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What Is The Fat Burning Zone?

Fat Burning Zone

Do you want to shed those extra pounds you gained over the last few months? Perhaps, you’re looking into tips and tricks to lose weight quickly. Whether you start a new exercise regime or a strict diet, there’s no shortage of these ‘tricks.’

While researching ways to lose weight, you might come across a term called the fat burning zone. So, what exactly is this zone, and do you need to achieve it to lose weight? You’ll get your answers in this post if you have such questions. Keep reading to find out!

Fat Burning Zone Explained

Also referred to as the fat burning heart rate, the fat burning zone is where your maximum heart rate stands at 60%. As the name suggests, this is the preferred zone your heart rate needs to be at if you’re up for losing body fat.

You need to remember that this zone will vary from age to age. So, how do you determine that? The math is simple: subtract 220 from your age. For instance, if you’re 40 years old, your maximum heart rate should be 180 beats per minute.

Fat Burning Zone

How Is Heart Rate Connected To Fat Loss?

You’ll notice your heart rate slowly increasing if you’re climbing up a steep slope. The same goes for exercise. So, the more energy your body consumes, your heart rate increases. Simply put, this is how your heart rate is connected to fat loss.

As you start working out, your heart rate reaches the fat burning zone. This is the stage where your body uses body fat instead of the basic carbohydrates and sugars. Maintaining this zone will allow you to shed extra fats from your body.

How Do You Achieve The Fat Burning Zone?

Achieving the fat burning zone couldn’t get any better than with low intensity workouts. The reason is that when you’re working out at a low intensity, your body will turn to your body fats as the primary source of fuel consumption.

But wait. Does this mean that working out at high intensity doesn’t help lose fat? No. In fact, the higher your workout intensity is, the more calories you burn.

You might start doubting whether you should start working out at a high or low intensity. If you’re just starting a new exercise regime, working out while maintaining a low-paced intensity is important. Since you’re new to this, your body might be unable to handle the pressure of an intense workout.

Once you develop endurance, you can start building up your workout intensity. But you shouldn’t stop working out at a low intensity, too. Switching from low to high intensity workouts between intervals will allow you to achieve the maximum result while upholding the ideal fat burning zone.

To attain this, start with a steady-state cardio exercise, then shift to a high intensity exercise. You can then shift back to a low intensity exercise once you feel your energy draining out. The more endurance you build during your exercise program, the longer you can work out and lose calories.

Exercise Tips For Fat Burning Zone

Now that you know how to theoretically achieve the fat burning zone, let’s go through some tips on how to do so practically.

Choose the fat burning exercise wisely

One of the first tips you need to remember when choosing an exercise regime for burning calories is to choose carefully. Often, beginners tend to go for a high-intensity workout, only to tire themselves out and be unable to exercise for a few days. This shouldn’t be the case for you.

You must choose an exercise and schedule that you can follow consistently, daily, and practically. This could be jumping jacks or jogging in one place. Of course, jogging or running on a treadmill or outdoors will be more efficient. However, running in one place should do the trick, especially when resources are limited.

Strain your muscles for efficient fat burn

If running or jogging is too mild, try push-ups or bench presses. Such workouts allow you to work on your chest and back and strain the muscles more. This, in turn, will allow for more burning of calories.

If these aren’t working out, you could try abs exercises like sit-ups, or even leg raises. These should help you shed body fat and tone your muscles while also reaching the fat burning zone.

Be constantly on the move

If you want to achieve the fat burning zone efficiently, don’t forget to be up and about every day. A resting heart rate with no exercise will only allow for the build-up of more fats. However, when you exercise regularly, you’re ensuring you burn calories and maintain your body.

Even if it’s for 30 minutes a day, do some exercises daily. These could be either swimming, skipping, cycling, or jogging. Undoubtedly, it’ll benefit you in the long run. This is true, especially if you want to keep your body’s fats in check.

Don’t forget to maximize your workout intensity

The more you exercise every day, the more energized and pumped you’ll feel. As this happens, you can gradually shift your focus from low to high intensity workouts.

Then again, keep in mind that maintaining a balance between the two is extremely important. Unless, of course, you’re an avid bodybuilder who’s looking to tone those rippling muscles!


Achieving the fat burning zone is easier than you might think. You can get to the zone if you’re moving your body and involved in some work that allows for a sweat build-up.

If you’re serious about burning calories, it’s vital to maintain an exercise regime religiously. An intense workout for a day will not be of any help. Instead, you should constantly work out to achieve the best results.

Don’t let your laziness get the better of you, and start working on your exercise regime. We hope you’re motivated to start exercising and working on reaching the fat burning zone today!

Dr Jackie Galloway
Dr Jackie Galloway
I’m Dr Jackie Galloway I am a personal fitness trainer with over 10 years experience. I specialise in weight loss and nutrition, I have helped many clients reach theirs goals. I also write articles about fitness and weight loss.

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