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Does Sizegenetics Make Your Dick Bigger?

Sizegenetics Penis Extender

Sizegenetics Penis Extender To Make Your Dick Bigger

A lot of males are concerned about the size of their penis and this affects their self-esteem and sexual performance.

The risks that are associated with the surgical method of increasing the size of a penis have made non-invasive options popular over the last few years.

Sizegenetics is an extremely potent penis extender that can also be used to reverse the effects of the Peyronie’s disease by straightening and strengthening a curved penis.

SizeGenetics Works

It is a genuine, certified penis enlargement device that held a medical certificate for close to 25 years. This sets it apart from other similar products as the company has enormous experience in the industry.

It has retained its status as an elite brand by coming up with solutions and adapting to the various needs of its large customer base.

The device achieves penis enlargement by sustained, powerful traction. This mechanism works on the principle of cell division and duplication to increase the size of the organ. It specifically targets the area between the dorsal vein and the glans penis.

Does Sizegenetics Make Your Dick Bigger

This part is known as the corpora cavernosa and it is responsible for retaining blood when the penis is erect. By targeting this essential part of the penis, sizegenetics aims to cause cell splitting to generate new healthy cells and increase the size of the corpora in the process. Consequently, this leads to a larger, firmer penis with stronger erections.

Additionally, this product addresses the problems associated with having a curved penis by holding it in place and making it straight.

The penis extender holds the penis in place and the resultant traction is enough to pull the penis into a straight form.

Sizegenetics possesses the 58-way ultimate comfort system that makes it the most comfortable extender to wear and its soft, skin-friendly 3M plasters reduce bruising and blistering that is commonly associated with other products.

You can gain up to 1.9 inches in length within 4 months thanks to the powerful 2,800 grams of tension offered by this device.

How It Works

Sizegenetics is a penis traction device produced by danamedics. It increases the length of the penis by providing constant traction. This means that the longer you wear it, the better the results you’re likely to get.

Attach the extender to the top of your penis. It comes with cushioned headpieces that allow you to wear it in multiple ways. The traction principle works by providing the required amount of tension to your penis through the penis extender.

Once it is in place, it starts giving traction to your penis from a comfortable angle. The differences in size and shape mean there would be different suitable angles for everyone but sizegenetics already takes this into account.

It can be worn both indoors and outdoors without being visible within your trousers or pants and this makes it a discrete product that can be trusted to deliver.

size genetics penis extender

Major Pros

* Gives you a larger, longer penis within a relatively short period of time
* The company provides a 100% double money back guarantee after four months
* Very comfortable and easy to use
* It is a cheaper, effective alternative to surgery


This product has no negative properties. This can be deduced from the endless testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.

In conclusion, sizegenetics is a product that will make your dick bigger if you wear it for long enough.

It is a penis enlargement method that uses the latest technology to boost the length of the penis and provides stronger erections too. If you’re self-conscious about the size of your dick, this is the perfect product for you.

Does Sizegenetics Make Your Dick Bigger? – **Customer Testomonials**