SARMsSarms vs. Steroids – A Different Way To Build Muscle Mass And...

Sarms vs. Steroids – A Different Way To Build Muscle Mass And Strength

Sarms vs. Steroids

 The wish to look giant and muscular has been within men’s minds since the beginning of time. During the prehistoric ages, when humans were more like animals, a better physique meant better chances of mating as it meant better protection from harm.

Though we have crossed millions of years and have become civilized, that wish to be strong and physically look good isn’t gone yet. This is why some of us spend a considerable amount of time in the gym working with weights and flexing our ‘gains’.

Some people, on the other hand, want more muscle than their bodies can naturally build. On the path of achieving this, they are introduced to Steroids and Sarms. For most amateur bodybuilders, this is a confusing topic. Within this article, we will be talking about Steroids and Sarms to remove this confusion once and for all!

What are Steroids?

The human body produces two kinds of hormones, one is Testosterone, and the other is Estrogen. Testosterone gives men their manly characteristics, while Estrogen gives women their female characters. Within men, it is the level of Testosterone that regulates the size of our muscles.

After finding this out and understanding how the human body works, scientists developed Steroids. In simple terms, Steroids are artificial Testosterone. When they get into your body, they boost all the characteristics controlled generally by the body using its natural Testosterone, including your muscles.

After steroids were released in the market, they became a huge hit. But as time passed, Steroids’ side effects piled up, and people started to look for an alternative.

What are Sarms?

Welcome, Sarms. Sarms are short for the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. These are a type of ligand that stimulates the body’s cells to produce more natural Testosterone. The rising popularity of Sarms is because it provides all the benefits of Steroids, minus all the side-effects.

Even though this might seem revolutionary, there is a catch. Sarms are still not allowed for human consumption, although it can be bought and sold in the form of a research chemical. Furthermore, the long-term effects of Sarms are not appropriately studied; therefore, no one knows what’s in store for the users yet!

These are the two most popular muscle growth promoting products out there in the market. The immense marketing which revolves around these products might overwhelm you and make you take the wrong step. Therefore let’s dive deeper and check which one’s a more suitable and viable option.

Muscular Pose

Sarms vs. Steroids

To evaluate the battle between Sarms and Steroids, we will consider points like legality, testing, safety, and more. This will provide an in-depth look into their workings, side effects, availability, and a lot of other characteristics. So let’s dive in!

Legality: The legality of both steroids and sarms are a matter of debate all around the world. Steroids usually are legal for human consumption across the globe. This is mainly because the doctors use them to treat a lot of medical conditions in different people.

Sarms, on the other hand, operate in a grey market. It is technically not legal in some places/countries for human consumption but can be sold as a research chemical. After that, it is distributed to people all around the world under that label.

While consuming steroids might not lead you to any legal trouble, the same cannot be said for sarms. Therefore before you rush to buy a bulk amount of sarms with your hard-earned money, think twice!

Testing: As steroids are a legal pharmaceutical product, they have been clinically tested and have passed all the safety regulations before ending up in medical shops and with supplement companies.

On the other hand, the testing of Sarms is highly varied. Some of the sarms formulae have passed stage 3 of clinical testing, and some have yet to get through phase 1. Nonetheless, not a single sarms recipe has passed to be legally deemed fit for human consumption.(1)

Furthermore, the chemical has been introduced within the medical world relatively recently. Therefore it has not been tested for the long-term effects it can have on the body. This state of Sarms can put you into a high-risk zone if any profound lone term effect shows up.

Side effects: Steroids have a horrible reputation for the vast number of side effects it can produce on people. As we know, steroids are artificial testosterone hormones, and therefore when it enters the body, it messes up the glands and parts associated with the creation of natural Testosterone.

For example, people who consume excessive steroids suffer from problems like shrinking of testicles, a wide variety of prostate problems, increased blood sugar, prone to more diseases and infections, and phycology changes, and this list goes on.

Furthermore, with the rise in the number of women bodybuilders, the steroids’ craze has gone up. Within the female body, excess Testosterone increases male characteristics like facial hair, a deep voice, and more.

The worst part is that prolonged usage may lead to the inability to conceive within a woman. Usually, these are reversible, but there is no turning back when it reaches an advanced state.

Sarms, on the other hand, is marketed to have no side effects. This is somewhat true from a medical standpoint because it works differently compared to steroids. Sarms trick the body’s glands and cells to produce more amounts of natural Testosterone.

Though conceptually, this is safer, there is no rock-solid evidence to prove it. No country has let it through to the production stage for human consumption, so no long-term tests have been done.

Availability: Availability is one of the most significant factors that promote a product’s consumption, which is proved through this scenario. Steroids are readily available in medical shops and online stores.

They are available in two primary forms: medicines and supplements. For buying it from a medical store, you will need a prescription from a certified doctor, but there are no buying restrictions in the form of a supplement.

This easy availability makes steroids one of the highest bought supplements in today’s world. Sarms, on the other hand, is a bit hard to get your hands on. The primary reason for this is that it is not yet appropriately licensed in some countries.

If someone sells Sarms directly as a supplement, they’d have to go through many hassles to sell it legally. This makes it harder to buy a Sarms supplement than a Steroid supplement.

Sarms vs. Steroids

Who’s the winner?

Selecting a clear cut winner is not an easy task in this case. But as we all know, steroids are more harmful than Sarms for the time being. There are known side effects of taking steroids that might turn into permanent issues with prolonged usage.

The same has not been reported for Sarms. People who consume sarms supplements are presumably healthy, and their bodies work naturally. But the fact that it is not sanctioned for human consumption in some countries and operating in a grey area market makes people want to raise an eyebrow.

Moreover, Steroids are tried and tested, its various side effects are fully known, and doctors repeatedly make people aware of them. Sarms, on the other hand, has lived a relatively short life within the market, and researchers have still not known the long term hard that it could do.

Because a doctor can suggest steroids, they can recommend the safest and best dosage for you. If taken under such supervision, you do not need to worry about steroids’ side effects. Sarms, on the other hand, is still in the dark. Nobody knows the right dosage, and therefore no one can exactly say what is safe and what is not.

Furthermore, steroids are legally and efficiently accessible in most places. There are a lot of online and offline shops that sell steroids legally and following proper regulations. Therefore you’ll have fewer headaches while buying them.

When buying sarms from online marketplaces, you need to keep an eye on the manufacturer and producer of the product. There are a lot of sarms products which slip off into shady market places and are not fit for healthy consumption.


For the time being, choosing Sarms is a better option than choosing steroids. Steroids harm your body within a few years of usage while there have not been any cases of sarms doing the same. But before you buy it, make sure it is legal to purchase sarms where you live.

Moreover, it would help if you were extra careful when you buy them online. Sarms is a relatively new product, and people don’t know everything about it. Therefore there are a lot of online sites selling fake sarms products.

Keeping that aside you need to stop using both when you reach your specific goal. Try not to use sarms or steroids for an extended period. The best thing would be to keep your muscles naturally and not to overstress your body.

A natural body is always healthier than a body filled with steroids!


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