Calisthenics & Body Weight TrainingCalisthenics Benefits & Exercises For Beginners

Calisthenics Benefits & Exercises For Beginners

What is Calisthenics?

When we talk of calisthenics, it means that it is a form or a type of strength exercise. In some ways, it is similar to bodyweight exercises. Calisthenics consists of different varieties of movements.

These movements engage and improve the larger muscle groups in the body. Some common examples of basic calisthenics are standing, swinging, bending, jumping, pushing, and even grasping.

Calisthenics does not require any equipment. This is why this form of exercise is really popular and catching on among health enthusiasts.

They are useful in improving flexibility as well as fitness. However, one of the major benefits of calisthenics is that it increases strength. Calisthenics is also helpful for improving balance and agility.

Calisthenics Benefits

Best Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners

Apart from the physical benefits, there is one more reason why calisthenics is really popular. This form of exercising is easy to do, and anyone can do them from anywhere, even your home.

Calisthenics also uses minimum equipment, making it a popular choice for people who can’t afford to go to gyms. Here are some beginner-friendly calisthenics exercises that you should try out.

Jumping Squats

This exercise will put your body to the test but hang in there. It is completely worth the effort. It might be physically tasking, but it is really easy to do. Moreover, jumping squats offer so many benefits, which is why you should try this. Here is how you can do jumping squats.

Find an open area where you can jump freely. Now, stand upright and place your arms forward. It should be parallel to the ground. Now, bend your arms and clasp your hands together. Make sure that your feet are apart a few inches. Once in this position, you’re all set to start doing jumping squats.

What you’ll need to do now is lower your body in a controlled manner. Lower as though you are doing regular squats. Your hips should be backward while bending.

An important tip is to have your chest as well as your head facing forward. While going back up, jump explosively. Jumping squats are good to improve hamstrings and glutes. It basically improves the lower body.


For this exercise, you are going to need an exercise bar. If you don’t have one, make use of any bar that’s strong and sturdy where you can pull your entire body weight up. Make sure the bar’s height is taller than your height. Typically, a bar that’s one ft. above your head is the ideal choice to do this exercise.

Stand upright facing the exercise bar or your makeshift bar. Now, place your hands on the bar. Make sure your hands are grasping tightly onto the bar. Arms should be extended a little more than your shoulder width. If you got yourself into this stance, you are ready to tackle this exercise.

Pull yourself up only using your shoulders. This exercise tests and improves your shoulder muscles. When lifting, make sure that your head goes over the bar. Preferably, your chest should reach the bar. While going back down, do so slowly and in a controlled way. Do not simply release yourself back down, or else the exercise will be useless.

Push ups

One of the best calisthenics exercises is push ups. The beauty of this exercise is that anyone can do it from anywhere.

Whether you’re at the office, at home, or even in the park, you can simply assume the position and start doing it. Push ups are perhaps one of the best and most popular calisthenics exercises, and here’s why.

Push ups are beneficial when it comes to building and improving upper body strength. In specific, push ups target the triceps, shoulders, and even the pectoral muscles. If push ups are done with the correct form and posture, it even targets the core and the back.

Everyone knows how to do push ups. In case you didn’t know, here’s how. Lie flat on the floor and raise yourself with your shoulders apart and your palms flat on the floor. Your toes and shoulders should be supporting your weight.

Don’t sag your back or stick it up. Lower yourself by bending your arms until your chest touches the floor. Once lowered, pause for a while and push your back up using your shoulders. Repeat this fifteen to twenty times.


When it comes to calisthenics, nothing beats crunches. This exercise is really easy to do while still being highly beneficial for building and toning muscles. It even helps burn fats. This is an exercise that almost everyone is familiar with. However, in case you’re new to calisthenics, we’ve got your back. Here is how you can do crunches.

First, lay on the ground with your back facing the floor. Raise and bend your knees. Your knees should be perpendicular to your body.

This is how you will know that you are doing it correctly. Proceed to place your hands behind your head. You can also cross and place your hands on your chest if that’s easier for you.

Once your hands are behind your head or resting on your chest, you can begin by tightening your core. Now slowly sit up using only your core. Your chest should come up till your knees. A great tip to remember is to breathe in while going down and breathing out as you lift up.

Jumping Rope or Skipping

Using a jumping rope at least five minutes a day or even more is an ideal calisthenics exercise. The good thing about this exercise is that it the wide range of physical benefits that it offers. This is a form of cardio training that many professional health experts recommend.

It’s no secret or surprise that you will need a jumping rope to perform this exercise. Grasp the jumping rope handles in both your hands. Make sure that both your hands are about the distance away from the center of your body. Now simply put the rope in action. While jumping, remember to point your toes downward and bend your knees as well.

Jumping rope improves core strength, leg muscles, tones the calves, and greatly improves heart health. The other benefits include better focus, balance, and even increased stamina.


There is no denying that calisthenics is becoming increasingly popular. People really love this form of exercise due to its simplicity as well as its practicality. Moreover, the physical health benefits it offers is something that cannot be ignored.

Calisthenics also help burn fat(1). This is why it is a go-to exercise for many people who are trying to lose weight as well. If you have not tried these exercises at home, then you should totally start today.

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