Fat BurnersPhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout: Which is the Number One Fat Burner?

PhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout: Which is the Number One Fat Burner?

PhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout: Review


Are you having a difficult time choosing between PhenQ and Instant Knockout?  If yes, then you have come to the right place. After reading this article, you will clearly understand which product to pick for your weight loss regime.

Both these supplements have dominated the weight loss market during the last few years. However, both being the top-most fat-burning solutions, it becomes significantly challenging to choose between them, especially if you have no prior knowledge about fat burner supplements. Besides, you cannot consume both of them at once. So which is the number one fat burner?

If you want an answer to this question, then continue reading this write-up. Here we will discuss all the essential aspects of these supplements to help you pick the right one.

Quick Comparison between PhenQ and Instant Knockout:


SpecificationsPhenQInstant Knockout
Notable FeatureScientifically Proven Multi-Functional Diet PillMade for Pro Boxers and MMA Fighters
BenefitsAll Natural, Suppresses Appetite, Stops Fat Production, Burns Fat, Improves Mood, Boosts energy,Increases Focus, Firm Shoulders, Flawless Six-Pack, Boosts Energy, Suppresses Appetite, Drug-Free.
DownsidesSlightly Expensive, Recommended for 18 years and above, Available only in Online Store.No FDA Approval, It contains a High Level of Caffeine, Not Available in Offline Store.
Weight Loss3-4 Pounds Per Month1-2 Pounds Per Month
Side EffectNo Side EffectsRare Side Effects
User’s Response93% Positive80% Positive
User’s Recommendation90%75%
Money-Back Guarantee60 days90 days
ShippingFree WorldwideNot Free


Products Overview:



PhenQ has been one of the leading weight loss supplements, manufactured and supplied by Wolfson Berg Limited. It is not merely a typical fat burner; instead, it emphasizes several aspects of weight loss. So far, it has helped over one hundred ninety thousand customers worldwide in achieving their weight loss goals.

One of the best things about PhenQ is that it works for both men and women. The reason is that the manufacturers have used everyday ingredients by blending them into a unique formula.

Additionally, they have formulated the PhenQ in approved lab facilities. So you do not need to worry about experiencing any side effects while using this weight loss supplement.

Fat Burner PhenQ



Instant Knockout:

Another popular body fat burning supplement is the Instant Knockout, manufactured by Roar Ambition Company. Initially, this fat burner was available only for professional boxers and MMA fighters who want to burn the fat without losing muscle mass. But today, the manufacturers have made it available for anyone who wants to reduce weight.

The Instant Knockout contains a blend of ten potent ingredients that are natural and effective for burning body fat. With this weight loss pill, you can get rid of any accumulated body fat ranging from belly fat to heavy thighs. Besides, the product is easy to use, and it is suitable for both men and women.

Although the manufacturers consider it the alpha and omega of weight loss pills, the product lacks FDA approval.





PhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout Ingredients:

Although there are some similarities with the use of ingredients, a few unique ingredients set them apart. Here we will highlight some of the distinct components of PhenQ and Instant Knockout:

Unique Ingredients of PhenQ:

This effective fat burner contains a blend of natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption. The following table highlights the essential ingredients of PhenQ and their benefits:


Ingredients of PhenQBenefits
Nopal·         It provides a rich amount of amino acids and fibers.

·         It prevents fluid retention in your body.

·         It helps against constipation related issues.

Chromium Picolinate·         It helps in controlling the cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

·         It maintains an optimal balance of blood sugar levels.

Caffeine·         It enhances the potency of this pill.

·         It keeps you alert and active all day.

Capsimax Powder·         It burns fat by boosting the thermogenesis process.
L-Carnitine·         It increases your metabolism.

·         It prevents fat from storing in your body.



Unique Ingredients of Instant Knockout:


Ingredients of Instant Knockout Benefits
Glucomannan·         Reduces food cravings by promoting satiety.
Cayenne Pepper Extracts·         It induces thermogenesis process.

·         It prevents further storage of carbohydrates in your body.

Green Tea Extracts·         It removes the body’s toxins.

·         It improves the working of metabolic activities.

Caffeine·         It enhances the effectiveness of this pill.

·         It keeps you alert and active all day.

Vitamin B12·         Helps in processing the consumed food.

·         Boost your body’s metabolism.

Vitamin B6·         It absorbs amino acids.

·         It helps in building lean muscle.

Zinc ·         It helps sustain energy for a greater physique.


Of course, Instant Knockout has more ingredients than PhenQ, but it does not mean Instant Knockout is better. What matters most is the effectiveness of the supplement.

PhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout


Main Benefits of PhenQ:

The manufacturers have designed the PhenQ formula using a combination of five potent weight loss pills. Hence, it works from five different aspects to help you achieve your weight loss regime faster. Following are some main benefits that you can expect from PhenQ:

  • Burns your extra fat: it increases your metabolism and thermogenesis, thereby speeding up the fat-burning process.
  • Suppresses your appetite: this weight loss pill prevents overeating by curbing your appetite.
  • Stops fat production: it stops new fat cell production, thereby preventing further weight gain.
  • Improves your mood: it means you will not feel cranky during your dieting process.
  • Boosts your energy level: you will not feel tired with this mixture of an energy-boosting pill.


Benefits of Instant Knockout:

As mentioned, the Instant Knockout is a fat burner designed initially for professional boxers and MMA fighters. Hence, it not only burns body fat but also helps you gain healthy lean muscles. Besides, it has several other benefits as listed below:

  • Reduces cravings: it has appetite-suppressing properties that help in reducing your food cravings.
  • Increases your energy: cutting your calorie intake can significantly reduce your energy level. You do not need to worry about this issue with this weight loss pill.
  • Burns extra body fat: it can help in burning any accumulated fat in your body.
  • Gains lean muscles: apart from burning fat, this product helps you gain lean muscles.


So what are the Main Differences between PhenQ and Instant Knockout?

Although both the products are slightly similar, some key differences set them apart:

  • PhenQ is a more advanced weight loss formula prepared in approved lab facilities. Conversely, Instant Knockout is a weight loss supplement that has a cutting edge formula.
  • The Instant Knockout is most suitable for bodybuilders who want to burn fat and gain lean muscles. On the other hand, PhenQ works for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • PhenQ has been the leading fat burner supplement for decades. On the contrary, Instant Knockout is a newly introduced weight loss product with some good buzz.

PhenQ Vs. Instant Knockout – Final Verdict—Which is the Number One Fat Burner?

To sum up, both the PhenQ and Instant Knockout are excellent fat burner supplements that can greatly change your physique. However, if we were to choose between them, then we would go with PhenQ. The reason is that PhenQ is a multi-action formula that provides lasting weight loss results.
When it comes to the ingredients, you might think that the Instant Knockout stands out. But more ingredients do not mean the supplement is better. What matters the most is the effectiveness of the supplement. And in this case, it is the PhenQ.
The manufacturers have also formulated PhenQ in approved lab facilities. So you do not need to worry about experiencing any side effects. Besides, it is suitable for both men and women. However, this weight loss pill will not be effective unless you avoid sedentary lifestyles. We say, stay active, and PhenQ will do wonders for you.


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