Top 5 Best Fat Burners For Women – Do They Work?

Best Fat Burners For Women

People want to burn that extra fat for fitness purposes and to look good and attractive. Research carried out about Obesity in 2008 has proven that most people attempting to lose weight prefer using weight loss supplements to other available means.

In this review we will concentrate on thermogenic fat burners like caffeine and green tea that can help cut that extra weight.

Thermogenic supplements and Fat Burners For Women may help increase the metabolism rate after being taken, thus the body is able to burn more calories even when resting. If you are aiming to cut some fat, stock up these 5 supplements.

With countless fat burners available, how do we decide which one to go for? Your answer might lie in this review. Let us take a look at one of the best names available in the fat burner supplement market right now –


#1 PhenGold – Best Fat Burner Pills

What is PhenGold

PhenGold fat burner is the creme de la creme for the weight loss supplement market. The fat burner has been produced by using only the finest ingredients that have been medically and scientifically proven to help you burn fat effectively.

What Makes The Ingredients In PhenGold So Great? 

PhenGold consists of 9 elements that are proven to help you lose weight-

  • Green Tea
  • Green Coffee
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • DMAE (also known as Dimethylaminoethanol)
  • B3, B6 and B12 Vitamins

These combined ingredients help you burn those unwanted fats and boost your metabolism. They also allow you to clamp down on your appetite while increasing your energy simultaneously. Apart from this, they also help you to brighten your mood while increasing your focus. 

Fat Burners Like Phentermine







What Is The Secret Formula Of A PhenGold Fat Burner, You Ask

Unlike most pills that use artificial ingredients, PhenGold uses safe and natural ingredients that cause no side effects. PhenGold tablets are manufactured in approved and certified facilities (FDA and GMP) with the strictest quality measurements.

So, when you buy a container of PhenGold fat burner, you are assured of a product that guarantees a safe weight loss regime that you can fully trust.

There is a saying, though, “Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has its pros and cons.”

The same goes for the PhenGold capsule. In terms of positives and negatives, the positives out weights the latter. The down part of a PhenGold veggie capsule is –

  • Availability. It is not available anywhere else apart from its official website.
  • Overall caffeine content may be on the higher end.
  • It could be more affordable in terms of price but they do offer discounts.

The bottom line is, you want a product to be safe. A product that you can ingest without any harm coming to your body. A fat burner that has been through vigorous examinations with the outcome of helping you lose weight. A company that believes in its cause so much that they offer you a money-back guarantee, then go for PhenGold.

Note* A serving of PhenGold consists of taking 3 tablets with water orally before breakfast.




#2 PhenQ


PhenQ is an appetite suppressant, fat burner and energy booster all rolled into one pill. A bottle contains 60 pills to be taken 2 per day. One is taken with breakfast while the other is to be taken with lunch.

Fat Burner PhenQ




How Does It Work?

PhenQ increases the internal body temperature (Thermo-genesis), increasing the basal metabolic rate leading the body to work in an overdrive. When the body is very active it requires energy and it’s found in the body fat.

It also suppresses appetite by reducing cravings for calories. PhenQ reduces these cravings so that the fat you lose is not back through calories. It also inhibits fat production.

PhenQ increases energy levels by ensuring you can go through your daily routines like exercising and workouts without feeling lethargic. It also boosts your mood to help you stay focused without losing interest. It is definitely one of the best Fat Burners For Women around.


It contains caffeine for thermo-genesis, Capsimax powder for fat burning, Nopal for appetite suppressing, Chromium Picolinate for curbing sugar cravings, Calcium Carbonate which maintains optimal weight, L-Carnatine Furmarate that changes fats into energy and finally, a-Lacys Reset for reduction and oxidation of cells.



#3 Phen375


Phen375 delivers better results than many other weight loss pills because it has three ways to burn stubborn fats, hence quick result is guaranteed. It suppresses appetite, cuts down body fats and restricts excess fat storage.





How Phen375 Works

Thermogenic fat burners in Phen375 increases the metabolic rate in the body. This means, calories are burnt at a faster pace than normal. When calories have been depleted by the body, it uses the stored fats to generate energy needed.

Phen375 enhances mood, thus you are motivated and have the energy to go through your daily goals like workouts and gym sessions.


It contains several natural ingredients best in their respective fields. Ingredients such as L-Carnitine known for discharging of stored fat in the body, Chromium which decreases body fat, increases body heat production and suppressing appetite and Capsaicin which keeps the body temperature.

It also contains caffeine which stimulates endorphins, Citrus Aurantium that is effective in boosting metabolism rate and finally, Coleus Forskohlii which maintains natural hormonal balance and boosting testosterone levels for muscle build up.




#4 Skinny Gal Weight Loss For Women


Skinny Gal Rockstar is a diet pill and fat burners for women that was designed specifically for women, by women.

Skinny Gal Fat Burners For Women



How It Works

It works by increasing the metabolic rate, thus leading to a rapid and natural weight loss. It also acts as appetite suppressant, having ingredients like Garcinia Carmbogia that increase calorie intake diet by preventing hunger among users naturally. Also, it increases thermogenic fat burning ingredients in the diet.


Rockstar is extremely popular among trainers, professional athletes, and fitness experts.

Skinny Gal use some natural fat busters like White Kidney Bean, African Mango for lowering cholesterol, Green Coffee which increases fat burning hormones in the body and Raspberry Ketones to help you quickly burn that extra fat and lose weight.




#5 Sheer Fat Burner For Women 2.0


Manufactured in the USA by Sheer Strength Labs, Sheer Fat Burner uses natural thermogenic fat burners like 5-HTP, L Theanine, Caffeine. It is custom made for women trying to lose weight by boosting metabolism leading to increased fat burning.

Sheer Fat Burners For Women 2.0



How It Works

Sheer Fat Burner is specifically designed to curb your appetite and boost metabolism. It is 100% free of GMOs, dairy, egg, binders, fillers or any other ingredients that are normally hidden in many weight loss pills.


The use of 5-HTP as an ingredient is an additional bonus, since it helps fight insomnia and acts as a mood stabilizer. Caffeine helps retain less water in the body. Also, caffeine increases alertness and improves your mood. Cissus Quadrangularis and Rhodiola Rosea are some natural ingredients with minimal side effects.






Hydroxycut Black

According to their website, people using this supplement lost an average of 10.35 lbs in a 60-day study.

Hydroxicut Black



How It Works

It acts by boosting metabolism because of caffeine ingredients and triggers thermogenesis. Hydroxycut has a blend of different natural ingredients that leads to instant weight loss.


Hydroxycut contains ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous, a form of caffeine that is easily absorbed into the body since it contains very little water. Once caffeine has been consumed into the body, it is moved to the brain after the process of being broken down into compounds.

The brain and the central nervous system are immediately stimulated leading to a reduced sense of fatigue, increased alertness and energy levels and improved mood. Hydroxycut black provides a massive 200 mg of caffeine.
Hydroxycut black also contains Alpha Lipoid Acid, which is found within mitochondria human cells. It plays an important role in energy metabolism. This acid reduces symptoms of diabetes and reducing resting levels of blood sugar. This reduces body weight in obese people.

It also contains Yohime extract from Yohime tree. It has also been discovered to be useful as a weight loss supplement.

Yohime extract reduces fats by increasing its mobilization for use of energy by the body. It works on a different pathway to caffeine making it a perfect blend when stacked together.

Bottom Line

At the end of everything, choosing the right “magic pill” with the right blend of natural thermogenic fat burners like caffeine, protein supplements and green-tea extracts can help solve your weight problems. However, combining them with a healthy diet and exercising regularly will make them more effective.



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