Griffonia Seed Extract Health Benefits – Usage & Dosage


Griffonia Seed Extract Health Benefits

The Griffonia Simplicifolia is a popular plant that is found in many areas of Central and West Africa. This plant stands at an astounding 10 feet height and features an array of health benefits. Its popularity in health benefits has been present since ancient times. Griffonia Simplicifolia consists of the 5-HTP, which is a precursor to serotonin.

Nowadays, many researchers are looking into this plant for treating a ton of health issues. The issues they are looking to treat are depression, sleep, anxiety, motion sickness, appetite, etc. All of these sicknesses are all relevant to this plant because it does hold a lot of potentials. Its properties are effective and safe at all times.

What is Griffonia Seed Extract?

The Griffonia Seed Extract comes from the plant Griffonia Simplicifolia. It is a dime-sized black seed that has the biggest amount of the 5-HTP compound. This compound makes up almost 20% of its formation/composition. The 5-HTP consists of a chemical that serves/works as a precursor to the serotonin’s synthesis in your brain.

Serotonin refers to the neurotransmitter that tends to regulate your sleep, mood, and appetite. So, when there is an increase in serotonin levels, anxious and depressed feelings tend to subside. The feelings of healthy living and well-being tend to increase, and for the rest, you can count on your beauty sleep.

Health Benefits of Griffonia Seed Extract

The Griffonia seed extract carries a ton of health benefits. They are as follows:

Headaches & Migraines – According to a study and research of 374 Kids with migraines, the consumption of 50 Mg Griffonia Simplicifolia twice a day accompanied by other supplements such as tryptophan, B6, and Vitamin PP decreased the intensity, number, and length of headache symptoms. Even though it was effective, Kids who consumed an extract of the Gingko Biloba or Ginkgolide B witnessed a bigger improvement after a time frame of six months.

But another study and research of 49 people show that a formulation of Griffonia Simplicifolia, Magnesium, and Tanacetum Parthenium reduced migraine symptoms, including Aura, up to 50%. So, you can see that Griffonia’s seed extract does play a significant role in combating headaches in all patients that consume it as a medicine.

Depression – A Crucial component in Griffonia Simplicifolia called “5-HTP” possesses anti-depressive effects, making it helpful and popular. It brings improvements in mood disorders, including depression, by boosting serotonin levels in the brain. The feeling of anxiousness, guilt, loss of interest, and irritability all go away.

In a study conducted on 15 women suffering from drug-resistant depression, 5-HTP brought improved and enhanced symptoms. But you have to realize that there hasn’t been any direct investigation of the Griffonia Simplicifolia in clinical studies. All the present evidence in patients is limited to 5-HTP studies.

Griffonia Seed Extract Health Benefits

Insomnia – Several clinical studies and tests show that the use of 5-HTP steaming from Griffonia Simplicifolia reduces insomnia’s severity and intensity in a lot of people. Also, in a study and research of 45 Kids, a low dosage of 2 Mg every day at bedtime helps combat night terrors in them. There were positive results in over 80% of the test subjects after six months. However, this test hasn’t been under investigation in Griffonia Simplicifolia but on the systematized 5-HTP only.

Anxiety & Stress – The Griffonia Simplicifolia also help tackle health issues such as stress and anxiety. Traditionally, this plant’s leaves are grounded for making tea, and it is also usable for calming and decreasing stress effects. The seed extract of Griffonia Simplicifolia also reduces symptoms of anxiety in rats from several studies.

The 5-HTP present is abundant in the seeds. It shows a promising treatment in health issues such as neurological conditions like Insomnia, headaches from migraines, and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. The prospects for Griffonia seed extracts are very bright in this department.

Appetite – In a DB-RCT of over 20 women, the extract of Griffonia Simplicifolia and the 5-HTP Spray boosts feelings of satiety or fullness. It helps prevent eating disorders such as overeating and binging. There will be suppression of your appetite, and it also combats the sudden or constant feeling of hunger that causes overeating in many patients.

Motion Sickness – Motion sickness is nothing new to a lot of people in the traveling department. Some people can travel for hours without any feeling of nausea or sickness. But some throw up even when they are traveling on the shortest distances.

Motion sickness is related to the condition of serotonin. According to a study conducted in 254 children, a composite of magnesium and Griffonia Simplicifolia of 200 mg and 50 mg, respectively, decreased motion sickness symptoms twice per day.

The Right Dosage

There isn’t enough powered study for determining the correct dose to make it effective and safe. However, some clinical studies did find benefits from these certain doses. They include:

  • 100 Mg per day taken orally for once or twice to reap the most benefits.
  • 50 Mg per day for children.

Summing It Up!

So, now the question of “What is Griffonia seed extract?” isn’t far-fetched anymore. The 5-Hydroxytryptohan or 5-HTP consists of a chemical by-product of L-Tryptophan, which is a protein building block. This chemical comes from the seed extracts of a popular African herb called “Griffonia Simplicifolia.”

It is usable for treating disorders such as anxiety, Insomnia, depression, etc. However, a lot of scientific research and study is needed to make its results official on the global platform for the world to see.


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