Paleo Diet And Its Effect On Bodybuilding


Paleo Diet and Bodybuilding

Diet is a critical element for building up your body or to shed fats from your body. Diet is necessary if you are willing to sacrifice some of your food habits. The food that you eat reflects in the body. Many say, exercise is the only way to build your body or lose weight, but diet is also equally important. If you exercise every day and eat the same amount of food and junk, it will not give any results. 

You must have come across one diet plan called the Paleo diet. It could have been through magazines or advertisements, books, or heard from people about it. Knowing more about how the Paleo diet helps build your body, there are some things you need to know and how it will help you.

Paleo Diet is a diet plan that we have been studying about since humans existed. It is an attempt to restore the kind of diet that the earliest civilization must have eaten. In this modern age, all we do is go to the grocery shop and get the food already prepared. Most of it is processed too, unlike ancient times, when our ancestors used to hunt for their food. All these modern processes of cooking food and technology have reduced the nutrition of the food and our diet.


The leading theory of the Paleo Diet is to let people leave the processed food. Avoid food that you find in grocery shops like fatty meats, legumes, dairy products, and salted food. Other food items include processed meat, starchy vegetables, and cereal grains. The diet will concentrate mainly on food grown on the ground and food that comes from the wild.

Paleo Diet and Bodybuilding

Advantages of the Paleo Diet

  • The Paleo diet overflows with fats, which are healthy from all the nuts and seeds that you consume during the diet. It is also low saturated as the intake of high-fat processed food, and dairy products are restricted. It will help you reduce lessen the possibility of heart attack and improve your cholesterol.
  • Paleo diet controls the levels of your blood sugar. This diet is beneficial for diabetic patients as it controls the food craving and helps you manage the standards of the blood sugar.
  • Paleo diet helps you to lose weight as well as a muscle-building action as you will get enough protein from each meal, as you will be taking meats with relatively low-fat content. The diet will also include many vegetables and fruits, which will lower your intake of food.
  • Paleo Diet will help immensely during bodybuilding as you add many doses of seeds and nuts into the diet. It will help you to increase your healthy fats up and also calories. In this diet, a bodybuilder can eat as many calories as they want, and it is for those who wish to increase their muscle mass slowly and stay lean all the time.
  • Paleo diet can help you stick to one plan. This diet will naturally lower the intake of calories as it will take away all refined carbohydrates and processed food from your daily meal.
  • Paleo diet contains diets like seafood and meat, which is the source of protein that helps in bodybuilding. Eating meat will not make you hungry for a long time, as you will stay full. It helps strengthen and build tissues and cells, which is helpful while bodybuilding.


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Disadvantages of the Paleo Diet

  • The main disadvantage of this diet is for the people who are into bodybuilding. Long workout sessions will wear you, as you will not get the number of carbohydrates you need for a long workout session. Vegetables and fruits will help, but your stomach will be full.

 Usually, the human body can sustain some amount of fiber at once. If you plan to take 5000 calories in a day, with 2500 calories from carbohydrates, it won’t be easy. The amount of fat will not help in an extensive activity. The best way to avoid this is to take fruits rich in carbohydrates, like pineapples, bananas, and cherries.

 Another way to avoid this problem is to include steel-cut oats and brown rice in your daily diet. Although adding wholesome grains is not a plan in the paleo diet, they will help you with similar benefits. 

  • For a bodybuilder, the paleo diet is not a mass-building plan. The plan lies in the middle, as it is not the most obvious choice for people trying to reduce fat or increase muscle mass.
  • Paleo diet is difficult for a vegetarian to follow. They can add a paleo diet in their plan, but it has some limitations. It will be hard to get the required protein they need as a vegetarian. While vegetarians get their protein from lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, soy, and other legumes, the paleo diet restricts such diets. It leaves the vegetarians with fewer choices.
  • As the this diet does not allow egg-related or dairy products in their plan, vegetarians have some difficulties. Vegetarian aspirants of the Paleo diet should not add protein powder to help the requirement of calorie intake. By adding food that is vegetarian but not in the paleo diet will not serve its purpose.



After reading all the advantages and disadvantages of taking up the Paleo diet, the first thing to do is remove all starchy carbs and processed food. Your daily meal should not include such types of food. Secondly, start to cut down on dairy products, legumes, and fat cut meats. To adapt to this diet, following the steps given above will help you ease into implementing the plan on your daily diet. It will not only help you lose weight but also build muscle slowly. 

It is essential to know that the paleo diet is not a manual that needs to follow and live by. The guidelines and ideas will collectively help you build up your way of living more healthily.

To live a healthy life is the ultimate goal for everyone in this modern age, but to stick to a diet is very hard. To follow this diet and know the result, you should make the required sacrifices to achieve the desired result.



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