ZOTRIM Weight Loss Formula Review – Will It Work For You?


ZOTRIM Weight Loss Formula


Are you overweight because you either consume junk food or due to your lifestyle and want to tune in to great shape? Losing weight can be easy for some people because of their fast metabolism but most of us do not have that thus it can be really hard to lose those extra pounds.

People usually lose the right motivation to follow an organized diet plan or an exercise routine and give up on their dreams of a healthy lifestyle. But, to your luck, there are other ways that can significantly help you in losing fat and becoming slim again.

So, no matter if you want to lose few pounds to look fire in a bikini this summer or losing weight is something you HAVE to do for medical reasons, Zotrim might be the formula for your weight loss success story.

What Is Zotrim?

Zotrim is not one of those “magical weight loss products” that were popular back in the telemarketing era. Any product that claims to burn your fat meanwhile you do nothing is merely a marketing scam. So, for the record, Zotrim is not one of those products and it does not promote passive weight loss.

Instead of magically burning your fat, Zotrim works on a much more basic problem which is usually the main cause of fat and obesity; hunger. So Zotrim will suppress your hunger and help you gain control over your appetite because, for most people, the hardest thing is to ignore the cravings for junk food.

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It may not be your fault that you crave unhealthy food for these products have been proven to have addictive materials like sugar in them. But with Zotrim, you do not have to worry about those uninvited cravings allowing you to direct all of your focus on working out.

Zotrim also has some really amazing ingredients in its formula that keeps you active throughout the whole day.

ZOTRIM Weight Loss Formula

Who Created Zotrim?

Wolfson Breg LTD. is the manufacturer and distributor of this supplement. They are not new in this business and have been in the industry for many years. All of their products are high quality and produced in a safe, clean and controlled environment.

You can contact them directly on their website. They not only offer supplements but will give you professional yet free advice on your diet, lifestyle and exercise so you can get the best results possible.

All Natural Ingredients

Zotrim is a mixture of all-natural and herbal ingredients. These ingredients alone might not do much but they work like charm in the special recipe that Zotrim had created. To back it up, here’s a list of herbs used in it.

Yerba Mate: This is a herb that is commonly found in South America and the regional people use it a lot. This herb is famous as an ingredient that eliminates hunger. It also accelerates the digestive system and metabolism which results in fast weight loss. Another great thing Yerba Mate does is, due to being an antioxidant herb, it eliminates the free radicals from the body.

Yerba Mate


Guarana Seed Extract: Guarana is found in the Amazon basin and is also commonly found in Brazil. The seed is the same size as coffee beans. The size is not the only common trait, because just like the coffee beans Guarana is also packed with caffeine. It not only keeps you active but is also responsible for a fast metabolism. Statistically, a fast metabolism equals a faster weight loss.

Guarana Seed Extract


Damiana Extract: Damiana is a plant native to Mexico and is also a famous ingredient of many historical medicines. The basic purpose this herb serves is that it suppresses the appetite. Alone, this ingredient is not that powerful but the Yerba Mate and Guarana seed extracts make the properties of Damiana very prominent. It is also known to enhance the mood which is a thing one always needs while losing weight because, let’s be honest, losing weight is not that fun on its own.

Damiana Extract


Vitamin B3 & B6: Vitamin B3 is essential for burning fat as it accelerates metabolism and vitamin B6 helps to absorb the nutrients. Vitamin B6 is also known for enhancing mood and reducing depression.

How To Use Zotrim For Weight Loss?

It is advised to take 2 or 3 pills before each meal with water. Following are the 6 steps Zotrim recommends to follow for a healthy weight loss journey.

  1. Eat smart: You should follow a high fiber diet for breakfast such as oats, barn flakes, and porridge so you are full till lunch. For lunch and dinner, cook something healthy at home like baked chicken or as advised by your nutritionist.
  2. Keep moving: Start small e.g take stairs, dance, and walk instead of taking a cab. Then gradually increase the movement and start jogging and exercise.
  3. Be careful when are eating outside: All of your progress can go in vain when you go out to eat and choose not to abide by your diet plan. Try to go to the restaurants that offer healthy food or at least the type of food recommended by your nutritionist
  4. Careful with what you drink: Drink water as much as you can but when it comes to cold drinks, Starbucks and alcohol try to go easy. Liquid calories can add up real quick if you are not careful.
  5. Eat snacks, LOADS of it: The might be thinking, “eat snacks? What?” but yes you heard it correctly. Healthy and small snacks throughout the day decreases the appetite and keeps you away from eating junk food.
  6. Maintain your progress: After you have achieved your goal using Zotrim, keep a pack of the pills around to maintain good food habits.

Zotrim Weight Loss

How Does Zotrim Weight Loss Formula Work?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the hardest things which one experiences while trying to lose weight is the cravings for food. No matter how much self-control you have, it can sometimes be very difficult for one to override your appetite especially if you’re addicted to it. It can be even harder to control if you are very hungry and you always have junk or fast food available in your refrigerator. All it takes to ruin your shape is to get up and open the fridge door.

While Zotrim cannot make every delicious, processed, and sugary food disappear but what it can make disappear or at least reduce is your appetite for it. So, no cravings mean you will eat less and no extra fat. But it is recommended to eat good and healthy food with pills.

The supplement also increases the metabolism rate which will fasten the fat burning process. And, due to the caffeine, you will feel energetic and which will motivate you to do more exercise.

It is seen in the tests that Zotrim weight loss formula helps in a fat reduction without even exercising but the supplement gives 100% results only when you have a good diet plan and you exercise regularly.

Does Zotrim Have Any Side Effects?

We would say no, it does not have any side effects but it depends. The supplements are made with completely natural ingredients which is the reason there have been no side effects. But, if you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients, you should not take the pills.

If you are not sure about the allergies you may have and feel nauseous after taking the pills, it is highly advised that you consult your doctor immediately. Also, because the pills have a good amount of caffeine in them already, it is recommended to reduce your daily dose of coffee or any caffeine heavy energy drinks.

Can Everyone Use Zotrim?

Even though this weight loss formula is filled with good and all-natural ingredients, it is not for everyone. Just like everything else in this world, Zotrim is not a one size fits all.

Zotrim is not recommended for:

  • 18 years olds or under 18
  • Pregnant ladies or the women who have to breastfeed
  • Caffeine sensitive people


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are wondering, “does Zotrim offer any warranty let alone a full refund?”, the answer to your question is yes, it does offer a warranty and a refund. It has been mentioned earlier, the product might not be best suited for everyone.

So, you might just get the product and try it for yourself. If you get the needed results then it is amazing otherwise if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can easily return the remaining supplements and get 100% money back.


Final Verdict: Zotrim is made by a well-known, professional brand and in a secure facility. The product itself includes nothing but pure and all-natural ingredients which show little to no side effects. It helps you in the subjugation of your appetite and keeping your cravings in check while fighting the laziness which helps you in working out. There is caffeine in these supplements so it is recommended to cut down your coffee intake while using these supplements.

Zotrim is pure science and not magic, so just taking the pill is not enough. Have a good healthy diet and exercise daily to see the positive results.

The biggest plus is the great customer service Zotrim is offering and the money-back guarantee if you do not like the product.


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