Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) – Benefits, Side Effects, Results

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

What are Branch Chain Amino Acids?

BCAAs are a type of amino acid that has three or more carbon atoms attached to a central carbon atom.

They are divided into two major categories: Proteinogenic amino acids and non-Proteinogenic amino acids.

Proteinogenic amino acids include: leucine, isoleucine and volume. Non-Proteinogenic amino acids include: 2 aminoisobutyric acid. Proteinogenic amino acids comprise of 35% of muscle proteins and 40% essential amino acids in your body.
They play an important role in most of the metabolic and psychological body processes. They are a perfect supplement for weight loss and boosting immunity. They help in improving brain function and mental sharpness.

They are important for protein synthesis, nerve functioning and energy supply. They are essential acids and can only be added to your diet. The body doesn’t have the ability to make it.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

Uses of BCAA’s

Boosts Muscle Growth

This product is useful in boosting muscle growth. If you want to get a muscular lean body mass, this could be a good choice for you. Unlike other essential amino acids, BCAAs are broken down in the muscles. By enhancing protein synthesis it helps in providing energy for workouts and exercise. They are good if you want to gain a lean body that you have always desired.

When you take a break from your workouts or exercises, taking BCAAs will prevent fat gain. Your metabolism will remain high even when inactive. This helps in maintaining your muscle mass. They are also good in preventing muscle loss after an injury.


Suitable For Weight Loss

At this era when obesity has become a great health and fitness challenge, it’s good to work on your weight. The rapid metabolic processes triggered help in reducing body fat.

It leaves your body looking lean and with less fat. Due to its fat burning effect, it’s essential in a weight loss journey. If you are thinking of cutting down your weight, you can include it in your diet.

It’s a great way to lose weight effortlessly. For obese individuals who may not participate in vigorous exercises, this can be a perfect supplement.

Reduces Fatigue

BCAAs are good to take after a busy day. They reduce both physical and mental fatigue which commonly occur after a tedious work. They help reduce fatigue and stress after workouts and gym.

It can be good if you take it before the exercise although you can also take it after. They contain some essential psychological properties that help relieve your brain and give you some relaxation.

Prevents Muscles Soreness

When taken during exercises and sports they help heal your muscles from pain experienced afterwards. This is helpful especially when you are on a tight schedule that you can’t get time to rest.

What is BCAA powder?

This is a group of essential amino acids supplement that is manufactured by bulk supplements. It’s suitable for both male and female users. It’s a good source of the three amino acids essential in your body.

They are mixed in the ratio of 2:1:1 with leucine carrying the highest percentage. They have been scientifically tested and proven to produce desired results based on this combination. This makes it very effective for muscle growth and repair.

BCAA powder

BCAA 2:1:1 (Branched Chain Amino Acids) – 5kg Pure Powder


How To Consume

It’s recommended you take 1500g three times a day. For best results take it 20-30 minutes before exercising. It’ll get enough time to penetrate into the body before its use and will produce maximum results. Since it’s a bitter taste, it’s advisable you mix with fruit juice or add capsules.

How It’ll Help You

Taking this powder will help you in weight loss. When taken it boosts metabolic processes which in turn burn body fat. This will give you a lean body mass and an attractive physique.

It’s a good booster for muscle growth, maintenance and repair. It’s scientifically tailored to reduce muscle damage after a workout activity. It also reduces soreness of the muscles after performance.

If you are looking to improve your muscle mass, then this is a good supplement for you. It doubles as a brain booster as it reduces mental fatigue. It’s good for individuals across all age groups but you should consult your doctor about the dosage.

Consider adding Branch Chain Amino Acids Powder supplement in your diet. It’s no side effects as per the manufacturer and those who have tried it.

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