abdominis which runs from the rib cage to the pubic bone.

It is supported by external and internal oblique muscles and the erector spine and they form the core. The abs training strengthens your core as well as developing your abs. This will greatly help you to perform better in life and stand taller.

Abs specific exercises extend to the whole upper body since the muscle is quite extensive. You have to be an all-rounder to become successful in this quest.

You should take regular portions of the following exercises for excellent results: seated Russian twist, side plank, bench leg raise, crunch, reverse crunch, oblique crunch and crossover crunch.

Spend a few minutes on each of these exercises every day and you will achieve a six pack within a short period of time. Consistency is the key to any success here.


Sit-Ups Vs. Crunches – Which Is Better To Build A Six Pack?



Crunches are a form of workout where the main focus is on the core of the abdomen. So it’s exclusive to that specific muscle region only.

While doing crunches, you are isolating your abdominal muscles. This is an ideal form of workout for building six-pack abs. But it should also be noted that you cannot aim to burn fats while performing this workout.


Crunches focus exclusively on intense muscle isolation in the abdomen region as it helps strengthen one’s core. Performing crunches does not require any gym equipment. This form of workout is one of the easiest to perform.

With the primary focus on your abdominal muscles, crunches also strengthen your stabilizer muscles. Moreover, training your abs helps you in developing a durable abdomen region.


Since crunches are reserved exclusively to the core, repeated bending of the spine may damage the spinal area’s nerves.

Extreme stress on the spine is not recommended to people having chronic back and spinal problems. Even for beginners, repeated crunches with no breaks may result in back pain and spasms.

While crunches are suitable for developing muscle, you cannot expect to burn fats as this workout isn’t designed to do so.

Doing crunches is also limited to a very particular area, i.e., the abdomen area. So you cannot expect results in other parts of the body besides the stomach region.


Crunches vs. Sit-Ups



Sit-ups are a form of exercise where the focus and target is on the body’s abdominal region to strengthen and tone it overtime.

Sit-ups focus on the abdominal region, including the hips, neck, chest, and lower back.


The sit-up is a significant type of workout since it helps strengthen and tighten the abdominal core. It helps in developing muscles in multiple parts of the body. It develops and builds chest muscles, tightens the hip flexors, improves the nerves and muscles of the lower back region, and tightens the fibers in the neck.


Sit-ups do not necessarily contribute to burning fats as it yields no progress in that department. It just helps in strengthening the core muscles.

If you have no sense of limit while performing sit-ups, you risk yourself and make yourself prone to injuries related to your upper and lower back. Straining the back may damage your spinal nerves and hence, result in chronic back pain.

You may also expose yourself to neck injuries, and sit-ups involve you straining the whole neck region of the body and arching of the spinal region.


Almost every human has the desire to obtain a good-toned physical body. So if we have that spark in our minds and have the will power to go along with it, it becomes a recipe for us willing to make a change in our lives.

In conclusion, sit-ups are the better choice because they target the muscles in different parts of the body and help build the chest area, hips, and strengthen the nerves, whereas crunches focus only on the abdominal region.




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