Performance SupplementsTop 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

#1 Bulk Supplement’s – BCAA 2:1:1 (Branched Chain Amino Acids) Powder

Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids – General Overview of the Products

The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is one of the bodybuilding essential products from bulk supplements.

The BCAA 2:1:1 consists of muscle-building amino acids that supplement energy and enhance recovery. Notably, it is made up of the main building blocks of proteins and muscles such as Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. Since your body cannot manufacture these amino acids on its own, the BCAAs dietary supplements come in handy.

Product Composition

The Branched Chain Amino Acids supplements labels provide you with ratios indicating the exact amount of amino acids each powder composition or capsule contains.

You should always go for BCAAs with a higher amount of Leucine as they effectively support protein synthesis. For this reason, the powder has a 2:1:1 optimal ratio for Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine respectively.

BCAA powder - Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids




The Recommended BCAA Intake

For perfect results, you are supposed to take 1500 mg thrice a day. Depending on the varying needs among individuals, there is always the right time when you need the supplements.

You should consider taking the Branched Chain Amino Acids 20 to 30 minutes before your exercise routine if you want excellent results.

Since the powder has a strong taste when taken plainly, you should always mix it with smoothies or fruit purees to minimize the bitterness.

Reasons why you should take Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

The BCAA supplement presents a wide range of benefits to your body. Some of these benefits include;

• BCAAs help in boosting the growth of muscles and burning the excess fat in the body.
• Increases energy. By taking the supplements before exercising, it greatly helps in reducing fatigue by enhancing the effective conversion of fat into energy. As such, you can endure longer work out sessions.
• It reduces the probability of soreness in muscles and speeds up recovery after a workout.

You are assured of a quality and pure product which is safe for your body. It does not contain any fillers or additives.


Therefore, if you are looking for a product that will tremendously enhance your bodybuilding process, BCAAs is the real deal. With this supplement, you will savor its unique features as you derive the most from its benefits. Additionally, it is available at incredibly competitive prices. You have no excuse whatsoever to miss out on this amazing product.


#2 MET-Rx® BCAA 2200 Supplement – Review

MET-Rx® BCAA 2200,  number2 in the top 5 branched chain amino acids supplement is a product designed to provide muscle nitrogen support. It’s a blend of three Branched Chain Amino Acids that are essential for normal body functionality. It’s tailored specifically for use by athletes and anyone who is engaged in lift or heavy training.

This BCAA supplement helps boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. It’s also good for weight loss and reducing fatigue after training. If you are an athlete, this is a good supplement for your tremendous performance.

MET-Rx® BCAA 2200 ingredients

This muscle growth supplement has three branched amino acids as its main ingredients. They are herbal botanical sources that have been proven to produce best results. They include:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

There combination however deviates from the usual 2:1:1. Leucine comprises 1200g, isoleucine 500g and valine 500g. The high amount of leucine provides for proper fat metabolism. It also prevents muscle energy stores from being used as direct energy.

MET-Rx® BCAA 2200 Supplement




This BCAA also contains traces of Vitamin B6 and E. They help in proper regulation of nitrogen metabolism. They are good antioxidants in preventing post workout muscle damage. Their combination has been scientifically combined in perfect ratios to produce better results.

Benefits MET-Rx® BCAA 2200

Supports energy production

When you take this product, it triggers faster metabolism. This activates energy supply required during athletics or when involved in heavy training. This makes it a direct source of energy and preserve muscle energy stores.

Reduces soreness

Taking this BCAA before an exercise relieves you from post workout muscle damage. It can be a good choice to reduce pain after heavy training.

Weight loss

If you want to maintain a fitting lean muscle body mass, you should consider using this product. It enhances protein synthesis which leads to burning of fats.

How to take

It’s recommended you take 4 softgels 30 minutes before or after your training. When you take it before, it helps in providing endurance and energy. It helps in muscle recovery when taken after the training.

Side effects

There are no known harmful side effects. It can cause nausea when taken for more than six months. Always stick to the recommended dosage.



#3 Raw Barrel’s Pure BCAA Tablets Review

Pure BCAA tablets are muscle booster supplements manufactured by Raw Barrel company. They are hailed for being great muscle growth boosters. They double as weight loss pills due to their fat burning effect.

If you have been struggling to lose weight, this could be a perfect product for you. It enhances effortless weight loss process through increased metabolism. It leaves you with an extra lean body with less fats.

Ingredients of BCAA tablets

This product takes number 3 in the Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids supplements and has a scientifically proven and tested combination of various ingredients. They ingredients are made from naturally botanical plants. They contain no traces of harmful chemicals that are toxic to your body. It’s healthy and fit for human use. The three main ingredients include :

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • valine

It also contains traces of calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. All these combinations work better to give desired results.

Raw Barrel’s Pure BCAA Tablets




Benefits of BCAA tablets

Boosts muscle growth

It’s helpful in muscle building and maintenance. As much as you want to cut weight, it’s important to hold on to the muscles you have. Through the triggered protein synthesis, your body burns the fat.

Quick muscle recovery

Taking these pills enhances sore muscles recovery after a workout. This helps you to keep going without taking a break off your workout routine. It’s also a good way to maintain weight loss process.

Provide energy

BCAA supplement act as readily available energy source during tedious tasks. This prevents body stress and muscle breakdown. It’s a perfect product for you if engage in gym activities or sports.

How to take

It’s advisable you take one serving (3 tablets) daily. When going for workouts you can take one serving 30 minutes before and another one after the exercise. During the days you are on a break, just take one serving after waking up.

Side effects

When consumed for six months it can cause nausea. It can also cause loss of coordination. Don’t drive after taking it.




#4 MusclePharm BCAA Powder – Review

What is BCAA?

The BCAA is a chain of amino acids which are branched .There are some amino acids which are essential for our body muscle. Leucine , Isoleucine and Valine are the names of these amino acids.

BCAA and its use

If you are exercising or doing sports activity your body breaks the proteins of your muscles. These amino acids help to slow down that breaking. You can have more activity with this BCAA. Your body will get Glycogen and a new source of energy.

How to get BCAA?

BCAA (or amino acids) can be consumed from different natural food products. You can have dairy products, nuts, whole wheat grains, red meat, fish, eggs and many more foods to get these amino acids.

Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAA Powder




But, there is another way to get them. BCAA supplement can give you the ultimate boost to your muscles.

Why should you buy Musclepharm BCAA powder?

Musclepharm has the best BCAA powder essential for your muscles. The powder has the scientific amount of quantity and quality. The product has 3:1:2 amino acids ratio.

The Leucine , Isoleucine and Valine are served with the ratio. that means with every serving your body will receive Leucine( 3 grams), Isoleucine (1 gram), Valine (2 grams).

These amino acids will grow your muscles, help them to slow the breakdown process and they will energize your muscles for more activity.

Unfortunately our body cannot produce these amino acids. So, we have to take them from the food supplements.

Muslefarm BCAA powder do keep their promise and as soon as you start to use it you will feel the energy.

To support lean mass growth, to hinder the muscle damage, to increase protein compounds and to have great natural dietary supplement this Muslefarm BCAA powder is simply outstanding.

To push yourself to the limit, you should try it to believe it. You can get this great product on line easily.




#5 Natura BCAA Capsules Review

Natura BCAAs Capsules are muscle growth supplement pills that enhance muscle protein synthesis and is number 5 in our choice of Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids supplements. They are specifically designed for athletes and those who engage in labour intensive tasks. It’s suitable for both men and women.

These naturally branch chain amino acids are useful in recovery, weight loss, repair and building muscles. If you are looking to build a lean muscle body physique, this could be a perfect product for you. You will experience less post workout muscle damage.

Ingredients of Pure Natura BCAAs

The ingredients used to make these BCAAs are from natural herbal sources. They have been scientifically tested to contain no toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health. The three main ingredients include:


They have been mixed in the ratio of 2:1:1 respectively. The presence of high content of leucine makes it a perfect muscle growth supplement.

It also contains traces of Gelatin (bovine), Vegetable magnesium stearate and Silicon dioxide They have been perfectly combined to produce desired results. There combination work better to give you the expected results.

Top 5 Branched Chain Amino Acids




Benefits of Pure Natura BCAAs

Muscle building

When you take this product, it increases the rate of protein synthesis. This leads to enhanced muscle growth and maintenance. A lot of fat is burnt during this process leaving you with less fats and more muscles.

Provide energy

It’s a great source of energy required when engaged in vigorous activities like athletics. It acts as a readily available energy source for your body. This spares your muscles from breaking down after such labour intensive tasks.

Weight loss

If you want to effortlessly lose weight, this is a good supplement for you. The triggered protein synthesis and faster metabolism leads to the burning of body fats. This will keep your muscles lean and give you a fitting physique.

How to take

Adults are advised to take 2 capsules daily, 30 minutes before a workout with 8oz. You can also consult your doctor about the right dosage based on your health conditions.

When you are off your workout routine, it’s advisable you don’t take the capsules. Persons under 18 years, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant mothers should consult the doctor before using these capsules.

Side effects

It can cause fatigue and drowsiness. It’s advisable you don’t drive when taking this product.

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