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Jes Extender The Best Penis Stretcher

jes extender

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Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender penis stretcher is a medical device that is employed in enlarging the penis length and increasing the girth. This FDA approved device is used in treating Peyronie’s disease 1 as well as penile curvature.

This stretcher is classified as a medical device. Initially JesExtender penis stretcher was designed to correct the penis curvature; however, results showed that it not only corrects the curvature, but it also increases the penis length and its thickness.

How It Works

This device is designed to be worn under clothing. A person puts his un-erected penis into the device, change the settings depending on his comfort. It ought to be comfortable; not too lax or too tight either. It ought to be worn for 4 – 8 hours day

This device functions using the rules of mechanical traction and mitosis. These rules have been tested and verified by doctors in various applications such as bone elongation or treatment of burn victims.

While the skin is widened on the sides and forward, the tissues in the penis along with penile chambers where blood is stored is broadened as well. With each stretch comes an increase in penis girth and length.

Jes Extender Review

Main Parts

Jes Extender penis stretcher features four main parts. There is the basal ring which encircles the base of the penis; two spring loaded arms connected to the base. Arms can be enlarged to increase the length of the device. There is a unique molded support as well as an adjustable silicon tube to clasp the tip of the penis during traction.

The devices have additional features for comfortability. There is a custom Velcro strap accessory to secure the penis from the extender. Protection pad is incorporated to offer more comfort and fit. A comfort strap is also incorporated along with various sizes of elongation bars.


It can be used anywhere be it work or home. One can just wear it under their clothes – It is flexible – Increases the penis size permanently It can correct cases like impotence, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation – It offers fast results if used consistently – Designed for all penis sizes – Increases both the length and the girth – No medical complications – It is FDA approved

Complete Kit

The package comes with all the parts needed. Besides if one misplaces some parts, they are easily available. Also, there is a variety of choices to choose from depending on your financial muscle. However, all of the packages work in enhancing the penis length.

Fast and Effective Results

Even though the results varies depending on various factors like a person’s age, state of health or rate of use, one can be certain to see the results.

It has been proven that this device can increase the penis length up to 44% and the girth by about 30% but of course with frequent and proper usage. This is a very significant increase for those who are in dire need of increasing their penile length. The results are also long lasting.

Medically Approved and No Risks

Jes Extender penis stretcher functions safely without any risks associated with other methods like surgery for example.

Besides, in addition to increasing the length and girth, it also treats medical conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease, penile curvature, premature ejaculation, and impotence.

Jes Extender penis stretcher has been tested and approved by scientists and medical professional and has been successfully employed for many years.

Based on the medical evidence, it is certain that Jes Extender penis stretcher works. Men who want a confident manhood can do so with this revolutionary device.