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Thermogenesis Weight loss – How To Increase Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis Weight loss

Thermogenesis is the process by which heat is produced in the body of a living organism. And in this context, we humans included.

There have been studies that support the losing of weight through the process of thermogenesis. It is based on the simple science of the body, releasing energy via heat during rigorous work.

The heat produced in thermogenesis is taken as a marker of fat burning in the body. The more the heat, the more the fat shedding.

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This article provides an overview of compounds that may aid thermogenesis weight loss.

Let’s dig through the potential ingredients that may aid thermogenesis. And go through the most effective products, if there are any.

What increases thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis takes place when the body is at its peak in vitality. That is when it’s using maximum energy. Your body needs to have enough energy to achieve that level of physical rigor. Only then can you heighten heat levels.

Here’s a quick look into the most well-known heat-inducing compounds. You may be surprised at how many of them you already know and consume.

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Caffeine is a natural stimulant that pumps up your adrenaline levels. It is found in over sixty plants, including coffee, tea, cocoa, and the kola nut.

According to studies, an intake of one milligram of coffee helps burn 0.1 calories in 24 hours.

When your adrenaline is all pumped up, it signals your fat cells to release fatty acids into your circulation. These fatty acids are further used by the cells in your bloodstream to generate energy. And this increases heat.

Besides, caffeine is also said to reduce appetite and vamp up your body’s metabolism. And lesser appetite and more energy to burn calories lead to thermogenesis weight loss.

Green Tea

Green tea is composed of compounds that include caffeine and catechins. Both these compounds are crucial for thermogenesis.

As mentioned, caffeine helps release adrenaline. Adrenaline in turn, accelerates your body’s metabolism. And a faster metabolism means faster fat-burning.
The presence of L-Theanine in green tea, however, checks the caffeine levels in your body. This will help monitor the release of adrenaline and make it last for longer.


If you’ve ever wondered what makes chili peppers spicy, capsaicin is your answer. The more the presence of capsaicin molecules in your chili peppers, the spicier.

Capsaicin produces similar effects to caffeine in regards to thermogenesis. It gets your adrenaline levels brimming, improving metabolism.

It also reduces hunger. This combination is a sure solution for heat weight loss.

The only setback here is your body might adapt to capsaicin over time and reduce its affectivity.

Synephrine or Bitter Orange

Synephrine is a natural stimulant found in bitter orange, a citrus fruit.

It is similar to ephedrine in terms of structure. But unlike ephedrine’s disputed reputation and its ban in the US, synephrine is considered safe for use in supplements.

Bitter orange with a combination of herbs can significantly boost metabolism. It can potentially aid in weight loss via heat over 1-3 months.


Synephrine or Bitter Orange


Garcinia Cambogia and Yohimbine

A few other compounds that could help stimulate thermogenesis weight loss are Garcinia Cambogia and Yohimbine. These are tropical fruits from which compounds like hydrochloric acid (HCA) and the namesake chemical yohimbine is extracted.

The HCA in Cambogia helps with reducing fat-formation in the body. And Yohimbine contains potential metabolism-boosting agents.

Cambogia and Yohimbine and their effects on thermogenesis weight loss aren’t widely researched. However, there have been several claims on their affectivity.

Thermogenic Blends

Thermogenic blends are supplements that are concentrated with natural metabolism-boosting compounds.

They contain extracts of several thermogenesis-inducing compounds listed above. This includes caffeine, green tea, bitter orange, Garcinia Cambogia, and Yohimbine.

Supplements are great when you can’t get a hold of all these potentially metabolism-boosting products. They are a readymade blend of concentrated thermogenic compounds. They are easy to consume and have the added benefits of multiple thermogenic ingredients.
Moreover, they are also more easily processed by your body and can be monitored easily.
Thermogenic blends come with a label with details of the dose of the ingredients and use instructions. This makes them ideal for keeping track of dosage and corresponding weight changes.

Fat Burner PhenQ

Fat burner PhenQ is a potent thermogenic blend. It contains several compatible thermogenesis weight loss compounds. They are made readily available to you in a bottle of 60 tablets.

Each PhenQ tablet contains a-LACYS RESET ®. It is a powerful patented compound that helps build the body’s muscle mass. More importantly, it helps burn fat leading to significant weight loss. It also helps with mood improvement and lessens fatigue. Besides, it helps with recovery.

Fat Burner PhenQ



Other ingredients in the blend include capsimax powder and caffeine. These ingredients function similarly. They both boost your body’s metabolism and suppress your appetite and keep you fuller for longer.

Chromium Picolinate and Calcium Carbonate are other compounds that serve a similar function with regards to suppressing appetite.

Chromium Picolinate is especially effective at suppressing the urge to eat sugar and carb-loaded food items. Calcium Carbonate, on the other hand, helps send signals to the brain against storing excess fat.

The L-Carnitine Fumarate amino acid in the blend helps generate energy from the fats stored in the body. It also helps with fatigue by heightening your energy levels.

One ingredient you’ll thank PhenQ for having is Nopal. It contains amino acids and fibers that are great for regulating bowel movement. Nopal helps get rid of unrequired waste and excess fluids.

So, all in all, PhenQ has got all your weight-management bases via thermogenesis weight loss covered.


Maintaining healthy and proportionate body weight is essential for a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. With the development of weight regulating supplements, weight-loss is not as hard as it used to be in the past.

Thermogenic compounds are readily available in natural substances. They are effective and multifunctional compounds that go beyond mere weight-management.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea of thermogenesis weight loss and what increases thermogenesis.


Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher
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