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Nicotinamide Riboside Health Benefits

Nicotinamide Riboside Health Benefits


With more awareness for health, beauty, and well-being, more and more people are willing to invest time and money in these.

Anti-aging industry has been creating a boom in recent years. And that does not only pertain to anti-aging beauty products but includes anti-aging boosters and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Most of the anti-aging products are the ones that target the outer appearance. But, with advanced research and findings, there are now supplements that target the anti-aging cells at the molecular level. One such anti-aging supplement compound is the Nicotinamide Riboside.

What is so special about Nicotinamide Riboside? What are the health benefits of Nicotinamide Riboside in the human body? If you are just as curious, read on to find out.

What is Nicotinamide Riboside? 

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a naturally occurring vitamin that belongs to the Vitamin B3, Niacin (N3) family. NR is like an alternative for Vitamin B3.

The synthetic and commercial name for Nicotinamide Riboside is Niagen.

In food, NR is usually available in trace amounts. The content of Nicotinamide Riboside is higher in foods like milk, vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Niacin (N3) is a staple and crucial part of our everyday standard multivitamin requirement. Its deficiency can cause dietary deficiency diseases in humans.

One interesting fact here is that the discovery of the N3 vitamin dates back to history. A dietary deficiency disease called Pellagra hit across South America and caused its effect to be widespread.

It was only in 1926 when Dr. Joseph Goldberger found that the reason for Pellegra symptoms was the deficiency of Vitamin B3. Henceforth, Niacin officially made it to the list of vital daily micronutrient supplements.

Nicotinamide Riboside Health Benefits

What does Nicotinamide Riboside do for you? 

The discovery of NR was during the late 1940s as a form of Niacin (vitamin B3). However, some views consider Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) as the next generation of vitamin B3.

Post the year 2000, Nicotinamide Riboside has been catching up on the popularity and research studies. NR is seen as a potential therapeutic option and as a supplement compound of interest. The reason is that Scientists have had crucial findings of NR at the molecular level.

Here are some potential benefits to your overall health with the intake of Nicotinamide Riboside –


One of the most popular and rising interests in Nicotinamide Riboside is its possible potential for enhancing anti-aging factors in humans.

While most anti-aging products cater to outward appearance and factors, there is a bonus with the intake of NR. Nicotinamide Riboside works at the molecular level of the body. Thus, it gives results that are more effective.

Neurodegenerative, Cognitive, and Cardiovascular diseases

Another great of NR is its potential micronutrient supplement that could cater to the treatment of several diseases.

It includes-

  • NR improves the treatment of Neurodegenerative and other cognitive diseases, namely Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • NR can help combat ailments related to aging and the risks of high cholesterol that causes cardiovascular diseases.

Obesity, weight loss, Asthma and Diabetes

Studies on animals have shown that NR plays a massive role in overall glucose tolerance and improved insulin levels. Both of which are vital factors in the treatment of diabetes.

Treatment of obesity with NR by inducing and enhancing weight loss is a potential benefit to the body.

And although the Asthma treatment potential of NR is not specific, there is a link between obesity and asthma. That is because – one crucial obstruction with the treatment of Asthma is Obesity.

No side-effects

Niacin (vitamin B3) is an essential multivitamin in our daily nutrient intake. However, there is one drawback with its consumption. Moreover, if there is an excess of Niacin consumption, it tends to cause side effects to the body known as the Niacin flush effect.

However, the intake of NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) does not cause any severe side effects.

What is the relationship between Nicotinamide Riboside and NAD+?

Did you know that all of those potential benefits that you read above have to do with NAD+? Now, what is NAD+? And what is the link between NAD+ and Nicotinamide Riboside? Let us find out.

NAD+ is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD+ is an essential coenzyme that is present in every cell of our body. It plays a huge role in several metabolic pathways, which becomes a potential treatment channel for many pathophysiological ailments.

Some of the salient roles that NAD+ plays in our body –

  • One of the most crucial benefits of NAD+ is reversing the process of aging. It means that NAD+ role is to turn off the genes in the body that accelerates the process of aging in the body.
  • NAD+ plays a dominant role in converting food into energy, supplementing the body with the daily energy requirements.
  • It helps in the protection of tissues and in repairing damaged DNA present in the body.
  • NAD+ fortifies the overall defense system of your cells.

The link between Nicotinamide Riboside and NAD+

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a precursor in the biosynthesis of NAD+. It means, with the intake of NR, your body automatically converts it into NAD+.

We now know that NAD+ is a crucial Coenzyme that partakes in several cellular functions. Therefore, the increase in levels of NAD+ adds to the enhancement of the overall bodily functions.

There is another aspect about the requirement of NR in the body for NAD+. The level of NAD+ depletes with age. The lower levels of NAD+ links to many health ailments, as stated in the earlier sections of this article.

The potential role of NR, here, is to boost the levels of NAD+ in the body. Exploring this aspect of enhancing NAD+ levels in the body using NR, a synthetic form of NR is now available. Commercially, synthetic NR goes by the name Niagen.

Nicotinamide Riboside Health Benefits

What is the difference between niacinamide and nicotinamide Riboside? 

There is much confusion between Niacinamide and Nicotinamide Riboside. Both Niacinamide and Nicotinamide Riboside are forms of Vitamin B3, Niacin. However, there are prime differences between the functions and forms.

Let us find out the crucial differences between Niacinamide and Nicotinamide Riboside –

  1. Niacin (Vitamin B3), on ingestion, our body readily converts it into Niacinamide. However, the conversion of Niacinamide into Niacin is impossible. Niacinamide (Nam) is more commonly known as Nicotinamide.

Whereas, Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a form of the Vitamin B3, Niacin. Although both Nam and NR are forms of Niacin, they differ in their molecular structure.

  1. The indispensable role of Niacinamide/Nicotinamide involves that of skin health – like acne. It balances out any inflammation caused by the overactive immune response in the skin.

Nicotinamide Riboside acts as a primary precursor for the biosynthesis of NAD+. Thus, NR plays the fundamental role of curbing signs of aging in humans.

Can NAD+ reverse aging? 

NAD+ plays a central role as a cellular electron transporter, vital for most cell functions and metabolic pathways.

Over time, with age, the level of NAD+ starts to deplete. Simultaneously, it slows down mitochondrial function, which results in a lesser number of surviving mitochondrial cells. It, in turn, reflects in the overall performance of active cells resulting in signs of aging – both mentally and physically.

A study showed the effects of NAD+ and its metabolism with age. The study concluded that the principal contribution to age-associated changes and oxidative stress had a direct co-relation with NAD+. In addition, there was a depletion of NAD+ levels starting from the age of 45.

Hence, NAD+ cannot reverse aging on its own. But under correct dosage, supplementing the body with precursors of NAD+ can contribute to slowing down the signs of aging.

What is the best NAD booster? 

Our best pick – Nicotinamide Riboside by TRU NIAGEN

We are now aware and have in-depth knowledge about the positive benefits of Nicotinamide Riboside to our bodies.

You may want to find and try out the best NR supplement for yourself. So here is our top pick – Nicotinamide Riboside by TruNiagen.

Let us find out why we have picked them from among the rest of the NR products available in the market.

About Nicotinamide Riboside by TruNiagen

TruNiagen is a Nicotinamide Riboside supplementary product based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Its parent company, ChromaDex, is a leading company with a host of researchers and developers.

Dr. Charles Brenner’s dedicated research helped discover the specific role of Nicotinamide Riboside in boosting NAD+ in 2004. It, in turn, leads to the formation of the company.

In 2013 – the launch of TruNiagen as a full-body supernutrient for Nicotinamide Riboside supplement.

What is the best NAD booster? 


Key highlights of Nicotinamide Riboside by TruNiagen

  • Boost NAD+

TruNiagen helps in boosting the level of NAD+ in the body. It, in turn, helps your body cope and reduce the effects of aging at the cellular level.

With better cellular metabolism, the body results in quicker energy renewal and better recovery from every day wear and tear.

In addition, it helps fight the daily stressors on our body, resulting in more lasting energy.

  • It helps maintain a healthy heart 

With age, cardiovascular diseases become a common occurrence.

Say hello to maintain a healthy beating heart with TruNiagen. That said, an equal effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with the intake of TruNiagen goes hand in hand.

  • Promotes Cellular Health

The overall resilience and normal functioning of your cells have a lot to do with your NAD+. Age and stressors play a crucial role in lowering NAD+ in healthy cells. TruNiagen helps elevate your NAD+ levels serves as a safe and result-oriented option.

The overall improvement in your cellular health will directly show in your day-to-day activities, stamina, strength, and performance.

  • Effective results

One of the most promising factors about TruNiagen is the generation of efficient and effective results.

The published clinical papers prove that the amount or level of NAD+ increased at the approximate range of 40-50%. Thus, a positive result is something you can expect after or during the 8th week of starting the TruNiagen course of intake.

Product Packaging and Where to find?

TruNiagen comes in three different sizes, varying in capsule content

Capsules – it comes in 30/ 90 / 120 capsules per bottle packaging.

For those who do not prefer capsules, there are stick packs for TruNiagen too. You can mix it with water or your favorite beverage.

You can purchase the product directly from the official TruNiagen website, directly from the company – ChromaDex, or from the Amazon shopping site.

What do we love about TruNiagen as an NR supplement product?

  • Trustworthy Company 

With dozens of peer-reviewed clinical study published papers and approval from major regulatory bodies, TruNiagen is a trusted product. World-renowned and Noble Prize-winning scientists and researchers also back it.

  • Scientifically proven

There are clinical and scientific proofs that claim that TruNiagen increases the NAD+ in your body.

TruNiagen has hundreds of proven materials – clinical research, patents, collaborative research, preclinical studies, and published clinical studies involving humans.

Currently, there are over a dozen registered studies involving the co-relation of TruNiagen on humans.

  • Safe product

The last thing you would want for yourself is to consume a product/supplement that claims to be safe but without any substantial evidence/backup.

With TruNiagen, safety is of prime priority. Based on the published clinical studies and evidence, TruNiagen is free from any adverse side effects on its consumption.

FDA (Food and Drugs notified the formulation of TruNiagen as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe). FDA has listed TruNiagen in its New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) program.

Dosage guide for TruNiagen

The recommended dosage for TruNiagen is 300mg/day.

You will find the whole science and clinical studies being the 300mg/day dosage here.

  • You can have two capsules daily at one go along with a glass of water.
  • It is not suitable for anyone below the age of 18.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid its intake.

Final thoughts 

Boosting NAD+ levels is almost a requisite step with the coming of age.

Moreover, the lowering NAD+ levels in the body cause several ailments and diseases over time.

Thanks to intensive research and resultant innovative supplements in the form of Nicotinamide Riboside. The assurance of safety, proven results, and the multitude of health benefits it offers is hard to ignore.

With the options of NR boosters like TruNiagen, boosting NAD+ levels is just s capsule away. In addition, the clinically proven results, quality assurance, and effective results are something worth giving a try.

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