Legal SteroidsMuscle Building Supplements That Work Like Steroids

Muscle Building Supplements That Work Like Steroids

Muscle Building Supplements That Work Like Steroids

Many of you have tried hitting the gym and going on a diet, but nothing seems to work right. As you look at pictures of men with muscles, you may wonder how they do it. The truth is that sometimes exercise and diet are not enough to gain muscle mass quickly.

There are dietary supplements that speed up your body’s metabolism and help you gain muscle mass quickly. These products have natural ingredients, so they are safe to use. They give you the best results from your workouts by increasing stamina and endurance.

Here are the top five muscle building supplements that work like steroids and give you amazing results.


Anadroxin is one of the best products by Max Gains that works as an anabolic steroid. This supplement helps athletes and body-builders to gain more out of their workouts. But its usage is not limited to only a few professionals. Anyone who wants to get a well-built physique can use this product to achieve maximum results.

This product is a perfect combination of natural ingredients and sustainable dietary proteins. It helps the body renew strength and energy.

Anadroxin helps in the development of lean muscle mass by increasing appetite. It also increases the number of red cells in the body that promotes muscle growth.







The active ingredients in this supplement include:

Tribulus Terrestris: This plant-based compound has steroidal saponin chemicals that promote the production of testosterone. This hormone is essential for the growth of muscles.
Horny Goat Weed: This plant extract increases testosterone in the body. It also cures erectile dysfunction and increases stamina and libido.
Amino Acids: The presence of amino acids in Androxin increases red blood cells in the body. It also helps in better transportation of oxygen to the muscles that enhance any workouts.
Zinc: This element helps to strengthen the muscles, which increases endurance level while training hard.

Benefits of Anadroxin

This dietary supplement offers numerous health benefits.

It helps to build more muscle mass.
It tremendously increases the level of energy required for hardcore training sessions.
It makes the muscles stronger and increases endurance levels for training hard.
It helps in weight loss and fat burning in the body by promoting proper metabolism.
It also promotes high libido and vigor for better sexual performance. The added stamina helps to achieve more satisfaction.
It also increases protein synthesis in the body.
Instructions to use.

It is mandatory to take three pills a day at least 45 minutes before any workout. And on non-workout days, the tablets can be taken early morning.

Androxin should be consumed for two months regularly. A break of two weeks will help the body recover and then repeat the process.

This product is not for children, women, or people suffering from chronic diseases. Always consult your doctor before starting your dosage.



Another great supplement from Max Gains is Promolex. This product works like steroids and gives you the body that you always desired from your gym workouts. This product is a perfect supplement if you want to shed those extra kilos to start your muscle gain journey.

Promolex increases testosterone levels that give endurance for workouts. The natural ingredients used in this supplement helps in fat loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.

This product is an anabolic steroid designed for professional athletes or when you have a rigorous workout routine. Recommended by professionals worldwide, this dietary supplement will help in more muscle gain and stamina.







Promolex contains active natural ingredients that include three branch chain amino acids. These amino acids are L-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-IsoLeucine.

These chained amino acids help to promote protein synthesis in the body. These formulas also aid in boosting skeletal muscle mass growth.

The L-Glutamine found in Promolex helps to avoid loss of muscle mass fiber. This product is a perfect choice when you are on a low-calorie diet. It is also helpful when you are in your weight shredding stage.

Benefits of Promolex

There are several benefits that you get from the dedicated use of Promolex.

It speeds up the healing of the muscular tissue as the body goes through rigorous workouts.
It promotes a higher duration of workouts, which leads to higher stimulation of muscular tissue.
Due to the increased workout period and endurance, it leads to more muscle gain in a short period.
It also obstructs the production of Lactic Acid, which is a result of muscle gain. Lactic acid leads to fatigue and tiredness, which is taken care of by Promolex.
It helps to boost metabolism, which promotes fat burn in the body.
Instructions to use

The recommended dosage of Promolex is five pills every day with water at least 45 minutes before workout.

If you want to get great results, then follow a good exercise program and diet while taking this supplement.

Users should take Promolex for two months at a stretch. After that, a break of 1-2 weeks is recommended, provided how soon your body can recover.

Consult your doctor before you decide to start using this supplement.





Max Gains’s supplementary product Clenbulen works as an organic anabolic substitute to the Clenbuterol steroid. This product is a part of a line of products by Max Gains that helps in Bulking, Cutting, and support stacks.

Clenbulen naturally increases the muscles’ strength, aids in fat burning, and helps build strong muscles. The formula for this product includes pharmaceutical grade elements that go through scientific testing to achieve the best results. The manufacturing process maintains all regulations to keep a check on the quality.

Clenbulen - Gain Muscle Mass Quickly






Clenbulen is a mixture of different proprietary blends that work towards muscle gain and fat loss in your body. The active ingredients in this product are:

Energy and Focus Blend

Caffeine: It helps to keep you alert and focused by keeping you energized.
Glucomannan: This is a soluble fiber that can absorb fifty times its weight in water. It increases satiety in the body and helps to curb cravings, which is perfect for weight loss. It promotes the loss of body fats and gives more energy.
L-Tyrosine: It works as a stimulant and helps to focus (1).
Fursultiamine: It works to reduce anxiety and promotes mental clarity.
Phenylethylamine HCL: It is a significant component of weight loss. It also improves mood consistency, cognition function, and increase stamina.

Thermogenesis Blend.

Green tea: It is a smoother form of caffeine and so helps to increase thermogenesis in the body. Green tea also increases metabolism and body temperature.
Thiamine: It helps to enhance mood and mental performance.
Raspberry Ketones: It promotes thermogenesis for faster fat burn. These ketones also increase a hormone called adiponectin that supports metabolism.

Lipogenic Blend.

Kola Nut: It increases the process of Lipolysis. Kola nut was a trendy weight loss ingredient even before Garcinia Cambogia gained popularity. This nut contains caffeine, which promotes metabolism and digestion.
L-Carnitine: It enhances Lipolysis by sending the fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria and using them for energy. It enhances athletic performance and improves brain health.
Benefits of Clenbulen

This supplement not only burns fat but also helps in muscle gain and better performance. Some significant benefits of using Clenbulen are:

It promotes thermogenesis in the body by increasing the body temperature. This mechanism leads to a supercharged metabolic state and faster fat burn for shredding those extra pounds.
This unique supplement helps to improve workout performance and increases muscle mass. It is done by enhancing hormone levels and activating the muscle-building mechanism of the body.
The formula increases fat burn, which gives more energy to the body in the form of glycogen. It helps to remove fatigue and improves athletic performance.
It also helps to stay more focused and improves mental health.
Instructions to use.

The advised dosage is two pills every morning with water or food. Expected results will be visible after two months of regular use, provided you combine it with proper exercise and diet.





This supplement is one of the best steroids to gain muscle mass quickly. Another great product from Max Gains is an alternative to Trenbolone and helps its users shed unwanted body fat.

Trenoven is a popular anabolic steroid used by professional athletes and body-builders to build a good physique. It mainly focuses on the endocrine system of the user by reducing fat deposits in the body. As the metabolism of the body increases, the fat deposits burn to derive energy.

This pre-workout supplement leads to rapid transformations in your muscle mass by improving digestion and healthy body organs.







This natural dietary supplement contains ingredients such as:

Buchu Extract: It reduces fluid retention in the body and helps to flush out toxins.
L-Carnitine: It induces the transportation of fat cells towards the mitochondria of cells to gain energy.
Uva Ursi: It reduces water retention and bloating so that the body does not gain water weight.
Dandelion Root: This helps in weight loss and avoids retention of water weight in the body.
Magnesium Gluconate: It increases the rate of metabolism and aids in better digestion.
Juniper Berry Extract: This plant extract enhances metabolism leading to weight loss, and its nutrients boost the body’s immunity.
Vitamin B6: An active ingredient that promotes healthy weight loss by increasing metabolism rate.

Benefits of Trenoven to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly

There are many benefits of consuming Trenoven, provided you also follow a workout routine and proper diet. Some of them include:

It aids in boosting the immunity of the body.
It flushes out toxins and free radicals.
It helps to lose weight by avoiding water retention and converting stored fat into energy.
It increases stamina and endurance for vigorous workouts.
It improves metabolism and gives more energy.
It helps to develop the lean muscle mass that enhances the overall physique.
Instructions to use.

The proper dosage for Trenoven is four pills every day with water at least 45 minutes before workout.

For best results, use this supplement regularly for two months with proper diet and exercise program.





This dietary supplement is a pre-workout pill that will help you to gain muscle mass quickly and enhance performance in workouts. It adds stamina and energy into your system so that you can push yourself further while working out.

The natural ingredients in this product increase testosterone levels and blood flow while reducing fatigue in the body. Venabol gives the body anabolic properties that increase protein synthesis for improved energy levels.

VENABOL Gain Muscle Mass Quickly






The components used in this dietary supplement include:

Niacin: It increases the NO2 level in the body.
Calcium: It helps to increase testosterone levels.
L-Arginine: It improves blood flow to all parts of the body.
L-Arginine AKG: This increases NO2 and promotes better nutrient delivery.
Beta-Alanine: It increases energy levels and reduces fatigue.
L-Citrulline, L-Citrulline Malate: These give energy, endurance, and stamina.
Benefits of Venabol

The numerous benefits involved with this dietary supplement are:

This product increases energy levels in the body, which leads to more stamina and endurance for workouts.
It increases testosterone levels, which leads to a faster metabolism and fat burn. As fat deposits burn up to get more energy, the body develops lean muscle mass.
It increases NO2 levels, which induces the expansion of blood vessels. This mechanism promotes more oxygen flow and nutrient delivery to body organs.
It reduces fatigue and gives strength to carry on during workouts.
It also promotes faster recovery of the body from the wear and tear of hardcore workouts.
Instructions to Use

Users should take two pills at least 45 minutes before workout sessions. Combine this with proper exercise routine and diet to get effective results. It may take up to one to two months of regular usage to show visible results.

This supplement should not be consumed by people under 18 years of age and those who suffer from chronic illnesses.


These dietary supplements are verified and tested products by Max Gains, and they follow all regulations in the manufacturing process.

These products help to build lean muscle mass, gain muscle mass quickly and boost up energy levels. They can be the perfect addition to your workout regime to gain the best out of your workout routines.

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