TrainingHow To Build Muscles Fast For Skinny Guys

How To Build Muscles Fast For Skinny Guys

Muscle Building Myths That You Need To Stop Believing If You Want To Build Muscles Fast

Looking to build muscles fast? Are you a skinny guy? Struggling with the long hours of working out and still not getting enough results? Well, then my friend, there can be simple things that can be holding you back. Yes, you have heard it right.

Despite of giving your best in the gym, there can be a number of things that either, you are not doing or you are doing things that are not worth your time. So, we have covered some of the myths and the facts that you can need to know in order to build like a real athlete.

Check them out and start making gains during your gym sessions again.

Top 7 Bodybuilding Myths & the Truth Behind Them

As a matter of fact, when it comes to body and muscle building, there are many things that are pointless but people continue to believe them. From nutrition to training, we have covered 7 myths that are not scientifically backed up regarding muscle building.

Build Muscles Fast

#1, Spot Reduction is a Thing

You always hear of the “Spot Reduction” thing in the gym. That term is used for the training to reduce amount of fats in the certain areas of the body.

However, the truth is, Spot Reduction is a total myth. A number of experiments and experts have proven the fact that targeting fat in trouble areas never works. You can only strengthen a specific muscle or muscle groups but can’t reduce the fat around that muscle.

This was suggested by concluding that the dominant arm from a tennis player has the same amount of fat as that of the non-dominant one. The experts then suggested that specific muscle can surely be defined using the spot toning technique.

#2, What You Eat Doesn’t Matter As Long As You Are Training

It is a common thing that we mostly hear during the training that you can eat anything if you are burning enough calories. However, this is total pointless as controlled and balanced diet is necessary whether you are working out or not.

As a matter of fact, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and that is the reason you need to focus on the balanced diet with the enough macronutrients from all the food groups from food guide pyramid.

This means, you need to have proper amount of carbs, proteins and fats along with the fibers in your diet, even if you are training in the gym.

#3, Dietary Fats Make You Fat

Many people are on the notion that eating fats make you fat. But the truth here is that, if you are a healthy person, eating a reasonable amount of good fats are actually good for losing weight and gaining muscles. The good fats are the ones that comes from plant sources and are paired up with lean meat.

This all works to make you feel full, fights off cravings and eliminates frequent hunger pangs. So you can easily add nuts, fatty fish and seeds in your diet to achieve that perfect body that you always wanted.

#4, Vegetables Are Not For Muscle Building

This is the most common myth that we hear almost in every gym that you can’t make muscles with veggies. The fact here is that vegetables help in building muscles. They are slow in digestion, are filled with necessary minerals and vitamins that aids in muscle building.

So if you are avoiding veggies just because of this myth, it is the time to fill up your bowl with lots of greens and salads to help you build like never before.

Build Muscles Fast For Skinny Guys

#5, Muscle Cramps Mark Effectiveness of a Training Session

Well, if you believe in “No Pains, No Gains”, then my dear friend, you are in loss. Even though this phrase works in the normal life, but not in the muscle building. As a matter of fact, soreness in muscles develops as a result of body adaptability to repeat the same activity. This soreness fades away with the time. And it returns when a new muscle is trained.

So measuring your muscle soreness as the effectiveness of the gym session is not a good idea. You can even get results when your muscles are not sore.

#6, Prefer Weight Training Over Cardio

Weight training is the most preferred thing among the athletes. And if you ask them why, they most probably don’t have any answer. Thankfully Japanese research has proven the fact that cardio plus weight training is the best way to build muscles fast as well as to remove the fat from the body.

When you do cardio, it accelerates the fat metabolism and when you do weight training, the growth hormones encourage muscle growth. So combining these two is actually a win – win situation. Isn’t it?

#7, Sleep is for Babies, Not for Tough Bodybuilders

Recovery is the most important thing that comes hand in hand with bodybuilding. If you believe in the myth that sleep is not for muscle builders, then you are living in a dilemma. Sleep is an equal important factor in muscle building, with diet and exercise.

A sound sleep triggers regeneration of muscles, the growth of the muscles and the burning of fat. It also promotes recovery of the wear tear during the long workout sessions.

So if you are not taking good quality sleep, you won’t be able to train enough and just feel tired.

See, building muscles and achieving your dream isn’t impossible. All you need is to get your facts straight, stop believing these myths and be consistent on the right workout. This way, you will be able to get that perfect athletic body that you always dreamt of.




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