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Male Edge Penis Enlarger – Does Male Edge Work? How To Use And Results

Male Edge Penis Enlarger

Male Edge Penis Extender – Does Male Edge Work?

If you’re out there and are curious about the MaleEdge Penis Extender. Here is everything you need to know about the device.

What Is Male edge Penis Extender?

Male Edge Penis Extender is a device you attach to your penis and it increases the length and size of your penis through traction.

The device is designed and produced in Denmark by Danamedic, the creators of the original penis enlarger.

How Does Male Edge Work?

When you attach the device on your penis, it applies a steady stretch. This results in the cells in your penis dividing and multiplying and overtime your penis becomes longer and thicker.

Male edge Penis Extender

How To Use It?

Before beginning, Male Edge requires some simple adjustments depending on your length. Male Edge is designed with the individual in mind. Every man is different and this unique product can fit penis lengths of less than 2 inches to 11 inches.

If your penis length is over 5 inches when placid and fully stretched, you will have to turn the front piece rubber stretch around. If you’re below 5 inches the front piece can remain in its original position.

Mount the device on your penis. Make sure to keep the front piece and the elongation rods apart. Place the ring around your pelvis. On the front piece, you will see a rubber strap which you will have to position behind the glands.

If you’re uncircumcised you can secure the rubber strap safely on top of your foreskin or if you prefer you can roll the foreskin back before positioning the rubber strap. You might want to try both methods and see which is the most comfortable for you.

Once the Male Edge is in position, you will have to adjust the side rods to fit your penis length. You can do this by simply turning the knobs a quarter turn to pull them out to the right length.

When you’re happy with the length, turn the rods counter clockwise, this time listening out for a double click which tells you that the bars are securely in place.

Make sure the side rods are pulled out as far as the last set of holes. If the rods flip out and disconnect, you should simply press the double split together and push them back on.

When you’re sure that the rods are positioned well for you, push them back gently towards your pelvis. After that, push the elongation rods together to secure the front piece firmly onto the rods. When you hear the double click, it means the front piece is fitted properly.

Adjusting the traction in your male edge is essential for effective penis enlargement. You will have to check the amount of traction first. Do this by loading up the inside slip with the indicators on the transparent cylinder which is found just above the base ring.

Take your time; your body needs to adjust to the change. Start off by using a lower level of traction and using Male Edge for small intervals.

Begin with lower repetitions and increase them gradually. It gets easier and you can wear the device for longer periods of time and with increased levels of traction as the week’s progress.


You’re probably asking yourself, does Male Edge work. The answer is yes it works. The longer you wear Male Edge, the greater the results.

Does Male Edge Work

Advantages Of Using Male Edge

Male Edge is flexible in its design, the device can move with your penis so you can manoeuvre it up or down choosing the most comfortable position for you.

The increased size you get through using the device is permanent.

The Male Edge team has a program for you to follow; it is designed to ensure that you use your Male Edge safely and effectively.

It can correct a curved penis, making it straight.


Male Edge also guarantees to return your money if you don’t see any improvements after following the comprehensive training program. In fact, you receive double your money back.

This serves to say they are confident you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Contents Of The Male edge Penis Extender Kit


Pads to make the traction more comfortable

Ruler to measure your results

Travel bag with one compartment

Instruction booklet

The Male Edge Extender itself

Rubber straps


When To Wear Male Edge

You can wear Male Edge in the day under loose-fitted boxer shorts or trousers. Or at night, but this depends hugely on your individual sleeping habits as some men change sleeping positions in their sleep while others stay still.

The device is also not painful to use in any way. There may be a little discomfort in the beginning stages but it is not physically painful.

Maintaining Your Male Edge

Male Edge requires low maintenance. You can wash it in the dishwasher, but you will have to separate the strap, front piece and elongation rods during cleaning.


The Male Edge Penis Extender is a high-quality product available at an affordable price. It is designed to be safe and secure and it is very effective in achieving its purpose. With Male Edge, you can achieve improved natural growth of your penis.


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