Testofen – What Are The Health Benefits Of Testofen?


Testofen Health Benefits 


Aging is something we all face down the line. But with it comes many complications such as loss of strength, lowered health, and physical issues.

In men, there is a gradual decrease in testosterone, which causes many problems such as loss of muscle mass, hair loss, weakness, lowered sex drive, etc.
This loss often becomes an issue in both personal and familial lives.
As such, many people turn towards supplements that increase testosterone levels. Many synthetic supplements claim to give an instant boost of testosterone, but Testofen is one such product that is both natural and effective in gaining more testosterone.

Here you will learn about Testofen and its benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Testofen?

What is Testofen?

Testofen is made from the extracts of the Fenugreek plant, which is a natural herb. The company that manufactures it is Gencor Pacific.

They extracted what was needed from the plant, engineered it, and patented the Testofen. The company now sells it as a stand-alone supplement, and it is also the critical ingredient for GNC’s Mega Men Healthy Testosterone Booster, Nugenix and AlphaT1, which are also supplements.

If you’re wondering what fenugreek is, it’s a green herbal plant which people use worldwide as a medicine and also for various types of cooking. Fenugreek is the primary basis for Testofen.

The plant is excellent for treating many types of diseases and health problems. Many women use it to help in milk production, and men often use it to treat infertility.

This shows that everyone gains one benefit or the other by using fenugreek.

Through the discovery of Testofen, it created new potentials to utilize fenugreek for men.

There are various benefits (mostly hormonal) which increases by the intake of Testofen. Contrary to old beliefs, researchers have concluded that fenugreek, its seeds, and its extracts have significant health benefits.

Testofen has excellent extra benefits for men in terms of hormones, mainly centers around testosterone and enhancement of vitality and libido.

This exclusive supplement by Gencor Pacific helps increase strength, endurance in aerobics, and maintaining a lean body with good body mass. It’s great for men that wish to stay active and healthy. This is not just an assumption but a founding by researchers from the Transitional Sports Medicine Journal. They discovered that Testofen impacted greatly on body, fat, and muscle mass while also increasing stamina, free testosterone levels, vitality, and healthy sexual drive in men.
RDC Global researched 138 male subjects who did not smoke and were tested healthy. The study set it as a double-blind, irregularly distributed, dose-response, clinical trial of 8 weeks. They found that Testofen is useful and also works in a dose-response manner.

They then came to a conclusion that Testofen, when dosed at 300-600mg/day coupled with an efficient exercise routine, brought about excellent results in lower body strength, a decrease of body fat, and a good increase in lean mass within eight weeks. The ones who took 600mg per day had a higher increase in testosterone concentration in eight weeks.

Testofen and how it works

Unlike anabolic steroids and injections of testosterone, Testofen is simply an organic fenugreek extract that is not synthetic.

This extract works steadily yet in a natural way. One positive trait is that fenugreek is known for its stable and steady help in increasing testosterone levels. Unlike many enhancement pills that claim to have overnight results, Testofen works at a gradual yet assured pace.

This supplement is an organic product that is best in favor of consumers who wish to increase their testosterone levels at a naturally safe pace while still enjoying the benefits of increased vitality, unlike synthetic products that produce serious side effects.

Testofen products come in the form of pills and are commonly used twice a day or also based on the consumer’s preference.

When paired with a good diet, healthy habits, and regular exercise, one will notice enhanced results in personal fitness and also in health within a few months.

When consuming the Testofen supplement on its own, a standard dosage would be around 300 mg in one serving.


Testofen Health Benefits 


Should you try Testofen?

If you’re worried about losing your strength, muscle mass or simply want to gain hormonal benefits naturally, Testofen may be the best organic option.

Studies have shown that Testofen is both safe and useful in lowering the risks of androgen deficiency, increasing sexual function, and also enhancing serum testosterone in men aged 30 and above.

Benefits of testofen

Some common benefits of Testofen are :–

  1. Enhanced testosterone levels
  2. Increase in muscle mass
  3. The natural increase in sex drive

With the intake of Testofen, there is a noticeable change in body fitness and health. Moreover, even sexual libido and function is enhanced. This efficient increase is why men often try to intake testosterone pills.

Apart from these features, Testofen is also beneficial in decreasing aging, increasing energy, and even controlling pattern baldness.
In men, free testosterone levels tend to decrease as they reach their middle ages. With the intake of boosters such as Testofen, people have often noticed that these levels increase positively and bring in many benefits within weeks of using it.

Some have also claimed to notice a decrease in androgen deficiency.

According to various studies conducted through the use of Testofen, it has shown that many men experience a higher sex drive, testosterone levels, and increased body strength by taking 400-500 mg per day. The effects were noticeable within a few months of Testofen dosage.


Testofen by Gencor Pacific is a great natural product that helps to increase testosterone in men and is also beneficial for nursing women.

A regular dosage of Testofen is proven to boost sexual function, energy, muscle mass, and overall fitness. Although people who have allergies to fenugreek may face problems intaking Testofen as it is made from natural fenugreek extracts.

That being said, if you do not have any allergies or problems in consuming fenugreek, Testofen may be an excellent option for you to fight back aging issues.

In short, this product is best-suited for :-

  1. Increasing muscle mass
  2. Enhancing libido
  3. Improving sexual health
  4. Having better vitality
  5. Increase in fitness and overall health.


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