What Is A BMI Calculator And How Will It Help Weight Loss?


BMI Calculator For Weight Loss

The Belgian polymath named Adolphe Quetelet laid the foundation of the ‘BMI’ or Body Mass Index, also called the ‘Quetelet Index’.

Devised between the years 1930 and 1950 when the subject of ‘Social Physics was being developed, the BMI can be understood as the measure of one’s body fat in relation to his or her mass and height.

You can measure your BMI using a BMI calculator, a handy instrument that allows you to compare yourself with other men and women of about the same age, height and built as your own.

Generally speaking, most of us are unaware of our BMI. We fail to understand how effective it can prove to be in helping us realize our health goals. A BMI calculator is a wise investment in more ways than one.

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Benefits Of A BMI Calculator

To stay healthy, it’s extremely important to keep a track of one’s weight. Maintaining a healthy weight improves your quality of life and you are able to avoid a number of problems related to the heart, metabolic system, circulatory system, joints etc.

Doctors use the BMI readings in various contexts to assess the degree of your body weight differing from what’s normal or actually desirable for a person of your height.

Thus a BMI calculator keeps you alert towards your weight, indirectly promoting optimum health at all times. Besides, this is a relatively inexpensive and simple way to monitor your weight periodically and stay healthy.

Measuring With A BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator cannot measure your body fat directly. You need to type the values of your height and weight into the calculator. That done, the calculator will give you the measurement of your BMI which would be in co-relation to your actual body fat.

After considering your input values of height and weight, the BMI calculator assigns a particular number to your reading which further indicates your category of being just right, overweight, underweight or obese.

The BMI readings are measured in kilogram per meter square (kg/m^2). A BMI of less than 25 indicates healthy weight. You may be overweight if your readings are between 25 and 25.9. If your reading reaches the value of 30 or more, you are likely to be obese and need to take stock of your situation immediately.

It is evident that a BMI calculator is an effective device for tracking your overall health-percentile ranking as an adult man or woman. The rankings are age-specific too. Perhaps, it’s time to give your health the gift of the BMI.

BMI Calculator For Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

The body reacts to certain herb based chemicals and plants, and this has made natural weight loss supplements to be more popular with dieters who are wishing to drop some pounds and ounces.

We know that the best way for one to lose weight is to take regular exercises and maintaining a healthy diet. The natural weight loss supplements have come into the way in case you need something to get motivated.

At the beginning, losing a few pounds can make a positive start for a new diet and a natural weight loss supplement can help one to achieve higher weight loss. The best thing with the natural weight loss supplements is that they have weight loss agents as well as nutritional supplements that include essential vitamins and minerals.

There are several types of natural weight loss supplements that you may find in the market. The most important thing to remember is that not everything works for everyone.

One thing might work for you and not for the other. Make sure that you look for a website that will guide you on tips about weight loss. You will find websites that have weight loss supplements and some may even offer free trials.

This is one thing that you should trust since the manufacturer has the confidence that the products are genuine and they work. When you settle for a product that fits you and your pocket, make sure that you look what is on the label. E.g. in case you are looking for those natural supplements that will speed up your metabolism and promote faster weight loss, prefer those supplements that have essential vitamins as well as minerals.

Fix in mind that whatever is natural is not always safe. There are natural herbal weight loss supplements that may have powerful herbal agents that can interfere with the condition you suffer from or with any other medication that you might be taking.

You should make sure that you take caution when you are choosing. An example of this is the natural seaweed. This is used to boost metabolism as well as stimulate the working of the thyroid gland.

But in case you suffer from a thyroid problem, you may need to consult your doctor before you use any product that has seaweed.
It is fair to conclude that natural weight loss supplements have a role to play for some people in the natural weight loss game.

This is because they are most effective when they are used with a weight loss diet that is effective plus some exercises. Although some people find it in a simple way by taking the natural supplements for weight loss on regular basis, they can be able to control their weight loss without too much effort.

However, it is fair to be aware. Don’t rush for products just because they promise dramatic results. Thus it is advisable to do some research, read testimonials and also look for the free trials as well as make sure that it is safe to take or use it. By doing so, you will make sure that the weight loss product is of the best value.


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