Fat BurnersTop 3 Phentermine Alternatives – Best Over The Counter Diet Pills That...

Top 3 Phentermine Alternatives – Best Over The Counter Diet Pills That Work!

Top 3 Phentermine Alternatives That Work!

Phentermine is a type of weight loss drug that’s doctor-approved. It’s normally prescribed to overweight and obese people who are at high risk of developing health complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes among others.

While phentermine has proved to be effective in helping people lose weight, there are other better alternative which can be used to spark or enhance the burning of body fat. Outlined below is a review of the best phentermine alternatives.

Summary of recommendations


#1. PhenQ


It’s a potent revolutionary supplement that leads to faster weight loss. PhenQ is a simple regimen that is made with high-quality ingredients which support faster and natural burning of body fat by using various mechanisms.


Fat Burner PhenQ - Top 3 Phentermine Alternatives




How PhenQ Works

This is an effective supplement that works by boosting energy production. PhenQ supports brain function and improves physical activities, resulting in better productivity. The appetite controller also inhibits the production of extra fat cells. Being a thermogenic product, PhenQ leads to rapid fat burning, resulting in the melting of accumulated body fat.

PhenQ Ingredients

What makes this supplement one of the most sought-after products is its superior ingredients. PhenQ contains a blend of:

A-Lacys Reset: This is a trademarked ingredient that leads to faster thermogenesis (1). It increases the rate of metabolism and enhances faster burning of calories.
Nopal: a fiber-rich ingredient that helps to reduce food cravings
Chromium: this mineral helps to regulate carb and sugar cravings.
Calcium: it prevents the body from storing unwanted extra fat cells.
Caffeine: this stimulant promotes natural energy production and enhances the level of stamina.
Capsimax: it’s an ingredient that contains a potent combination of piperine, caffeine, and niacin. Capsimax is effective in melting fat deposits.

Benefits of Using PhenQ

• Inhibits extra production of fat cells
• Improves good mood
• Effective appetite controller that suppresses food cravings
• Improves the rate of metabolism and increases the thermogenic rate

Note: although some people may experience nausea, vomiting, and headaches, this is mainly caused by the caffeine ingredient. So, ensure that you take PhenQ in recommended or smaller doses.



#2. PhenBlue


These are weight loss capsules which act as fat burners and blockers. PhenBlue supplement consists of blue and white pills which are formulated using ingredients that are scientifically-backed to be effective.

How PhenBlue Works

This supplement is an instant fat burner. It gives you the ultimate boost that you need in order to attain your weight loss goals. PhenBlue is also a calorie controller that restricts the absorption of calories into the bloodstream.

It creates a calorie deficit in the body, resulting in the use of fat cells as the main sources of fuel. Besides that, it increases the metabolic rate which leads to faster burning of body fat.

PhenBlue - Top 3 Phentermine Alternatives



The capsules also enhance focus resulting into better mental productivity. By increasing energy levels in the body, PhenBlue leads to better workouts.

Overall, combining this supplement with a low-calorie diet and increased physical exercise will result in significant weight loss. It encourages thermogenesis, oxidation, and limits fat interaction.

PhenBlue Ingredients

This supplement is formulated using a proprietary blend of ingredients. The clinically-tested and organic ingredients are of high-quality to ensure that dieters can attain their weight loss goals easily. PhenBlue ingredients include:

Caffeine: it’s a stimulant that promotes faster burning of body fat
Matcha Leaf Powder: it’s an antioxidant-rich ingredient which supports weight loss and improves brain function.
NeOpuntia: this is a patented formula that’s obtained from dried cactus leaves. NeOpuntia is a functional ingredient that helps to reduce the level of “bad” blood cholesterol.
Theobromine: it’s a cacao plant extract that has diuretic properties. It facilitates the loss of water weight.

Benefits of PhenBlue

• Formulated with scientifically-backed ingredients that are effective and safe
• Leads to rapid and natural weight loss
• Boosts the production of natural energy
• It’s a powerful fat binder and blocker

Note: PhenBlue contains caffeine, a stimulant that may affect your sleep patterns and cause dizziness or nausea. Make sure that you take it as recommended and earlier in the day. This supplement is also a diuretic and it may cause dehydration. So, drink lots of fluids to counter the diuretic effect.


#3. FenFast 375


This is a powerful phentamine alternative with lots of benefits. When FenFast 375 is combined with workouts and a healthier diet plan, it leads to significant weight loss within a short period of time.

How FenFast 375 Works

This supplement consists of a formula that promotes thermogenesis. FenFast 375 inhibits the intake of calories and accelerates the metabolism of fat cells. It contains ingredients which reduce appetite and food cravings, leading to less calorie intake.

FenFast 375 - Top 3 Phentermine Alternatives



FenFast is also an energy booster that enhances cell activity. It increases and sustains natural energy levels in the body, leading to a faster rate of thermogenesis.

Dieters using this supplement can experience a significant increase in mental focus & physical productivity. What makes FenFast 375 to stand out is that it can even melt the abdominal fat. It’s a powerful and safe formula that can efficiently incinerate belly fat and reduce your waist size.

FenFast 375 Ingredients

The over-the-counter supplement is one of the top-rated on the weight loss market thanks to its premium ingredients which include:

Hordenine HCI: this is an effective stimulant that promotes faster metabolism. It encourages the release of norepinephrine, leading to improved concentration and mental focus.
DL Phenylalanine: this is an ingredient that’s rich in amino acids. The antidepressant and analgesic DL Phenylalanine helps to elevate good moods and better focus (2).
Caffeine: it’s a metabolic stimulant that works with the central nervous system. Caffeine is an energy booster that increases alertness and reduces tiredness or fatigue.
L-Theanine: its ability to boost good mood and reduce chances of physical and mental stress make it an effective ingredient. L-Theanine reacts positively with stimulants such as caffeine, leading to better cognitive performance.

Benefits of Using FenFast 375

• Leads to healthy eating habits
• It’s a metabolism enhancer that results in faster weight loss
• Enhances the production of natural energy
• Fast acting formula that controls appetite

Note: some consumer reviews indicate that FenFast 375 can cause mild dizziness or interfere with sleep patterns. Well, this is caused by the caffeine. It’s therefore important to use this supplement early during the day and in recommended doses only.


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