Trenbolone Steroids – Does Tren Make Your Dick Bigger?

Your Dick On Trenbolone, Will Tren Make My Dick Get Smaller Or Bigger?

if you where ever wondering if Trenbolone will make your dick smaller or bigger this article is for you. Being a user myself, I also wanted to know and after doing some research on this subject here is what I found.

Trenbolone uses are mainly for bulking up and gaining more muscle mass.

Normally only used in off season and on a time lapse of 6 to 8 weeks just like any other steroid.

Tren’s chemistry is made out of testosterone and a man-made hormone to increase growth and recovery time of muscle in the body.(Chemical makeup of Trenbolone RU-2341; Δ9,11-Nandrolone; 19-Nor-δ9,11-testosterone; Estra-4,9,11-trien-17β-ol-3-one)



Major Side Effects

Let’s look at the side effects and if Trenbolone will make your dick smaller.

Tren is what is known as an anabolic androgenic steroid, this is good news it has artificial hormone and no estrogen.

Most common side effects in any anabolic are mostly the same depending on the chemistry of the steroid. The main side effects are Hair-loss, High blood pressure, Acne, Insomnia (due to the added hormones), Anxiety, Night sweats and erectile dysfunction (in my experience I have only had Acne, Night sweats, and Insomnia).

All of these side effects are only temporary and not permanent the effects will consist only in the usage and for 2 – 3 weeks after the course is complete. In no cases have been reported of someone’s dick becoming smaller.

But cases have shown that a man’s testicles have become smaller this is due to the added testosterone to the body, but it is also not permanent. So if your dick does not become smaller the other question is does Trenbolone make your dick bigger…?

Does Tren Make Your Dick Bigger?

Like most of your body, male’s penis consist of blood and muscle. While using Trenbolone you will notice that Does Tren Make Your Dick Biggeryour penis will become more lager when stimulated and more veins will also start appearing due to the increased blood flow.

Let’s discuss what happens to your penis when you hit puberty. When you where between 13 and 14 you would have started to notice that hair started to grow around your penis and your testicles have started to descend.

With all of this happening it started to trigger the growth of your penis. Your penis will only stop its growth when your body has stopped. (Due to genetics the age might change from the growth stage to the full growth stage)

How Does Tren Make Your Dick Bigger?

When you make your conversions from child to adult your body will produce more testosterone and creatine. This helps the body’s muscles to form and grow. When using Trenbolone it retriggers the body’s natural growth process as if you were 14 again just entering the puberty stage of life.

When using tren the added blood flow and exercise will bring more oxygen into the muscles and will have a bigger impact on your muscles growth. So the question asked was “Does tren make your dick bigger?”

Yes, tren will make your dick bigger but only if you exercise it the way you exercise in a gym.