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How To Increase Penile Length And Girth

The Top 3 Penis Extenders to Increase Penile Length

Penis extenders are devices used to increase the size of the penis in length and girth. There are many penis extenders that exist in the market. Some people call them penus extenders or Increase Penile Lengthpenise extenders, depending on where they are from.  However, this article is about the top three extenders, namely Jes Extender, SizeGenetics and MaleEdge.

Jes Extender

This is an enlargement device which is used to enlarge the size of the penis in length and girth. It is also used when treating penile curvature, which is an abnormal bending of the penis when it is erect.

In a study done at the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, there is proof that it enables a 30% increase of the penis size in the people who undertook the test.

This device works in a process called cytokinesis 1  whereby the body divide and multiply cells when tissues are stretched for a long time leading to new growth.

It is a pain free treatment which is easy to use and comfortable. It’s adjustable and therefore can accommodate any penis length and girth 2 . It can be worn anytime as long as one doesn’t make a lot of movements.


This penis enlargement device also utilizes traction to work like Jes extender, to make the penis larger. It contains an advanced comfort system which allows the user to quickly and easily customize the device and wear it in the most comfortable way for them. The device works by slowly stretching the tissue cells , leading to cells dividing and multiplying overtime, which in turn leads to the enlargement of the penis.

Male Edge

This device works through traction method too. It is manufactured by DanaLife , which is a spin-off of the company that manufactures Jes Extender penis enlargement device. Although it works the same as Jes extender, it was produced after it and therefore prone to be more developed.

Their prices are also reasonable. However, they don’t offer free shipping and since it is new in the market, it has not been there for long enough for a customer to see how safe and effective it will be when used over a long period of time. Unlike most of the other penis extenders, it is made of strong plastic making it lighter.


Although all the above penis extenders are made by different companies, they work using the same process. they are all natural remedies which help the user grow the size of his penis without undergoing surgery.

They are also used by men who suffer from the peyronie’s disease to correct it. They may not be cheap and work as fast as the chemically ones but they sure work at the end and do not have any side effects.