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How to Stay Erect for Hours—Performer 8 Review

Performer 8 Review

How to Stay Erect for Hours


Are you no longer capable of satisfying your wife or partner in the bedroom? Or are you wondering how to stay erect for hours? A man must gratify not only his sexual desire but also the lust of his partner. Without this aspect, a relationship is sure to fail or go down the gutter.

But it is inevitable for men to significantly go down their bedroom performance, especially as they begin to age. Although this sex decline is more common in older men, some can experience it in their late middle age.
Consequently, many of them are unable to satisfy their partners as they did it before. This inability to perform well can result in various complications in their relationships. In other words, couples who do not enjoy satisfying sex are considerably prone to breakups.
However, the worst thing this dead-bedroom feeling can do to you is crushing your spirit and self-esteem. After all, no ladies would prefer to spend their entire lives with a man who cannot satisfy them in the bedroom.
Remember, we are not only talking about married men or men who are in a relationship. Who knows, you might be still single because of this bedroom problem.

In desperation, many men blindly opt for pills or supplements, which only bring more side effects to their sex lives. Additionally, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right product to boost your sex stamina with so many options in the market.

If any of these issues highlighted above speaks to you, then this write-up is entirely for you. We are here to solve this bedroom problem for once and for all by introducing you the performer 8.

With this natural supplement, you cannot go wrong with anything. Continue reading if all you want to do is to supercharge your sexual health and keep your relationship prosperous and stronger.

How to Stay Erect for Hours




Performer 8 Male Enhancement Pills at a Glance:

If you do not have the time to go through the entire review, then here is a glance of the performer 8:

  • Natural and science-proven ingredients.
  • It is an effective herbal complex formula.
  • There are no known side effects of this product.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The product contains non-GMO and soy-free ingredients.
  • You do not need a doctor’s prescription to consume this product.
  • There are no subscription charges or any hidden charges.
  • Free shipping.


Performer 8 Review:

If you want to support your manhood naturally, then the performer 8 is what you need. It is a natural supplement introduced initially as a testosterone booster for men.

However, overtimes, the manufacturers have added other natural ingredients after making a comprehensive test and research with the help of experts. So this product is completely free of experiencing any risks while consuming it.

When it comes to the benefits, this product greatly stands out compared to other products. With this product, you can boost the testosterone level and improve your overall bedroom performance, including increased penis size and hardness, longer erection hours, enhanced stamina, and libido.

The performer 8 is also non-GMO and free of soy, which means there is no risk of experiencing a soy allergy when using this product. Besides, each capsule comes with the correct dosage and does not cause any side effects. Hence, you do not need to worry about the safety of this product.

Another essential aspect of the performer 8 is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. It means you can return the product if you do not see any improvement in your sex life. This aspect further makes this supplement highly reliable. Besides, you can use this product as a dietary supplement without a prescription.

Natural Supplements To Last Longer in Bed



How Performer 8 Works?

As a complex formula, the product can work in wonder for you by enhancing your bedroom activity with your partner. It comes with nine essential ingredients and provides the right dose per serving. In this way, it can improve your overall sexual performance.

One of its primary effects comes with the enhancement of erection. The reason is that this product can help to increase nitric oxide in your body, which is essential for proper blood circulation. When your body has adequate blood flow, you can experience a fuller-feeling penis.  Besides, you will also be able to perform various physical tasks with ease.
Another effect comes with your penis length. Many users have noted that there has been an increase in their penis length after using this supplement consistently.
This product also works to boost your libido. The reason is that it has many natural and science-backed ingredients, which perform a supportive role in your overall sexual performance. Many users have noticed an increase in their willingness to perform in the bedroom, thereby increasing their sexual confidence.

These are some essential aspects that make this product highly sought after among men. Besides, you should note that the ingredients are all-natural and clinically proven. So there is no question of experiencing any side effects while consuming it.

Essential Ingredients of Performer 8:

As mentioned, the manufacturers have used nine natural and scientifically proven ingredients in creating this product. Before diving in further, here is a table that summarizes the essential ingredients.


IngredientsDosage per Serving
Muira Puama Extract3000 milligrams
Ashwagandha Extract—KMS66500 milligrams
Ferrous Bisglycinate12 milligrams
Maca Root Extract30 milligrams
Panax Ginseng6000 milligrams
Barrenwort1000 milligrams
Pine Bark Extract300 milligrams
Glucuronolactone600 milligrams
Grape Seed Extract30 milligrams


It is worth noting that performer eight does not contain any artificial ingredients. Besides, it does not have any added stimulants. So you can consume it without having to concern about experiencing side effects.

To help you understand more about these ingredients, here are some more highlights:

Muira Puama Extract (3000 milligrams):

One of the essential ingredients is the Muira Puama, a popular medicinal tree used for centuries. Researchers have suggested the supportive role of Muira Puama in dealing with hormonal imbalance, joint pains, erectile dysfunction, appetite loss, and depression.

A study conducted on 262 men has shown a 62% increase in libido and 51% improvement in erection. With this product, you will get the benefits of 3000 milligrams of Muira Puama in every serving.

Ashwagandha Extract—KMS66 (500 milligrams):

Another essential ingredient of this product is Ashwagandha, which is a popular ingredient for Ayurvedic medicine. There are several benefits of taking Ashwagandha regularly. One of them comes with increased testosterone levels in men.

Another benefit is that it can help to reduce cortisol level, which is a chief stress hormone. It can also enhance the blood supply to your genital area, thereby improving sexual desire and performance.

Besides, some studies have shown that regular consumption of Ashwagandha can prevent erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count. Each dose of this product contains 500 milligrams of Ashwagandha:

Ferrous Bisglycinate (12 milligrams):

This ingredient is a special type of iron that is easily digestible in the body than regular iron. One essential benefit of this ingredient is that it improves oxygen supply and proper blood flow in the body.

Remember, proper blood flow is crucial to keep your penis erected for an extended period and enjoy long-lasting sex. With the performer 8, you will get the benefits of 12 milligrams of Ferrous Bisglycinate per serving.

Maca Root Extract (30 milligrams):

Another essential ingredient of this product comes from Maca Root, a popular aphrodisiac in the medical world. People have used this ingredient to improve sexual desire and stamina for centuries.

Each dose of this product comes with 30 milligrams of Maca Root to ensure more long-lasting and satisfying bedroom activity with your partner.

Panax Ginseng (6000 milligrams):

This ingredient has been significantly popular across different cultural due to its medicinal purposes. Study conduct on 45 men has revealed that regular consumption of ginseng can improve your penetration power, penis stiffness, and erection functions. This product contains 6000 milligrams of Panax Ginseng for every dose.

Barrenwort (1000 milligrams):

Studies have shown that Horny Goat Weed can delay the erection power. The reason is that it can help improve your blood flow around the reproductive organ, thereby giving you firmer erections. With each serving, this product contains 1000 milligrams of Barrenwort.

Pine Bark Extract (300 milligrams):

Another essential ingredient of the performer 8 is the Pine Bark Extract, which comes in 300 milligrams per serving. There are several benefits of taking Pine Bark regularly. A study has shown that men who consume this extract witnessed an improvement in sexual satisfaction by 22%.

This benefit was even more significant for those who have diabetes, which increased by 45%.

Glucuronolactone (600 milligrams):

Glucuronolactone is the latest ingredient the manufacturers have added to this product (1). The benefit of this ingredient is that it protects your blood vessels by reducing oxidative stress. Study conduct on this aspect has shown restoration of blood supply by 40%.

Grape Seed Extract (30 milligrams):

Another essential ingredient that makes this product effective and efficient is the grape seed extract. Studies have shown that regular consumption of grape seed extract can improve nitric oxide levels in the body. This improvement can further enhance the blood supply in your body, thereby giving you a fuller-feeling erection.

How To Increase Sexual Stamina




Benefits of Performer 8:

As the name suggests, this product provides eight essential benefits ranging from improved sexual performance to enhanced self-esteem. The following are some primary benefits of taking this supplement regularly:

Revitalize sexual stamina:

For men, the inability to satisfy women or experience early discharges can be pretty embarrassing. However, with this product, you can avoid these issues. By taking this supplement regularly, you can benefit from better coordination between your body and brain. Besides, it will enable you to satisfy your partner fully.

Strong sexual desire:

Every man will agree to say that sex is less enjoyable when there is no desire. Your low sex desire can make you lose interest in participating in bedroom activities with your partner. However, thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, this product can skyrocket your libido, thereby making sex the best thing for you.

Improve testosterone levels:

Another benefit of this supplement is that it improves your testosterone levels. In case you do not know what testosterone is, it is an essential hormone responsible for maintaining masculine features and a healthy sex life. When your body has low testosterone levels, you can end up moody, sluggish, and anxious. This aspect can further impact your bedroom activity.

However, you can improve your testosterone levels in your body by taking this supplement regularly. Besides, improved testosterone levels can enhance your sexual performance with your partner.

Prevent premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation is another embarrassing issue for men, especially when having sex with your partner for the first time. However, with this product, you do not need to worry about this problem.

By taking this supplement regularly, you can have better control of your ejaculation. Besides, it will ensure that you and your partner cross the end line together.

Harder erection and girth:

This aspect is another essential benefit of taking this supplement regularly. The reason is that this product has clinically-backed ingredients that are crucial for proper blood flow. Remember, you can experience hard erections only when there is a higher blood flow in your genital area.

Improve sexual focus:

It is not uncommon for men to experience distraction before or during sex, especially for men 40 years and above. If you think losing sexual focus is normal, then you are wrong. However, this supplement can improve your sexual focus by improving your mood and reducing your stress levels. Besides, when you have more sexual focus, you will have a healthy desire for sex.

Increase sperm volume and motility:

All men would want to experience a bigger climax to experience more satisfaction. You can achieve this aspect by taking this supplement regularly. The reason is that this product contains science-proven ingredients, which can help increase your concentration, sperm volume, and motility. Besides, many users have reported they experience more intense orgasms after consuming this supplement.

Higher self-esteem and confidence:

When you have achieved all the above-listed benefits, you will have higher self-esteem and confidence in your sexual life. In other words, you will feel better about your sexual performance with your partner.

Additionally, when you can satisfy your partner’s sexual needs, you will experience a long-lasting relationship. Overall, you will feel happy, complete, and satisfied with your life.

Performer 8 - How to Stay Erect for Hours

Pricing and Package of Performer 8:

Before diving further, it is worth noting that you should buy this supplement only from the official website to ensure a genuine product.

Remember, there are several fake variants of this product available in the market. Further, you should note the manufacturers have offered a discount on all orders when writing this review. Hence, the price may fluctuate after some time.

The performer 8 is available in three packages, each with different pricing and savings. The first package is for a month supply, which is available at 64 dollars. The second package is for a two-month supply, and you can get it at 129.99 dollars.

With this package, you will receive a bottle free of cost. However, you can make the biggest saving by choosing the third package, which costs 194.99 dollars and comes with a three-month supply. Here, you will get a free three-month supply.

The following table summarizes the pricing and package of the performer 8:


PackageActual PriceCurrent PriceNo. Of Capsules
Month Supply74.99 dollars64.99 dollars90 capsules
Two-Month Supply224.97 dollars129.99 dollars270 capsules
Three-Month Supply389.94 dollars194.99 dollars540 capsules


Additionally, each package comes with free e-books, which you can use to learn more about improving your bedroom performance. Here is a glance at the information provided in the e-books:

  • You will learn essential tips on making your bedroom activity more memorable and entertaining.
  • It also provides home practices on increasing your penis size.
  • The e-books also highlight the types of food to eat and those to avoid.
  • You will also learn about the mistakes that can damage your erections.

Return Policy of Performer 8:

Another essential aspect of the performer 8 is that each order comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This additional bonus only shows that the company is confident with its performer 8, thereby making it a reliable and trustable supplement. So this product is something you can rely on as many competitors do not provide this bonus.

If you consider other similar products, you will find that many do not offer a timeless money-back guarantee. So this aspect is a huge bonus provided by manufacturers to their users.
This bonus means that the company is ready to refund even after the users finish the supplement. If you are doubtful about the product or do not see any practical results, you can return the product and get your money back.
Once you opt for the return policy, the company will ask for your details, such as payment information, order number, and date of order. In this way, they can confirm your purchase in their sales records and start with the refund process. Besides, the company will not question why you have opted for the return policy.

However, if you want to enjoy this bonus, we recommend buying the product from the official website. Remember, the 100% money-back guarantee is functional only when you buy from the official link.

Are there major side effects?—Essential Tips to Take into Consideration:

As mentioned, there are no major side effects of this product. The reason is that it uses only natural and science-backed ingredients. The manufacturers have also offered a 100% money-back guarantee, which means they are confident about their product.

Additionally, they carried a clinical trial on a group of men to check the effectiveness and efficiency of the supplement. These men received the usual dosage consistently for six months, and no one experienced any significant side effects. Nevertheless, some men who received high doses experienced slight headaches.

Of course, this product is suitable for middle and older men experiencing poor bedroom performance. However, there are some essential things that you should keep in mind concerning this product.

Firstly, you should note that this supplement is specifically for men, which means it is not suitable for the opposite sex.

Secondly, this product targets to improve your low sexual performance, such as low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, low erection, etc. However, if you are in your 20s and experiencing these issues, it might be due to underlying medical conditions. Hence, it would be best to seek a doctor who can better help you diagnose all potential causes.

Additionally, if these sexual issues are due to a disease, you would require medication and not a supplement. The bottom line is to follow what your doctor says.

Another essential tip to remember relates to underage users. If you are below 18 years, then you should avoid this product. Remember, this supplement is not safe for women, children, and people suffering from major health issues.

Finally, it would be best if you also considered the aspect of daily dosage. It will help if you follow the recommended dosage unless you want undesirable side effects. Besides, if you are alcohol users, then you should avoid this supplement by all means. We recommend not mixing this product with medications, such as sleeping pills, antidepressants, and hormonal pills.

Conclusion—Finally Verdict:

To sum up, low sexual desire or inability to stay erect for hours is common for many men. When you experience these kinds of complications, it is hard to maintain a healthy and prosperous relationship with your partner.

After all, no woman would like to spend their entire life with a man who has problems with bedroom performance.

However, with the product reviewed above, you cannot go wrong with anything. It targets all sex performance issues, ranging from increased erection hardness and girth to improved sexual stamina and focus. Besides, the manufacturers have used only natural and science-proven ingredients with the performer 8. So there will be no side effects when taking this supplement.

Although the product is relatively pricey, the benefits you get from this supplement will be worth the cost. Currently, the company has offered attractive discounts with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So if your primary concern is about improving your sexual life with your partner, then we say, grab this supplement (2).



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