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Does Male Extra Make Your Dick Bigger?

Does Male Extra Really Make Your Dick Bigger

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Male Extra Can Make Your Dick Bigger!

Do you find it hard to experience an erection while having sex? Does your erection disappear during sexual intercourse? Do you want to have a bigger dick that will give your spouse the greatest sex ever? Well, if you do, worry no more.

With Male Extra you can make your dick bigger as well as maintain its erection. Regular use of this male enhancement will make your dick’s hardness grow slowly until it reaches its peak. Its size and strength are also improved greatly by this supplement.

How It Works

This male enhancement supplement works by increasing the supply of testosterone in the body.

It does not, however, produce instant results but harder erections are achieved the more you take it.

This hormone results in an increased supply of blood into the penis. More blood in the penis will make its tissues grow in size hence the penis becomes hard and its size becomes bigger. This male enhancement supplement also makes the blood vessels thicker thus facilitating the supply of blood into the penis.

It is made using natural ingredients whose sole purpose is to bring about harder erections. It is therefore quite effective to most men out there who are after accomplishing this objective.

Does Male Extra Make Your Dick Bigger


Male Extra is manufactured using natural ingredients. These include L-Arginine, Maca root, Bioperine, Gingko pilopa extract, Horny goat weed.

L-arginine provides amino acids which increases the supply of blood into the penis thus making it harder while Maca root increases the level of testosterone in the body.

Bioperine, on the other hand, helps the dick to absorb nutrients thus facilitating its growth.

Gingko pilopa extract will, on the other hand, is one of the major ingredient used in the manufacture of this male enhancement supplement since it improves sex drive and with more sex drive comes harder erections.


Side Effects

The fact that this male enhancement supplement is manufactured using natural ingredients will make it not to have any side effects on the body. Instead, it improves the size and strength of the body by natural means.

This makes the supplement very safe to be used by a man who wants to make their dick bigger. It has been tested severally and it has been proven that it does not cause any side effects, unlike other supplements which may cause loss of hair, obesity, etc.

Does Male Extra Really Make Your Dick Bigger?

To be honest, this male enhancement supplement really does makes your dick bigger. This is because it causes more blood circulation into the penis thus making it harder, stronger and bigger in size. The various positive comments about those who have used it will surely make you believe that it really does.

Make Your Dick Bigger

Recommended Dosage

To achieve the greatest results from this male enhancement supplement, it is recommended that you take 3 pills of it every day. Its greatest results will be achieved after about 3 months but the normal results will occur after some weeks. Remember that it does not work instantly but rather gradually!


As we have seen, it is quite evident that this male enhancement supplement brings you harder erections. You should therefore, consider it if you have problems of erections or if you always lose erection while having sex. This supplement has no side effects hence very safe for your health. Experience a bigger dick by using it!

Does Male Extra Make Your Dick Bigger?