Performance SupplementsVintage Blast: The Magic Mantra To Push Your Limits & Be Your...

Vintage Blast: The Magic Mantra To Push Your Limits & Be Your Own Competition

Vintage Blast: The Magic Mantra To Push Your Limits & Be Your Own Competition

Vintage Blast, a product of ace manufacturers, the Old School Labs, California is a novel two-step pre-workout formulation, powered with stimulating ingredients that promote wellbeing by the delivering immense strength and endurance all throughout workout sessions and lengthy competitions.

By increasing core strength of the body, it maintains consistently high energy levels during rigorous activities, thus giving you the much needed stamina to go the extra mile and push your limits.

While the markets of today are loaded with overrated stimulants that overwhelm your nervous system by giving you an adrenaline rush and cause addiction to its effects, Vintage Blast pre workout supplement on the other hand, begs to differ, as it focuses on results, not reliance.



Main Features

  • Wholesome formula: The Vintage Blast is packed with major electrolytes, macro and micronutrients that preclude dehydration, a common occurrence during heavy exercise.
  • Stimulates energy levels: Vintage Blast employs the power of the digestive as well as health-promoting attributes of its various ingredients to render you with an extra boost when you need it the most.
  • Generates results, not reliance: The two-step delivery method of Vintage Blast heightens your stamina, thus enhancing your work capacity and improving drive as well as mental motivation.
  • Alleviates muscle soreness: The supremely beneficial ingredients of Vintage Blast keep oxidation of nutrients at bay, thus aiding in a smooth recovery post-workout. By reducing lactic acid accumulation, it prevents muscle soreness.
  • Developed for one and all: The Vintage Blast is one pre-workout formulant that works for both men and women on the lookout for stimulants that maximize results, not reliance.
  • Adequately tested: It has been tested by a third-party for its authenticity and thanks to its premium quality ingredients, it has aced all the tests with flying colours.
  • No artificial preservatives: Vintage Blast pre workout supplement is a superior product in the sense that it includes no artificial or proprietary blends and entail a scientific approach for providing a full range of supplements to the user.

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  • Designed specifically to boost your performance during workouts, Vintage Blast delivers long-term results instantly.
  • It heightens your energy levels during workout, thus helping you to work harder each time and reach your fitness goals in a jiffy.
  • Built on the premise of rendering results, not reliance, the Vintage Blast lives up to its promise and allows your body to naturally adapt to the rigors at workout.
  • It is packed with superior quality ingredients and devoid of fillers, sub-par nutrients, artificial preservatives and proprietary blends. Thus you can count on it without the fear of harmful side-effects.
  • It is available in naturally sweet flavours like Blueberry Lemonade, that is bound to suit your taste buds.
  • Vintage Blast alleviates muscle soreness and buildup of lactic acid, thus negating the occurrence of cramps post-workouts.


  • The only real flaw of this 2-step pre-workout system is that is not easily available from local retailers and one may have to resort to online resources for purchase.


What really sets the Vintage Blast pre workout supplement from other stimulants available in the market is that its approach is completely scientific and healthy, with no hints of dependency or major side-effects.

Unlike the short-lived workout stimulants, Vintage Blast has long-lasting effects that enhances your performance on track and aids in smooth recovery later. Thus Vintage Blast is highly recommended to every individual, on the lookout for pre-workout formulates that maximize results not reliance.

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