Male Enhancement ProductsBoosting Testosterone - Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed

Boosting Testosterone – Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed

Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed

TestoGen Vs MaleExtra

TestoGen and Male Extra, both popular male enhancement supplement, but which is better? They both promise similar claims and boast all-natural ingredients. However, they work differently in the body and the brain to provide different results.


TestoGen’s dosage is 4 capsules a day, with:

One Month supply costing about $59.99
Two Months supply + 1 Month FREE – &119.99
Three Months supply + 2 Months FREE – &179.99


TestoGen’s main claims are improved muscle tone and growth, more energy, and increased libido.

TestoGen works by decreasing the amount of estrogen in the body by communicating with estrogen-producing enzymes.

TestoGen also decreases the amount of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which binds roughly 60% of sex hormones, to release more testosterone. Once released, testosterone is supported and production is increased by TestoGen’s amazing ingredients.

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TestoGen Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid- Amino acid that releases growth hormone and stimulates testosterone production.

Red Ginseng—Improves strength, stamina, and concentration. Boosts energy and libido

Fenugreek—Anti-estrogen agent

Zinc-Vital in testosterone production. Promotes muscle growth and health. Most men do not get enough zinc from their diet, which can make them sluggish and have low libido.

Vitamin B6—Increases testosterone synthesis

Vitamin D3—Can increase testosterone levels

Bioperine—Helps the body absorb the other ingredients better

Boron—Increases testosterone levels and decreases estrogen levels

Vitamin K1—Helps absorb Vitamin D3

Nettle Leaf Extract—Helps bind to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

TestoGen interrupts the estrogen production cycle that prevents more testosterone from being produced. Once the testosterone levelis restored, results like returned muscle tone and new muscular growth can be physically seen. Other results, like new energy and better libido can be felt.



Male Extra claims that men will have more energy, amazing libido, and better sexual performance. The dosage is 3 capsules a day and one month’s supply costs $64.95.

Male Extra’s powerful ingredients work primarily on blood flow. Good blood flow is essential for maintaining erections.

Better blood flow also works with the brain to provide more energy, focus, and overall health.

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MaleExtra Ingredients

Pomegranate Acid—Antioxidant, rich in ellagic acid, which increases blood flow. Delays fatigue and free-radical damage. Also known as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Methyl Sufonyl Methane—Mineral that supports blow flow and is crucial to tissue and cell health. The body needs MSM for new cell turn over

Cordyceps—A common fungus-based aphrodisiac, used frequently in Eastern medicine. Cordyceps has been proven to increase libido and sexual function by reacting directly with two chemicals in the brain which control sexual desire.

Zinc—Vital to testosterone health and production. Combats testosterone drop level that happens as men age.

Niacin—Reduces fatigue and helps maintain an erection

L-Methionine—Lowers levels of histamine in the brain. The higher the levels of histamine, the more likely premature ejaculation is.

L-Arginine—Converts to nitric acid, which can improve the ability to maintain an erection.

Male Extra’s focus on better blood flow gives results that last. When new cells and tissues are produced, the whole body is refreshed and more energetic. There is more oxygen in the blood. Testosterone production is boosted while libido is restored.


Researching these supplements can weed out the sugar pills from the real results. Using natural supplements to last longer in bed instead of expensive hormone therapy can drastically improve your life.

Nature provides perfect resources for all kinds of problems. Natural aphrodisiacs like pomegranates have been used since Ancient Greece to improve sex lives. Natural supplements like TestoGen and Male Extra are readily available but checking the claims and results is important.

Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed

If overall testosterone levels and muscular growth is more important, TestoGen may be the supplement for you. If sexual performance is more of a concern, Male Extra may be the better choice. Finding the best natural supplement for you takes time, but is worth it for the results.

Detailed Results Of These Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed




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