Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Review


Upper Body Workout Bar – Review

It is healthy to make a habit of going to the gym and work on your fitness. Workout freaks usually go to the gym to train the upper part of the body.

But what if the gym’s too far? What if the gym’s too expensive? Or what if your schedule is too tight?

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is here to turn the tables entirely. With this workout bar, you can carry out upper body exercises at the comfort of your home, offices, etc.

Further on, we will discuss the features and details regarding this upper body workout gear.

About the product:

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a multifunctional strength training product of Iron Gym. Iron Gym is a U.S. based brand known worldwide for multifunctional and convenient home workout equipment.

This gear can attach to the door frames with no trouble. It is ideal for constructive training of the upper body. With this gear, powerful multiple exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, abdominal work, etc. can be carried out.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Review



Aspects of the gear:

  • You can fit the equipment to door frames having a width from 24 inches up to 32 inches.
  • The handles have pro-quality foam grips for comfort.
  • The gear can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • The material used to make the equipment is heavy-duty construction steel.
  • The packaging dimensions of the unit are 50.8 x 8.25 x 20.32 cm.

Now, let us analyze the pros and cons of the upper body workout gear.

Benefits of the product:

  1. The gear design ensures that the user can install it in almost every door frame. Thus, enabling the user to convert the space into a personal gym conveniently.
  2. The strong and sturdy bars ensure stability and safety to the users.
  3. The design provides it with three different grip positions, i.e., narrow grip, medium grip, and wide grip. With this advantage, one can target different muscle groups with respect to the grip position taken up.
  4. The equipment is light in weight, portable, and one can store it in small spaces.
  5. It utilizes leverage to grasp against the door frame. Hence, it takes only a few seconds to install, as well as to remove the gear.
  6. With no requiring of screws for the installation, it does not inflict damage on the supporting door frame.
  7. One can use it as a piece of ideal equipment for ground exercises -for example, push-ups, dips, crunches, etc. The extended wide grip enables one to perform challenging wide push-ups.

Drawbacks of the product:

  1. With use over time, the surfaces on which the bar padding rests may get scarred. The user will have to stuff an extra pad or a thick piece of cloth to cushion the contact and minimize damage.
  2. The condition of the foam padding on the bars may deteriorate and break up with use over time. A superior quality of the grip foam could substantially improve its overall performance.
  3. The top horizontal bar which rests against the wall, above the door frame, could discolor the wall. The user will have to stuff a thick piece of cloth in between to avoid direct contact and minimize the damage.
  4. It could pose difficulty to the user in the installation of the gear for door frames with very thick walls.
  5. On purchase of the product, the sellers do not provide proper assembly tools or guides.
  6. The user can accommodate the equipment only on door frames with a width of 24 – 32 inches. Hence, one cannot use it on doorways with a lesser or greater width than the given measurements.


This gear is one of the most popular versatile upper body workout bars in the fitness market. After analyzing the details thoroughly, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of the equipment. Thus, it is safe to regard the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar as an effective body strengthening tool. With excellent durability and design, it is a product that performs as advertised.

It is most suitable for those fitness enthusiasts facing problems going to the gym. You can now get shredded without leaving your comfort zones. You could also move it around freely without permanently fastening it to anything.


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