Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station – Review


Dip Bar Fitness Station – Review

Most training equipment manufacturers design workout gears so that they only target one or two specific body parts. But the body-part targeting game changes with the entry of the dip bar stations.

This is because the dip bar stations are mainly designed to perform multiple forms of exercise on them. And depending on the structure of those exercises, one can target almost all parts of the body.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station is designed likewise but with an exclusive upgrade: adjustable width. Thus, allowing room for a broader range of users having different body sizes.

In retrospect of the unique potential presented, let us analyze and review the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness below.


About the product:

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station is a U.S patented design owned by Ultimate Body Press. The UBP is a company based in North Carolina, which is devoted to promoting fitness and body strengthening types of equipment. It is the ideal workout equipment for carrying out chest dips, bodyweight rows, etc.


  • The equipment is made of steel and has a bent tubing diameter of 1.5 inches.
  • The frame stands at a workable height of 3 feet. This allows users with heights up to 6 feet 5 inches to use it with no difficulty.
  • The equipment can hold weights up to 350 pounds.
  • The width at the handles can be adjusted at two positions, i.e., from 19 inches to 24 inches.
  • The grips are angled and equipped with highly-dense foam to ease tension on the palm.
  • The creators have provided the equipment with an interlocking mechanism for efficient portability.
  • Assembling of the product is made easy with indicative color codes.
  • Non-skid rubber is firmly attached to the bottoms of the bars, which can be adjusted accordingly.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station



Further down is a discussion on the pros and cons of the product.


  1. It is a multipurpose gear where the user can carry out multiple forms of bodybuilding and strengthening exercises. Incline push-ups, assisted dips, knee raises, triceps dips, chest dips, etc. can be performed just using this dip stand.
  2. It is safe, light in weight, and user friendly.
  3. Easy assembling, compact design, and portability of this dip station allow the user to perform the exercises anytime, anywhere.
  4. The equipment can be moved and stored easily. It can be stored in closets, under the bed, etc. with the help of its folding and locking mechanism.
  5. The sturdy, strong-built gear boasts high durability, which can support up to 350 pounds of weight.
  6. It is equipped with solid, dense foam grips to prevent blisters and improve hand control.
  7. The gear can be combined and used with a weighted dip belt and agility trainers.
  8. Being made of steel, it ensures the long-lasting of the bars.
  9. The symmetric frame enables the user to maintain a correct and comfortable workout stance.
  10. The angled grips provide aid while executing upper body dip workouts. It also helps reduce the strains on the arms.
  11. The user can adjust the width of the gear according to his desire.
  12. With its exclusive walk-through design, it enables the user to carry out a neat Bodyweight Rows exercise.


  1. Sometimes, there is a misalignment of the angled grips due to manufacturing errors. This can pose an injury risk to the user and cause asymmetric growth of the targeted muscles.
  2. The gear can get shaky and unstable while performing specific exercises. This wobbling is due to the locking and folding system built onto the equipment for easy storage.
  3. Some buyers observed other manufacturing defects such as uneven frame height, crooked frame, unable to fit while assembling, etc.
  4. In some unfortunate incidents, missing assembly pieces of the gear due to the supplier’s negligence were also noticed. This reduces the trust score of the product to a great extent.


With the discussion done on the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station, the following can be made clear:

  • It is a unique and reliable workout gear created to improve full body and core muscle strengths.
  • One can applaud it for the adjustable width feature it exhibits.
  • It is apparent that even though the benefits are tempting, one cannot ignore the chances of defects.
  • However, in the case of unflawed gear, it is a product worth its price for the benefits it presents.


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