Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins – Review – Do You Need Them?


Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins is a product intended to give the body a boast of nutrients. It is particularly suited for individuals who lead an active lifestyle.

Target users include bodybuilders, athletes or any other active individual. The human body requires a substantial supply of multivitamins to function properly. Multivitamins not only assist in burning calories, but also improve the body’s immunity.

Product Description

The bottle measures 5.1 by 3.1 by 3.1 inches and weighs approximately 9.6 ounces. The pack contains 90,150 or 180 multivitamin tablets which have been reformulated with 1,500 IU of Riboflavin (Vitamin D). It Originates from the USA.

The tablets have a sour taste when placed on the tongue. The recommended dosage is 3 tablets: One in the morning, one at noon and another in the evening.

Optimum Nutrition




Main Ingredients

Opti-Men can be described as a fully optimized nutritional system. The product comprises of over 75 active ingredients that come in 5 performance blends to cater for various nutritional needs of active men. The performance blends are as follows:

  • Amino Blend: – Comprises of 8 free-form acids which include Glutamine, Arginine, BCAAs and more. They help in growth and development of lean muscles.
  • Viri Blend:-Consists of 8 exotic marine as well as botanical concentrates. They help improve the male edge.
  • Phyto Blend:-Has more than 20 antioxidants derived from vegetable and fruit concentrates. This helps in dealing with free radicals.
  • Enzy Blend: – Consists of 4 special enzymes that improve absorption and digestion of nutrients.
  • Comprehensive Blend: – Has 25 essential minerals and vitamins with vitamin B and antioxidants being the most abundant.

The Good

  • The average sized tablets are easy to swallow
  • The product is quite affordable
  • Broad selection: 5 Blends which come in the 90, 150 and 180 tablet packs
  • Friendly pack: a 180 tablet bottle can last for 2 months
  • Fast acting
  • Nice smell


The Bad

  • Urine turns to neon yellow after consuming the pills
  • They leave a sour taste on the tongue

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Opti-Men multivitamin has proven to be quite effective. This can be observed from the positive reviews which far exceed the negative opinions. However, it is recommended not to take the tablets on an empty stomach.

Users have complained of stomach irritation or upsets. The best way is to take the tablets after having taken a meal. In addition, drinking lots of water is also appropriate. Anyone looking to give his body a boost of multivitamins will certainly appreciate Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins.


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