TrainingWhat Are The Best Workouts For Triceps?

What Are The Best Workouts For Triceps?

Best Workouts For Triceps

Are you eager to develop your triceps but don’t know which exercise to follow? Don’t worry! This article has got you covered.

Triceps are an integral part of your arm and defines your upper arm with the cuts that every bodybuilder dreams about.

However, developing your triceps isn’t a cup of cake, especially when you don’t know which exercise is best. There are dozens of choices that make the road to perfect triceps challenging and confusing.

This article will list 7 of the best exercises that will target your triceps and help you achieve the desired goal with total muscle stimulation.

What Are The Best Workouts For Triceps?

Excited? Let’s hope on.

Close-Grip Bench Press

Although bench press primarily targets your chest, practicing a multi-joint exercise is the best approach to target multiple muscles.

What’s different in a close-grip bench press? Unlike traditional bench presses, a close-grip bench press targets your triceps, mainly when you perform with heavier sets.


  • Ensure that you enroll and close your grip to get maximum effect.
  • Place your hands 8 to 10 inches apart.
  • Cram your arms and decrease the stress on your shoulders and pec.

The close-grip bench press increases your triceps’ demand and targets it to get the maximum effect. You can increase your weight if you are confident. However, ensure that you wear wrist wraps to avoid injuries and extra support.

Bench Dip

Bench dip is an excellent exercise to target the triceps, mainly when you perform this activity with a load. Multiple studies suggest that a bench dip with weight triggers triceps activation and helps you to develop the desired form.


  • Prepare your bench and adjust the length as per your requirements.
  • Settle on the bench and adjust your grip.
  • Ask a friend to place the weight or increase it according to your capacity.

The best way to reap results through this exercise is by doing three sets. However, if you feel strain or fatigue in your shoulders, avoid this exercise.


Skullcrusher is a popular exercise type used to target different muscles. A skull crusher will help you attain your dream triceps, whether you use a flat or inclined bench.

Furthermore, you can even employ weights to increase your resistance and put more pressure on your triceps.


  • Position yourself on a flat or inclined bench at your convenience.
  • Warm your elbows and hands before beginning the exercise
  • Use dumbbells or other weight equipment to perform the exercise.

Although skull crusher may look exciting, it would be best to limit your sets to 3 or 4. If you overdo your activity, you might end up with injuries or fatigue.

Triceps Machine Dip

Triceps machine dip is similar to bench dip. However, unlike bench dips, you use a machine to perform dips, which also allows you to manage weight more effectively.


  • Position yourself on the machine and add weight according to your preference.
  • Start your workout and continue for 3 to 4 sets.
  • Position your arms carefully and maintain your body shape to get the best results.

Although machine dip is easy to perform, it would be best to perform this exercise under supervision.

For instance, trainees often forget to bend their elbows, which limit triceps development. So, trainees must perform this exercise accurately to get the best results.

Overhead Triceps Extension with Dumbbells

Besides the biceps, you can use dumbbells to target your triceps with the overhead triceps technique. Overhead exercises prioritize triceps and allow them to move in difficult angles.

If you perform this exercise with weights, you will witness faster results. However, ensure that you incorporate other activities to get the best results.


  • Choose a dumbbell according to your capacity.
  • Choose a perfect spot to stand or sit to help you perform this exercise conveniently.
  • Perform this exercise for 2 to 3 sets to get the maximum benefit.

The best time to perform this exercise is during the 2nd half of your training routine. Furthermore, concentrate on your lift and stretch your arms to get the best results.

Cable Push-Down

The cable push-down exercise is one of the best and most popular triceps exercises that you can do to get desired triceps.

Why? Cable push-down is an easy-to-do exercise and allows you to target the triceps effectively. You only need to keep in mind to control your arms and prevent them from drifting sideways while exercising.


  • Position yourself on the cable machine and choose your weight
  • Slowly pull the cable while keeping your body still to generate a full push on your triceps.
  • Ensure that you prevent your arms from drifting sideways while you complete 2 to 3 sets.

The cable push-down is an isolation exercise, so it would be best to perform this exercise at the end of your fitness routine.

Best Workouts For Triceps

Overhead rope extension

Overhead rope extension is similar to dumbbell exercise and helps you target the triceps, especially the long head. This exercise creates constant pressure on your triceps and gives you better results than dumbbells.

You can perform this exercise with different configurations like the low cable extension, single-arm extension, or the overhead extension with a high cable.


  • Select the weight range according to your preference.
  • Position yourself under the machine and ensure that you have a firm grip.
  • Ensure that the rope or your arm extends appropriately to get the best results on your triceps.

Although push-downs have their benefits, you can replace them with this exercise. However, ensure that you perform 2 to 3 sets to get the maximum benefits for your triceps.

Final Thoughts

The triceps often define your arms and are responsible for making your arms appear bigger. While numerous exercises help you target the triceps, our list contains those that will offer better results.

However, ensure that you perform these exercises under professional guidance, especially if you are a trainee. You will see the changes in your triceps in a couple of months.

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