Anabolic Steroid Primobolan – Benefits, Dosage, Cycles And Legal Alternative

Primobolan Steroid

Primobolan meets the ambitious goals of those who want to build muscle and achieve bodybuilding progress. It is a popular steroid that can be both injected and taken by mouth.

The injectable form relates to Methenolone enanthate, while the oral version implies tablets containing Methenolone acetate.

The steroid has a glorious history in the bodybuilding world, being highly popular with a wide range of top performing athletes.

Benefits Of Primobolan

Primobolan proves effective at initiating an intense muscle growth, and maintaining the bulky form of the muscle tissue, by stimulating the production of testosterone.

Benefits Of Primobolan

It has a significant effect on achieving an outstanding relief of muscles, and increase their vascularity. Besides aiding the volume and shape of the muscles, it makes the fibers more resistant and tough, which results in an increase in power performance. Also, the steroid is chosen by many bodybuilders to assist their drying courses aimed at preserving the muscle mass.

It helps to reduce the body fat, by entering the fat storages and releasing it in the bloodstream.

Moreover, it boasts a powerful androgenic effect, and does not possess the quality of converting to estrogen. Speaking of the fairer sex, a worth to be noted , fact is that Primobolan is among the limited number of anabolic steroids that do not trigger severe complications to female body.

The most concerns of female athletes related to virilization, are cast out with a gradual and relevant taking of this steroid. The steroid does not imply excessive androgen production in the female body, which is the main cause of virilization, and can lead to facial hair and voice deepening.

In addition, Methenolone is one of the safest steroids, without causing harm to liver, given the fact that its chemistry is not modified in the lab, to avoid being walked through liver filters.

Dosage and Cycle

For oral intake, Primobolan is administrated 50 to 100 milligrams a day, which implies a roughly 500 milligrams or more per week for men.


The realistic threshold for women is 50 milligrams daily. In case of consuming more, the female body can experience virilization symptoms, and an array of side effects, including: hair loss, insomnia and disturbances of menstrual cycle. For injection it goes 400 milligrams weekly.

Primobolan cycles range from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how prepared the body is, how quick it will accustom to the steroid, as well as what results are targeted.

It is recommended taking a break before taking on another cycle, in order to prevent a medication shock, and let the body recover.

For women it comes with a cautious view on virilization. To control it, female athletes need to follow a special program of 4 weeks of moderate usage, After the cycle ends, the athlete has to take a 2 weeks break, so as the body unwinds and recovers properly. As 2 weeks pass, it is allowed to start another cycle.

Legal Steroid Alternative


Primobolan has a strong reputation on the market, being sought after as a reliable, steroid that shows great muscle growth results and less exposure to health complications.

Having a following among many reputable athletes and bodybuilders, it started to be sold on black market, as a surefire steroid.

Meanwhile, there are many legal steroid alternatives on the market these days, these legal steroids alternative give the same effects and benefits but with no side effects.

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