A Comprehensive Understanding of Calisthenics and its Benefits


Calisthenics and its Benefits

We usually think of lifting weights or going to the gym when it comes to workouts. Although it can be right to feel this way, you can also achieve a fitness goal by using your body weight. It is where you incorporate calisthenics, which is a form of bodyweight resistance training.

But what exactly is calisthenics, and what are its benefits? If you are wondering about these questions, we have the answers for you. Continue reading this article and stay fit and informed.

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics refers to any exercise forms that do not use added weight or exercise machines. Instead, it uses your body weight as the resistance when working out. For this reason, many people call calisthenics as a bodyweight exercise.

We all have done calisthenics exercises at some point in time. The reason is that it covers a wide range of exercises, such as squats, push-ups, crunches, and planks, among many others.

Since it uses your body weight as the resistance, these exercises call for mastery control over moving and lifting your body in the space.

Common Misconceptions about Calisthenics:

Following are some common misconceptions that can stop you from adding calisthenics into your workout regime:

Calisthenics is not for women:

Exercises such as pull-ups involve upper body strength, which has led to the misconception that women should not or cannot do it. The reason is that men have more significant upper body muscles than women. Of course, it takes time to master upper body calisthenics exercises. Nevertheless, this misconception is so wrong.

These exercises cannot build muscles:

Although the process can take longer, calisthenics is still an effective way to build stronger muscle mass.  

Calisthenics cannot progress your resistance:

Another misconception about calisthenics is that you cannot progress resistance beyond your bodyweight. However, this assumption is not entirely correct. You can increase resistance in your calisthenics exercises by:

  • Increasing the reps you do.
  • Adding dumbbells or weight vest.
  • Making the movements more difficult.
  • Doing jumping squats to increase your heart rate.

Calisthenics and its Benefits

Benefits of Calisthenics:

The following are some essential benefits of doing calisthenics exercises:

No Big Starting Investment:

One of the greatest benefits of calisthenics is that you do not need training equipment. As such, you will not be making any huge expenses. Of course, there will be some expenditure as you become more advanced, such as getting a pull-up bar. Nevertheless, the cost will not rob your bank.

You can do it anywhere:

Calisthenics exercises do not require the use of equipment as they use your body weight as the resistance. It means you can carry out calisthenics virtually anywhere. In other words, the world is your gym when it comes to calisthenics exercises.

Calisthenics uses the whole body:

Most calisthenics exercises allow you to incorporate whole-body movement. So you will have improved strength throughout your body.

Increases Muscle and Tone:

Calisthenics exercises are effective ways to build strength and muscle mass without using equipment, especially for beginners. Of course, the progress will be relatively slower than lifting weights. Additionally, you can achieve muscle growth without inflicting much strain.

Help you move better in daily life:

The reason is that calisthenics exercises help increase your strength, mobility, coordination, and stability. Additionally, you will stay stronger when you have improved body strength and muscle mass in your daily life.

It is friendly for beginners:

Most of the calisthenics exercises are simple and less demanding. A person who has no experience with workouts will carry out these exercises without much complication. Additionally, it will significantly help you when you undertake more challenging workouts.

It is fun:

Once you master the basics, doing calisthenics exercise will be fun. Moreover, your body will become flexible, thereby allowing you to learn and make awesome moves.

Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners:

If you are planning to start calisthenics, then you should first master the basics. In this way, you will be more ready when you enter into higher workout levels. The following are some calisthenics workouts, especially for beginners:


This workout is one of the most accessible types of calisthenics exercises. The following steps will help you do a basic squat:

  • First, keep your feet apart at your shoulder width.
  • Secondly, you should lower your hips by keeping your upper body straight.
  • Thirdly, return to your initial position.
  • You can repeat the process.

We recommend undertaking at least three to five sets of squats. Gradually, you can incorporate more advanced squat workouts, such as jumping squats.


The following steps will help you start with push-ups:

  • First, place your body flat facing towards the floor.
  • Next, place your hands at the width of your shoulders.
  • Thirdly, push-up your body until you fully extend your arms.
  • Throughout the movement, you should keep your back straight and your core tight.

You can also make this exercise much more manageable by either doing it standing with the help of a wall or placing your knees on the floor. Besides, there are several difficult push-ups that you can use to push your limits.


Calisthenics exercises such as jumping jacks or jumping rope will significantly improve your heart rate. If you are a beginner, then we recommend performing three to five sets of jumping. Gradually, you can make it more challenging by jumping faster or longer.


To sum up, calisthenics covers all the exercises that do not use added weights or gym equipment. It relies on your body weight for resistance. If you have no prior experience with these exercises, then it might be quite overwhelming to see people lifting or moving their bodies in the space. But the good thing is anyone can do calisthenics regardless of their fitness level.

Another advantage of calisthenics is that it does not require any gym equipment. It means that you will not be spending any money to get started with these exercises. Additionally, there are several fitness benefits of doing calisthenics. In other words, calisthenics is appropriate for everyone regardless of gender, age, size, and experience.


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