Men's Health4 Drinks That Will Boost the Nitric Oxide in Your Body

4 Drinks That Will Boost the Nitric Oxide in Your Body

Boost the Nitric Oxide in Your Body

Did you know that in our world today, many diseases are as a result of life style preferences? Yes, you may not immediately agree, but give it a second thought and you probably will.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, trying to make a few extra hours at work, trying to make it in time for that meeting, or trying to catch the train or bus, we begin to deprive our bodies of simple things that it requires for proper, healthy function. One such important element our body requires is Nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is an important molecule produced by almost every cell in the human body and it is so important because it actually helps dilate blood vessels– simply put, it helps regulate blood pressure.
It also enhances athletic performance and promotes healthy brain function. So how can one boost the Nitric oxide levels in the body?
Well, there are supplements that trigger the increased production of this molecule in our bodies but a sure healthier way to go is to actually increase nitric oxide production by taking healthy foods and in this article I will suggest some drinks that will help boost the Nitric oxide in your body.

Beetroot Juice

Beets are rich in many vitamins and are actually great at increasing the nitrate levels in the human body. So juicing a couple of beetroots is a step in the right direction.

It is important to note however, that beetroot juice only temporarily increases the Nitric oxide in our bodies so to experience a long term effect, it is best to drink it regularly.

Beetroot Juice


Citrus Fruit Juices

Yes, our very popular sources of Vitamin C are also good for boosting nitric oxide levels in our body.

Studies show that taking citrus fruits can increase the nitric oxide synthesis levels in our bodies.

This is the enzyme that causes the body to produce nitric oxide. So it’s about time to take frequent glasses of orange, lemon and grape juices.

Citrus Fruit Juices

Pomegranate Juice

The Pomegranate fruit has numerous health benefits you won’t believe. This is mainly because it has a high concentration of antioxidants.

It is also very rich in Vitamin C so there is little surprise here that it helps boost nitric oxide levels in the body. So this is another great option to juice.

Amazing Benefits For Men’s Health And Testosterone


Last but not least:

Watermelon Juice

This big fruit is full of juicy goodness. I’ll tell you why. Watermelons have a high concentration of water and the importance of water cannot be exaggerated in any circumstance.

There’s a fair bit of Vitamin C again, and watermelons contain Lycopene that can help reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

Watermelon Juice


They also contain an amino acid that is capable of increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. So watermelon juice is actually a great option to consider.

Evidently, there are plenty of healthy drinks to choose from if you want to boost the Nitric oxide levels in your body. So try these drinks and you’re sure to be a lot healthier with each passing day.


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