Male Enhancement ProductsBest Pills For Keeping You Hard Longer

Best Pills For Keeping You Hard Longer

Best Over The Counter Hard On Pills

Opinions and Results

Most women measure a men’s masculinity by how big his penis is or how well he performs in bed. They like it when their partner knows how to take them to the pinnacle of pleasure every time they have sex.

That is why more and more men are using over the counter hard on pills to make sure that they satisfy their woman.

OTC hard on pills have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by the manufacturers before finally introducing them in the market. We review the best hard on pills.


#1 Max Performer – Pills For Keeping You Hard Longer

Are your sexual performance problems preventing you from attaining new levels of enjoyment? Does your lack of stamina, erection size, and low confidence prevent you from getting into new relationships? Well, you don’t have to worry, you are not alone.

Since men from all over the world suffer from this, you don’t have to let it impact on your confidence.

Thankfully, Max Performer, a male enhancement supplement can help you regain your confidence and libido within a very short time.

First introduced in 2015, it is increasingly gaining traction as one of the best male enhancement pills that uses natural ingredients to deliver improved sexual results.

While Its initial aim was to produce harder and bigger erections and high cravings, it now focuses on generating positive stamina that can prolong your orgasms. It claims to provide many benefits including :

• Increased sex drive
• Harder and bigger erections
• Higher levels of stamina
• Increased sexual performance
• Intense and stronger orgasm

Since Max Performer enhances the release of dopamine, a chemical that regulates the pleasure that we usually feel, its ingestion increases our sexual desire. Due to this effect, it makes people feel content and happy.

It’s also one of the best over the counter hard on pills that facilitates a better foreplay. This supplement generally works by utilizing 100% effective and natural formula to help improve your sex life. By using its ingredients, it’s able to help improve the sexual health of men.

Over The Counter Hard On Pills




Ingredients of These Over The Counter Hard On Pills

Horny Goat weed- As a herbal supplement that has been used for several years, horny goat weed has been used as an ingredient in many male enhancement supplements due to its ability to boost libido. It uses an active ingredient known as icariin to help boost blood flow to the penis

Zinc- Zinc can help boost sperm production and help speed up cell recovery.

Maca Root- As a powerful and popular aphrodisiac, the Maca root has been very beneficial for men who have issues with their fertility and libido. It has been able to provide improvements in strength, stamina and endurance in many men. Besides, it helps to balance hormone levels and boost sperm count.

Selenium- Since Selenium is an antioxidant, it can help reduce oxidative stress thereby allowing an increase of blood flow to your genitals (1).

Red Ginseng- As an extremely prevalent and popular herb, Ginseng has been used all over the world. It has the ability to elevate your moods, increase energy levels, and boost your concentration. While relieving you on anxiety, it’s able to improve your focus during sex.

Bioperine- This interesting natural ingredient can help your body to enjoy the rewards of other ingredients that it has been paired with.

Cordyceps- This is basically a mushroom extract that’s used to boost the availability of other nutrients to the body. By promoting oxygen intake, it facilitates rapid cell communication. According to studies, it’s also capable of producing more intense and stronger erections.


big dick pills





Does It Work?

As compared to other over the counter hard on pills, Max Performer works perfectly well. It has been reported to produce results for all users without any serious side effects. In fact, if you visit their website you will find some customers’ review that are not only convincing but also professional.


It does not have any serious side effects.
It’s been manufactured using pure natural ingredients.
As compared to other over the counter hard on pills, it gives you incredible results. If you are looking for pills for keeping you hard longer then it’s the best.
The company offers free worldwide shipping.
It provides a 100 day money back guarantee.
They have great reviews across the board.


It can take time to start working
You must take it daily. Since it’s not an instant solution, you must be ready to take it daily.

Where To Buy Over The Counter Hard On Pills

As a consumer, you should be aware that this supplement is not readily available as other options. The best place to purchase it is their official website. Since the company provides free shipping worldwide you will not incur any additional costs. Basically, a one month supply is $70, three month supply is $138 and a six month supply is $200.

Max Performer


The bottom line is that Max Performer is one of the supplements that can help you get back to your youthful days. If you take it consistently, you will not only boost your virility but also improve your sexual ability.

With Max Performer you can make a decision to take your sexual performance to another level. It’s one of the best pills for keeping you hard longer.



#2 Viasil – 100% Natural Male Performance Enhancer

you can take back control of your bedroom and enjoy powerful and strong erections again. But what is Viasil?

Viasil is one of the best hard on pills that will help you regain your confidence, stamina, and prowess in the bedroom again.

Its formulation will provide your body with a combination of increased oxygen supply and energy enhancement. In just a matter of a few weeks, you will have an increased energy and blood flow, boost your endurance and improve your erections.

Basically, these pills to get hard fast support the functionality of your mitochondria and ATP and in turn, boost your nitric oxide production. Increased nitric oxide is often associated with stamina, lasting vitality and the strength to give your partner the enjoyment that they need.

Viasil - 100% Natural Male Performance Enhancer - how to get a harder erection

With This Unique Formulation, You Will Enjoy And Know How To Get A Harder Erection

• Increased sex drive and libido.
• Increased energy level.
• Powerful erections.
• Regular and more intense orgasm.
• Endurance and renewed stamina.
• Confidence and renewed sexual stamina.




How Does It Work?

As compared to other supplements, viasil works in a few unique ways. The main one is by helping our bodies’ ATP and mitochondria functions. This, in turn, boosts the production of nitric oxide which gives you the endurance and the stamina that you need.

It does this by boosting the synergy between ATP and ADP which are the main energy systems.

The most important thing is that it does this in a natural way and the results include an increase in the amount of oxygen and the amount of blood flow. Besides, Viasil also promises to improve your endurance and energy as well.
Moreover, the effects of nitric oxide production improve the blood vessel dilation and vasodilation (2). These results will allow your muscles, organs, and penis to receive more blood.
Basically, these over the counter hard on pills promises to do away with all erectile dysfunction problems that men usually face and you will no longer wonder how to get a harder erection.


Male Performance Enhancer - how to get a harder erection



Pomegranate- Rich in nitrate, this ingredient’s main work is to boost the production of nitric acid in order to ensure that there is quality circulation and the blood vessels are healthier.

Pomegranate is also a very good anti-oxidant. This means it improves the heart functions and the levels of testosterone.

Citrus Sinensis- This ingredient works by blocking proton leakage to mitochondria and boosting its respiration ability. This way, it will enhance ATP production and provide you with the energy that you need. Found within certain oranges, this ingredient is very rich in flavonoids.

Ginkgo Biloba- In recent years, this ingredient has become very popular. As a herb, this ingredient, not only improves vasodilation but also boost the production of nitric oxide. By increasing the circulation of blood in the genital area it consequently raises sexual desire.

Another effect of Ginkgo is its ability to lower anxiety. If you’ve suffered from erectile dysfunction then you know that anxiety is a very big issue. By reducing or removing anxiety, viasil can significantly improve your sex life.


Extract of Panax Ginseng Root- As one of the most popular ingredients, Ginseng is used as an aphrodisiac. However, since it’s very effective in improving the general health it’s also used for many other causes.

For instance, it’s famous for improving sexual performance and reducing stress levels. Its high levels of Ginsenosides help in boosting alertness, focus, sexual desire and endurance. It also has a positive effect on lowering the levels of anxiety.


Tribulus Terrestris- Found in a small plant that has many names depending on the culture, this is a very important ingredient in Viasil. It has been used for a very long time as part of Chinese medicine to boost sex drive and libido.

Some of its other effects include improving the immune system, reducing the blood sugar level and increasing testosterone levels. This normally results in heightened sexual drive and libido.


Zinc- As an element that’s naturally found in the earth, zinc can be found in certain meats and vegetables. Although it’s often neglected and overlooked, this mineral can greatly help in the production of male hormones and regular protein synthesis.

According to a 1996 study, men who suffer from zinc deficiency have a lower amount of testosterone.

This means if you are not getting enough in your diet, Viasil can greatly help you. Zinc can also help in sperm production and cell recovery speed thereby providing you with stronger ejaculation.


Horny Goat Weed- This viasil ingredient is very famous due to its ability to boost your sexual performance. It has a high amount of lacariin.

It normally works by hindering the production of PDE5 thereby boosting the circulation of blood. It also raises your sex drive and boosts the production of the male hormone. Just like Ginseng, this hormone has been used for a very long time.


Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As a very solid product manufactured from pure natural ingredients, Viasil does not have any serious side effects. In addition to testimonials from customers, the results usually speak for themselves.

More so, since it’s manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility, it is a 100% safe. Since potency of each ingredient is marked, you can easily differentiate it from other counterfeit products.


Viasil male enhancer does not have any side effects.
The company provides free next day delivery.
It’s FDA approved.
It’s a 100% natural supplement.
Viasil offers guaranteed results.
It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
The price is pocket-friendly.


The company does not offer free samples
You can only buy it from the company’s official website.

How To Get A Harder Erection

Conclusion – How To Get a Harder Erection

If you’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction and need to know how to get a harder erection, you know that with Viasil, the solution is just within your reach.
As one of the best over the counter hard on pills, You now know how to get a harder erection, Viasil can help you reclaim the sexual prowess that you once enjoyed and transmute your energy.
Since it works well the manufacturers are so confident about it.
If you don’t love the results, the company promises to give you back your money. Overall, with this product, you cannot go wrong. It’s one of the best pills to get hard fast.

#3 MaleExtra Review

Over The Counter Male Enhancement Pills


It’s Unique Ingredients:

Most of these ingredients are used individually for increased blood flow, libido, and sexual enhancement. But they become extremely effective when they are combined. Here is a list of all the ingredients with a brief description.


It is a herbal ingredient famous for increasing the blood flow to the penis thereby enhancing pleasure. It has been used as a libido intensifier since ancient times. This ingredient is commonly found in red meat and fish.

MSM and Pomegranate Extract:

MSM has always been used for treating erectile dysfunction. It is also very important for the health of cells and tissues in the human body. It enhances sexual pleasure when used properly. Pomegranate Extract is another type of natural ingredient that results in a harder and longer lasting erection.

Zinc and L-Methionine (3):

L-Methionine is an amino acid that causes the human body to orgasm faster. Increased intake of this element results in longer sexual pleasure. Zinc is very important for the health production of testosterone.

All these ingredients make Male Extra very effective and safe. You are certain to enjoy long lasting and firm erection if you use it according to instructions.

How Does Male Extra Work:

The contents of Male Extra pills work by accelerating the blood flow which automatically increases the blood flow to the penis.

It results in powerful erection and a penis with increased girth and length. Male Extra should be taken for at least three months. If you are thinking about the faster results, you will be able to see improvements only after a few days.

A large number of users have reported a noticeable improvement in their sexual performance. They also say that it helps them to stay longer in bed and have a harder erection.



#4 Testogen – Testosterone Supplement 

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster that enhances the testosterone levels in men. As men grow old, their testosterone levels diminish and this poses a risk to their physical, mental and sexual health.

Testogen, a natural testosterone supplement, has proven to be the best for the following reasons:

Keeps One Healthy

Testogen provides the necessary nutrients that the body requires to keep off infections and deficiencies. It contains natural vitamins and minerals that are much needed to fight deficiency disorders.

It significantly lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels and this aids in averting cases of heart attack.

No Side effects

Unlike other supplements, Testogen is made from natural ingredients only so it poses no danger to one’s health. Since its introduction, there have never been any claims of side effects lodged by the consumers. It is safe for use by all with guaranteed positive results.

Assists in Weight Loss

Increased testosterone levels usually translate to improved metabolism, which in turn leads to reduced fat levels, notably on the waist and abdominal areas.

For the men struggling with weight loss, Testogen is highly recommended as the natural remedy. Additionally, it helps to build up and strengthen body muscles.

Testosterone Booster





Promotes Mental and Physical Health

Testogen fights tiredness and enhances a positive attitude, which subsequently ensures the mind is relaxed thus reducing the stress levels. It tremendously reduces cases of insomnia and depression.

It keeps one focused and concentration levels high because they are always alert and ready to tackle any tasks, an active mind translates to a happy person, and this certainly impacts on productivity levels.

It increases physical stamina, and one can endure long sessions of physical activities without feeling drained.

Helps Maintain Sexual Stamina

An increase in testosterone ensures that the sexual desires do not diminish with age. Testogen improves the libido, and this promotes a healthy and sensual sex life.


#5 NeoSize XL Pills by BANYER LTD

These are one of the best over the counter hard on pills. The supplement has proved to be very effective and has helped many men to put their bedroom in order. Below is an honest review of this penis enlargement formula.


We all know that many penis enlargement formulas come with GMO ingredients that affect your health negatively after consistent use. This is not the case of NeoSize XL Pills.

The pills come with natural, effective and safe ingredients. These ingredients encourage the growth of your penis. On top of that, the product has ingredients that will increase your sex desires.

More so, this male enhancement supplement comes with ingredients that boost your energy and free testosterone levels. All the ingredients used to make this penis enlargement supplement are checked and the formula is tested by a third party lab for purity and effectiveness.

NeoSize XL Pills




How Does This Formula Work?

NeoSize XL Pills has an effective formula when it comes to penis enlargement. The formula has active ingredients that encourage the expansion of penis filling chamber.

On top of that, this formula has ingredients that promote blood flow in the penis and this leads to an increase in length and girth of the penis filling chamber.

With too much blood flow to the penis and the increase in length and girth of the corpora cavernosa (4), your penis will increase in size. The formula will also give you hard erections that last long. In case of lack of sex desires, the male enhancement pills will boost your desires.

What Are Other Benefits Of These Male Enhancement Pills?

NeoSize XL Pills by BANYER LTD does not only encourage an increase in length and girth of your penis but also comes with other benefits.

The formula will boost your stamina and increase your energy levels. This ensures that you can take your sexual performance to a whole new level.

On top of that, the formula will make you more sensational and that will give you the right pleasure you have always wanted. More so, these male enhancement pills will help you to get your self-esteem back by making you a real man.

How To Use This Product

This male enhancement supplement is easy to use. You just need to take one pill daily or as instructed by your personal doctor. It is advisable to eat well and do some exercises while using these pills for better results. Also, it is advisable not to use more that the recommended dose to avoid complications.

Final Thoughts

Poor erection, lack of sex drive and a small sized dick should not affect your sex performance any more. With NeoSize XL Pills by BANYER LTD, you can get a perfect sized dick that can satisfy your woman fully.

On top of that, these male enhancement pills will help you achieve and maintain hard erection. The formula comes with potent ingredients that will give you results after a few months.

Therefore, get this amazing male enhancement formula and you will not be disappointed.



#6 Hard Headd Horny Goat Weed Extract

Hard-Headd Horny Goat Weed is a sexual enhancement supplement that can take your bedroom performance and skills to a whole new level.

The potent plant-based product is formulated with high-quality ingredients which help to improve libido. Outlined below is a review that highlights its features, ingredients, and benefits.

Key Features

Some of the main features that make this natural sexual enhancer one of the most sought-after supplements include:

Potent Blend

Hard-Headd Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca and Tongkat is made with a blend of organic ingredients that are safe and effective for male sexual enhancement.

The supplement helps to increase natural energy production. Besides that, this blend also regulates hormone production and balance. Generally, Horny Goat Weed is a product that leads to increased levels of stamina which is vital for great sexual performance.

Energy Power Up

The supplement will not only enhance your libido, but it will also power up your body right before you work out. It also helps to eliminate the post-work fatigue by sustaining natural energy production for hours.

Mood Enhancer

In order for you to experience optimal sexual performance, you need to be in the mood. This libido enhancing supplement facilitates the production of feel-good hormones, leading to improved mood. It eases stress and calms anxiety-inducing nerves.


Hard Headd Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca & Tongkat Ali





Safe and Reliable

Horny goat weed supplement contains Tongkat Ali & Maca, all of which are safe for human consumption. Additionally, these ingredients are also effective energy and libido boosters which makes this supplement more reliable.

Suitable for Both Men and Women

This supplement is formulated with premium ingredients that help to enhance blood flow in sexual organs and other body parts. It heightens sexual urge, leading to improved bedroom passion. The male enhancement drug can also be used by women.

Hard-Headd Horny Goat Weed Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed is the main active ingredient that’s used to formulate this libido booster. It contains icariin, a compound that helps to improve erectile function.

Icariin is an aphrodisiac that also relaxes smooth muscles such as those that are found in sexual organs. Other ingredients include:

Maca: this root extract is obtained from a Peruvian plant and it has the ability to increase your libido. Furthermore, it minimizes symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The energy booster leads to improved levels of stamina during intense physical activities.
Tongkat Ali: it’s an alternative medicine that is used to increase the level of testosterone in the body. Tongkat Ali leads to enhanced muscle strength. Besides that, it helps to address issues such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and low libido (5).
Saw Palmetto: it’s a libido enhancer that’s normally used as alternative medicine. Saw Palmetto helps to alleviate stress and reduce inflammations.

Benefits of Hard-Headd Horny Goat Weed with Maca and Tongkat Ali

The male sexual enhancement supplement contains carefully selected ingredients that result in natural libido boost.
Users are guaranteed of better sexual desire, performance, stamina, and energy drive.
Results in hormonal balance
It boosts overall health

Final Thoughts

Just like its name suggests; this sexual enhancer is a hard-Headd supplement. It contains aphrodisiacs which improve libido and reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It’s a safe and natural product that leads to heightened sexual pleasure and long-lasting performance.



#7 Zytax Male Enhancement Pills

Are you feeling so unmotivated lately? Are you losing your sexual drive nowadays?

Once upon a time, you were a beast inside the bedroom. You could make your woman scream and moan in pleasure while going deeper inside her with every thrust and every move.

She could barely make out the words and the only thing she can do is scream your name louder. You once had long nights full of heat, passion, and love.
Where has it all gone now?
Perhaps, the only thing missing in your life is Zytax Male Enhancement Pills. These pills will make your lovemaking intense again.

This product is made of organic ingredients suited to make your erection last longer, improve your desire to make love and multiply your orgasms each night. You will be more alive with this product as it will ensures to lessen your stress and improve your stamina.

Zytax Male Enhancement Pills




Zytax Male Enhancement Pills Ingredients

Zytax Male Enhancement Pills has three ingredients namely L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, and Ginseng.

These three ingredients when combined create an active formula that will satisfy your deepest desires as well as your partners. The first ingredient gives you a higher sexual drive thus increasing your performance in bed with hard erections.

The second ingredient increases the levels of testosterone in your body thus making your love scenes as wet and sweaty as possible. The third ingredient also contributes to harder erections.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, the Pros for this product is evident with your performance in Bed. Your partner will not complain anymore since you just left her breathless and wanting for more.

She might also be too exhausted to ask for another round but you know she does since you have filled her up and given the orgasms that made her think of paradise.

The disadvantage is the unsure side effects that come with it. Also, the manufacturer details are not really given on any website.

Scam or not?

It’s definitely NOT a scam. Many satisfied customers have recommended these miracle male enhancement pills to men who havee been working so hard that they often forget to get it on in bed.

Using these male enhancement pills will make nights with your partner intense. You will not hear any word of complaining ever again since you will be satisfied almost every night. You will feel like a newlywed again. Buy these Zytax Male Enhancement Pills and see if it works for you too!

*Read Customer Testimonials*




#8 Natural XL Male Enhancement Pills Review

If you have been looking to boost your sex drive, we bet that you have heard of Natural XL, an all- natural male enhancement pill which comes with a promise of increasing your penis’ strength, size, and erection.

But, does the supplement live up to its marketing promise? We have scrutinized its ingredients, pros, cons, and side effects to help you solve the puzzle.

Natural XL Ingredients

Natural XL is an all- natural male enhancement pill is prepared from organically cultivated ingredients like:

  • Sarsaparilla root, a natural herb that supports your reproductive health.
  • Muira Puama, an effective libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.
  • L- Arginine, an amino acid which boosts blood circulation to the pelvic area. Also, the amino acid helps blood vessels to relax.
  • Yohimbine bark, a natural stimulant that boosts blood circulation to the pelvic region, more so the penis.
  • Withania Somnifera, an herb that combats fatigue to facilitate longer sexual intercourse.

    How Does The Supplement Work?

The strengthening pills trigger the production of nitric acid, a chemical compound that dilates your penile chambers.

In turn, more blood flows to the penis and the entire pelvic region, thereby giving you a rock- hard erection. Regular use of the penis strengthening pills could increase the length and width of your manhood.

Natural XL Male Enhancement Pills




Natural XL Dosage

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of one pill taken early in the morning or half an hour before intercourse.

You should take the strengthening pill daily if at all you want permanent results.

Natural XL Pros

  • The all-natural male enhancement pills are free of artificial additives, GMO, and other harmful ingredients.
  • The pills are convenient to use as compared to ointments and injections
  • The product is lab- tested for safety and efficacy
  • Delivers stronger orgasms

Natural XL Cons

  • The supplement’s label does not disclose the actual amounts of each ingredient used.
  • Its money back guarantee applies to unopened and unused products

Possible Side Effects

Natural XL’s manufacturer claims that the product is lab tested for safety. However, if you are allergic to any one of its ingredients, we suggest that you consult your doctor before using the male enhancer.


Natural XL is prepared from all- natural ingredients that increase blood circulation to the penis. The increased blood flow gives you a rock- hard erection, and it increases your penis’ length and girth. Unlike some cheap male enhancement products sold out there, Natural XL is safe to use, and its results are permanent.

*Read Customer Testimonials*




#9 Vigrax Male Enhancement Pills Review

The number of men seeking male enhancement pills is on the rise. As a man, nothing can kill your self-esteem than been unable to perform in bed. If you are a man with symptoms of ED, we have a product for you.

Vigrax is a natural male enhancement pill that solves the problems of low libido and erectile dysfunction in men. This supplement is made from herbs, and if you use it, you need not turn to prescription drugs which have side effects.

Viagra is advocated as a dietary supplement, unlike most other impotence remedies that are marketed as prescription drugs. It assists men to gain strong erections and avoid premature ejaculation.

Vigrax Male Enhancement Pills





Vigrax is manufactured by a company that has the same name and registered under Dhamhil corp. The company has other supplements for both men and women addressing various health challenges.

All the products are made from natural herbs, so there is no worry about the side effects. Vigrax is scientifically proved in different studies as an effective redress for erectile



This is an ingredient that is found in other male enhancement pills. L-arginine release nitric oxide in the body, leading to enhanced blood flow to the genitalia. Arginine is a common ingredient for pills used by bodybuilders.

It works in the same way, to raise blood and oxygen concentration in the muscles. L- Arginine is a synthetic derivative of arginine, a non- essential amino acid. Its absorption rate is better than arginine.

Tribulus Terrestris

The plant has been used for ages in the treatment of urinary tract infections, the liver, kidneys, and the prostate gland conditions.

It increases libido and blood circulation, factors essential for sexual health. It has been used in relieving stress and anxiety and enhancing the quality of sleep. As you know, stress and anxiety are among the leading cause of low libido in men.

Ginseng blend

Ginseng has been used traditionally in many parts of the world in treating impotence. It works by enhancing blood flow in different parts of the body.

In this way, it promotes strong penile erections.


The daily recommended dosage is two capsules per day. One pack of vigrax has 60 pills.

Daily intake enables the blood levels of the ingredients to remain stable, so guaranteeing you both sexual and physical energy needed for a fulfilling sexual experience.


Manufactured from natural herbs

No known side effects

It has a positive impact on the blood circulatory system in the body.

Increases sexual drive and libido


You take the supplements daily for better performance

It may lower blood pressure, individuals with low blood pressure and those with high blood pressure are advised not to take the pill.

Final word

Vigrax is a male enhancement supplement that has drawn many positive reviews on its ability to help men with erectile dysfunction enjoys longer and stronger erections.

If you have this problem 2 capsules of vigrax will help you regain your sexual stamina, restore your self-esteem and satisfy your partner in bed.

*Read Customer Testimonials*




#10 Xtrasize Male Enhancement Pills

The XtraSize male enhancement pills are male supplements whose main aim is to enlarge the penis.

The XtraSize pills add up to 3 inches to the normal size of the penis. The change in size is not just for a while but for life a lifetime. It means, your penis will never reduce in size forever. The supplements increase the size and the girth of your penis to a greater size.

How XtraSize Functions

The XtraSize male enhancement pills improve the flow of blood in the entire body. In addition, the pills work on the corpus cavernous.

The corpuses cavernous are chambers that are found in the penis, which are rushed with blood in an erection.

The pills raise the absorbency of the corpus cavernous consenting it to receive more blood, which makes the erection bigger. The rule of XtraSize pills is that you should take one every morning after breakfast.

The physical results will begin to show after two months. By the time, you are hitting the sixth month, your penis will already have grown 3 inches taller. After six months, the results become permanent.

Xtrasize Male Enhancement Pills




XtraSize Pills Ingredients

The XtraSize male enhancement pills have various natural ingredients. It has Horny Goat Weed Powder, which improves libido and boosts the erectile function.

Also, It has Mace Powder, which is an olden aphrodisiac popular today in male enhancement formulas. It has pumpkin and Saw Palmetto Powder maintain the prostate health.

Polipodium Vulgare Powder increases the skin elasticity allowing the penis to lodge growth (6). The last ingredient is the L-Arginine, which concentrate more on nitric oxide that improves the flow of blood to the penis.

Pros Of XtraSize Pills 

The most fantastic thing about XtraSize male enhancement pills is that they increase your penis size thereby giving you more sexual pleasure.

Besides, they give a person a longer and Stronger Erection. In addition, they correct any form of erectile dysfunction or disorder completely. The Xtrasize supplements give you and your partner More Satisfying Orgasm waves.

The pills deepen the sensitivity and the sense of the penis thereby bringing about heightened sensations that make you feel greater and enjoy orgasms more. Above all the other functions, all the ingredients of the XtraSize male enhancements are natural.

Cons of XtraSize

The XtraSize pills are only allowed to people with 18 years and above. The pills are not good for people with heart, liver, or kidney issues. Moreover, once you buy the product, there is no guarantee that you can get the money back if it fails to function on you.


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