Men's HealthHealth Benefits of Glucuronolactone – Uses, Side Effects

Health Benefits of Glucuronolactone – Uses, Side Effects

Benefits of Glucuronolactone

Glucuronolactone is a substance that occurs naturally in our body, although in small amounts. It is the y-lactone of glucuronic acid and is formed from glucuronic acid and glucose.

It is also a normal human metabolite that our body can make. We also get this from food sources. It is available in all connective tissues as well as plants.
This component is a common ingredient found in energy drinks that aim to increase alertness and physical performance. Sometimes, it is found in pre-workout beverages, which aim to give enough endurance and strength for an intense workout session.

How does Glucuronolactone affect our body?

In our body, Glucuronolactone changes into glucuronic. This change happens back and forth since the body has the same quantity of each molecule.

The creation of glucuronic acid helps in the detox and breaking down of glucose in our bodies. This process is crucial to develop amino acids, DNA components, and fatty acids.

Glucuronic acid has a vital role in a significant detox process called Glucuronidation. This acid binds itself with toxins from cancer-causing particles, environmental toxins, and medical drugs.

After these toxins come in contact with glucuronic acid, they become more soluble and less toxic. As a result, the toxins can travel faster through the body and get eliminated easily through urine and feces.

Health Benefits of Glucuronolactone

Health Benefits of Glucuronolactone

There have been lots of speculations regarding the potential health benefits of this compound in our bodies. Unfortunately, the health benefits mentioned here are data collected from research, animal studies, and low-quality trials, which do not support their claims with factual data.

Let us look at the potential health benefits of Glucuronolactone.

Performance of exercise:

Glucuronolactone’s effect on the performance level during an exercise in humans has seen some research used in energy drinks. It led to a burst of energy, stamina, and better performance.

When taking pre-workout drinks before resistance training shows a significant rise in endurance and energy level. But we cannot undermine the fact that these pre-workout/energy drinks also contain other ingredients that aim to enhance performance.

Cognition effects:

In some studies, drinking a particular energy drink with Glucuronolactone led to improved cognitive abilities.

The people involved in the study were found to have better motor alertness, fast reaction time, and were attentive. In addition, they had less fatigue and were mentally alert.

Again, we have to point out that this particular energy drink also has other vitamins and ingredients that may help to improve cognitive abilities.

A lack of proper and thorough clinical study makes it hard for us to assess the benefits of Glucuronolactone on the cognitive capacity of a person.

Liver Detoxing:

Glucuronolactone helps to improve the liver’s functioning. Through the process of glucuronidation detoxification, it enhances the working of the liver.

In a study done in rats, this compound lowered tissue damage markers and liver inflammation. In addition, there was also an increase in liver enzymes.

Preventing Cancer:

Glucuronolactone plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body of hormones and toxins that can cause cancer.

In studies done with rats, the survival rates went up from 45% to almost 70%. The compound also led to a decrease in a type of cancer marker, namely alpha-fetoprotein.

In addition, when the rats were given a glucuronolactone breakdown product, it stopped cancer cells in the breast from growing further.

Blood clotting:

In a particular study done on human plasma, a by-product of glucuronolactone breakdown (D-glucaro 1,4-lactone) helped decrease the damage caused by free radicals. It also led to a reduction in the excessive clotting of platelets that could lead to stroke or heart disease.

Reduction of Cholesterol levels:

The same breakdown product of Glucuronolactone (also known as D-glucaro 1,4-lactone) helped prevent cholesterol formation in rats put on diets high in fats and cholesterol.

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Side-Effects of Glucuronolactone

When taken in food sources, Glucuronolactone is likely safe for everyone. It is easily tolerated by the body when taken in small amounts.

But just like any other component, Glucuronolactone will also have its own set of side effects caused by overconsumption. Unfortunately, as of now, there are no such trials done where Glucuronolactone was a primary source.

Supplements and Dosage

Glucuronolactone is a widely used ingredient for energy drinks. For example, the 250ml can of the popular energy drink Red Bull has around 600 mg of Glucuronolactone.

In natural sources, wine has the highest concentration of this element.

Apart from natural sources, it is available in powder (small/complete packets) and capsule (500 mg) form.
Regarding the dosage of this compound, it has no standard protocol for dosage set by an authority. Therefore, manufacturers have the right to place unofficial doses, which are primarily based on trials and error.
If we consider the average diet, the consumption of Glucuronolactone is as low as 1.2 mg a day. By drinking a 250 ml bottle of a particular energy drink, you can easily consume500 or 600 mg of Glucuronolactone.
Please keep in mind that natural sources may not always be safe and their correct dosage is crucial. Consult your physician or healthcare professional, who can suggest a proper dosage according to your age, needs, and other specifications.

Or you also go through the product labels if you are taking a supplement.

Special Precautions

No specific studies show that pregnant, breastfeeding women and children can have severe or mild complications. Therefore, we have no idea whether this compound is completely safe for them or not.

So, it is better to stick to food sources to consume this compound on the safer side.


Most of us may not have heard the name Glucuronolactone, but we have been consuming it with our energy drinks or pre-workout drinks. As it is believed to help enhance performance levels, it is a common ingredient in such drinks.

In addition, it is essential for detox processes and helps to flush out toxins.

More clinical studies will give a clear picture of the effect of Glucuronolactone in our bodies. But, until then, we can enjoy its benefits occasionally through our popular energy drinks.

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