Dianabol Steroid – Uses, Benefits And Side Effects


Anabolic Steroids: Dianabol

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Biologically active organic compounds that serve various medical purposes and are commonly used by athletes are called steroids. Anabolic steroids which are synthetic versions of the male hormones, testosterone, are often prescribed by doctors for specific medical conditions.

They can be taken orally or by injection into the body. Anabolism itself is the process of constructive metabolism. Increasing muscle mass is the target of anabolic steroids. In recent times, anabolic steroids have been abused by even middle school students to augment their sports activities.

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Often described as the “feel good” steroids, Dianabol is a steroid that can boost your energy.

Also known as DBol, their main component is Methandrostenolone which mimics the androgenic effects of testosterone in the body.

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The World Health Organisation has given it a generic name of Metandienone. This steroid is said to have been used by athletes as early as the 1950s and was considered to be a safer alternative to testosterone. The following are some guidelines to be followed before you venture into taking these pills.



How To Take It?

Dianabol can be taken orally on a daily basis. However, it is considered wiser to split the dosage and consume it along the course of the day to minimise the risk of high blood pressure. There are two dosages available in the market: 10mg and 25mg.

What Does It Do?

Here is Dianabol’s biggest advantage: Unlike many other steroids, they are not too harsh on the human body. Other than this it comes with a list of astounding benefits.

*It increases the pace of protein synthesis in the body by reducing nitrogen loss from the body as this could lead to muscle degeneration.

*They optimize all functions of the body leading to physical as well as mental well-being.

*It also serves the purpose of sugar regulation in the body as it maintains insulin levels in the body.

*The soothing effect of the pills also improves your sleep pattern as it calms your mind with improved body metabolism.

*Externally no matter how rigorous your routine is, the internal metabolism is kept constant by these pills.

*It also enhances glycogenolysis which indirectly enables the human body to make better use of the consumption of carbohydrates.

*It can even substitute for another anabolic steroid called Protex which also serves the purpose of controlling metabolism during harsh activities.

Any Side Effects?

Although all seems good with Dianabol, over usage of any steroid is considered to be harmful. These are a few of the side effects of using Dianabol in particular.

*Rapid Weight Gain: The heart works more to support a heavier body, and this excess fat can lead to the misfunctioning of the cardiovascular system. Some studies have proven that DBol is also the culprits behind some cases of cholesterol.

*Unusual Mood Swings: Although on the field you are good to go, off the field these pills may completely throw your mood off.

*Gynaecomastia: The prolonged usage of Dianabol can lead to the accumulation of oestrogen (female hormone) and thus cause the grown of breasts and other feminine features on the masculine body and vice versa for women.

*Acne: Nearly everybody’s nightmare, acne does not skip this steroid. Prolonged uses of Dianabol can lead to the spurt of excessive acne.

*Hepatatoxic 1: This term means that it is bad news for the liver. Therefore it is necessary to avoid alcohol and stay hydrated when you are under the prescription of these pills.

The trick for every body-builder lies in maintaining the balance of the intake of these pills. Despite all side effects, Dianabol remains a popular name in bodybuilding circles.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of steroids: legal and illegal. Steroids are considered to be legal only if it is prescribed by the doctor. So, don’t fall prey to this trap and purchase the pills only if it has been prescribed by doctors for you.

With milder side effects and results which are twice as fast, Dianabol is a trustworthy and reliable anabolic steroid. If you have spent numerous unsuccessful months at the gym trying to build muscle, then try DBol. Do your research and then buy your pills!


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